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Fun on Friday


Hello!   Well my “Persistent Thursday” turned into a “Successful Thursday Afternoon” because I got logged on and I’m IN at Cat Scouts!  YAY!  Not only THAT, but I’ve already joined a group and submitted proof of compliance to get my first badge – it’s a “Camping Badge” and I had to show myself in a tent (can you believe it????  Perfect for me since I have tons of tent photos!!!).  So I’m on my way.  Here’s my Tenderpaw badge (the first step in being a Scout) and when I get a badge for “Camping” I’ll show you that too.


I started my own “Troup” too so if any of you want to join my group, please feel free to do that…………my group is called “Warrenton Wildcats” and as soon as I get confirmation that it’s officially made a group I’ll let you know!

What else do I have to share with you today?  Well how about something I read about HERE.   On November 4th everyone who participates will be showing our individual “Peace Badges” in support of “DONA NOBIS PACEM” or “Grant Us Peace”.  You can download a special badge from the site OR make your own – personalize it if you wish – here’s mine which I submitted to the coordinator of the logos for participants:

SamPeaceBlog2013   Do you like it???????

I’m getting some entries for my Sam-O-Ween costume competition already – don’t forget to submit a photo before October 28th to be in in the contest.  There will be a poll and you can petition the universe to vote for you if you wish………Tee Hee………but don’t wait until the last minute – you can send it to me any time!

SamHalloweenGhost  Be there or be square!!!