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Valentines and Teasers!

Sam's Valentine's Day Card

I hope you all have a super special day......!

So – first things first my friends…….HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!  Thanks for being my buddies – both human and non-human (you know which category you’re in) and following my blog.  I love following yours too!

Everyone asked me if I’d still have a Tuesday Teaser even though it was Valentine’s Day and the answer is OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!  Now – let me start by saying I think this one might be TOO EASY but the other two haven’t been so easy………I’m being extra nice because it’s Valentine’s Day. 

So here’s your teaser…….only hints I’ll give you are that Mom took this photo on her honeymoon.  So there.  That’s it.  Now put on your thinking caps and let me know where you think this was taken way back in September of 1990???  Huh??????

Mystery Photo #3

Where in the world was this photo taken??

I hope this one wasn’t too easy…….you guys are pretty darn good at Tuesday Teasers.

Happy Valentine’s Day again everybody…….BIG HUGS AND KISSES.

Sammy the LOVE machine!! 😉