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Meownday Morning…..


Happy Monday Peeps!


Interesting photo huh?  Looks like a square cat shoved inside a square box fitting perfectly “square” inside.  😀   I kind of tricked Mom.  I was nice and cozy in her studio under my favorite afghan up on the couch…..then just as she got ready to snap the picture I ducked my head behind the dark pillow.  Sneaky aren’t I??

I hope your Father’s Day was as nice as ours was.  The weather was PURRFECT, Dad’s presents were PURRFECT (he loved his new shirts from ME), amd our grilled/smoked chicken dinner outside on the deck was PURRFECT.  After Dad got the chicken cooked on the grill, my parents stayed outside and I got under the umbrella table and Mom gave me a couple little chunks of chicken to nibble.  I’m not a big chicken fan, but I wanted to join in the fun my parents were having – besides I have to admit, the chicken smelled fabulous after Daddy smoked it with apple chips on the charcoal grill.  Mom says Daddy is a “Grillmeister” – whatever that is.  I think Daddy had a great day.

What did you do to celebrate the day – and if you didn’t have a Father’s Day celebration, what did you do for your Sunday activity? 

Don’t forget tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday.  I’m working on it.  I promise not to make it too tough (tee hee).  

Kitty Hugs and High Fives, Sammy 😀