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Tissue Anyone????



Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Who knew tissue and newspaper could be so much fun??

I know – I know – looks like a big mess on the rug in the family room doesn’t it?  Well, it’s NOT a “mess” – it’s a well-organized, highly prized collection of bits of Sunday newspaper AND various shades of tissue (and a few of my toys thrown in for good measure).  Actually, it’s my primary play area in the whole house.  Mom kindly helps me keep it together because I have a tendency to carry parts of it off (accidentally) to other regions of the house……like if I’m playing in my paper and slide UNDER a piece of tissue to grab a toy, the tissue might stay on my back when I get up to move.  Do I know that it’s there?  Uh huh.  Do I CARE if it’s there?  Nuh uh.  My parents find it rather entertaining when I do it. 

Anyway, once a week I get a recycled load of paper.  After a week I’ve pretty much mangled, clawed, torn, shredded most of it so after the Sunday paper has been read, Dad gives me a page from the “Business” section or a page from the “Classifieds” and Mom gets a couple of sheets of brand new, extra crinkly tissue from the box of wrapping paper, and supplies she keeps in her studio. 

Boy do I LOVE fresh paper!  By the end of the week of course it’s all pretty well worn but when it’s fresh – – it’s a lot of fun to fly across the room and pounce on it and dance on it and push it around the living room floor….hide my toys under it, nose my way under it, make a nest in it – well you get the picture.

So – humans – don’t go out and spend a bazillion bucks on toys for your cat.  Try a sheet or two of tissue!  We like the noise it makes…AND it’s cheap.  It’s a WIN/WIN.

Happy Tissue Thursday



What’s Old Is New Again!

Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!
My old friend “the tent”…..Mom puts it in the basement when I get bored with it then brings it back upstairs and it’s FUN all over again!!!!


I love to rediscover my toys…..you remember me and my “tent” from when I first posted about it.  Well, after I get bored with it Mom will put it away – out of sight – for a while then get it back out and bring it back into the family room.  It’s like getting a NEW toy!!!   I spent yesterday afternoon bringing some of my little toys into and back out of my tent.  You know – just trying to decide how to decorate the interior of the tent with MY stuff.  I even tried out one piece of my tissue collection but it just didn’t look (or feel) right so I tossed it out. 

Did I say tissue collection?  Yep – remember how much I love tissue paper at Christmas – well Mom decided it was OK for me to keep a couple of sheets of tissue available for crunching/scrunching and flying leaps upon because I love the noise it makes.  Once a week she removes the torn/used/shredded/tired tissue and gives me two FRESH sheets! 

Anyway, back to the tent.  What I wound up leaving in the tent in the way of toys (and the decision wasn’t easy to make believe me!) were:

  • One slightly chewed up drinking straw
  • One mouse toy on the end of a string which poor Mom has had to repair/retie about a bazillion times so it has maybe 8 knots in it
  • Some snacks (four  cat treats taken from the BIG pile Dad put on my footstool this morning)

Trust me – it’s all neat a tidy in there.  I figure it’s just the necessities (I like to rough it when I’m camping).  I’ve got one opening facing the TV (in case there’s something interesting on) and one facing the kitchen (in case Mom is cooking food I like or is anywhere near the butter dish so I know when I can go beg for a little dab of butter).  

I’ve got my bases covered.  Best of all, I know that when I DO get tired of playing with my tent, and start just walking around it instead of through it, Mom will put it away for a while.  Old Mom’s one smart cookie huh?

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Sammy The Camper

A FRESH Sunday Paper!

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

Another Sunday rolls around and I get a FRESH supply of newspaper to play with!

Remember this shot of me from last Sunday?  Well, you wouldn’t recognize this newspaper now.  I partied hardy on it ALLLL week and it’s pretty worn out by now.  It’s ripped and torn and shredded and Mom’s been throwing the little scraps away all week, leaving just the big pieces for me to play with. 

This morning Mom went down to the mailbox to get the BRAND NEW Sunday paper.  Just as soon as Dad finished reading it, I’ll be saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new……I’m rediscovering the joy of playing with newspaper!

Now that’s not all good (according to Mom anyway).  Why?  Well, apparently the newsprint rubs off on my paws and when I walk across the kitchen floor (which is mostly white) I seem to be leaving a little trail to my food and water dishes.  AND right at the mat that’s under my dishes where I stand there’s a lot of tiny little smudgy paw prints which Mom’s been cleaning up every day.  But Mom doesn’t complain….she knows that the newspaper is keeping me occupied AND giving me a lot of exercise!  I have some toys that I just love to hide in the newspaper pieces then act like I didn’t know they were there…like a treasure hunt.  I have two plastic straws, Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball, an orange rubber circle, and a red and green clown with a string on it.  I got all of those out of my red wagon where all my toys are because they slide under the newspaper easily!

So – another Sunday rolls around and I get FRESH paper.  while Mom and Dad have coffee and read SOME of the paper, I have a blast with the rest of it!  What a deal huh?

Happy Sunday! (Just Seven Days ‘Til Christmas!!)


Boxes and Bags…oh boy!

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

If you can't find your plastic bag to play with, a box is second best!

Saturday!  Yippeee!  Mom and Dad don’t run errands, do yardwork, laundry, any of that stuff – they concentrate on ME, ME, ME!  Speaking of me, I want to take a minute to say thanks to all my recent visitors to the blog who are enjoying learning about my world.  I’m enjoying hearing about all of YOU too.  One thing I thought was way cool when I’ve visited other blogs is that we cats seem to really LOVE plastic bags and boxes.  I was happy to hear I wasn’t the only one…….plastic bags make a great sound when you hop on them or slide across the floor on them or bat them around with your paw.  And boxes – well – you know how I love those.  I wear them out pretty quickly though so Mom keeps a ready supply of old empty Christmas boxes in her closet JUST FOR ME.

As some of you know, one of my first toys was an empty box that my parents tied a string on and pulled me around the house like a wagon.  Probably sounds silly, but you cats know what I’m talkin’ about!  Even after twelve years (almost) I still like a good box ride when I can get one. 

We cats can find our fun without lots of expensive cat toys.  We can be entertained for hours with an amazing variety of stuff like pieces of string, stray buttons, wads of paper – just about anything that’s loose and within reach.  If you leave it out there – we’ll find it and steal it and sometimes hide it where you won’t even find it!  We’re sneaky like that.  Mom says there’s a “people saying” that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…..well, I totally get that.

Ahhhh!  I hear my favorite sound……Mom opening a can of cat food….so if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed downstairs for breakfast.  A guy needs a lot of energy to keep up around here.  Staying one paw ahead of my humans is my #1 priority (well, not counting taking a nap of course).

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Rainy Day Activities!

What a view!

Rain, rain, and more rain....I'll have to find stuff to do INSIDE today!

Hello Everybody…..this morning is day two of pretty much non-stop rain.  I got out briefly yesterday but today sounds like it will be raining CONSTANTLY.  Ho hum.  That means Mom and Dad will be reading and I’ll be………what?  Hmm….oh yeah!  On rainy days, Mom and Dad try to keep me occupied with extra play opportunities.

Like for instance:

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Playing on the stairs! Chase me!

I love for someone to chase me up and down the stairs – or throw my ball down so I can run after it…..or hide on the landing and wait for someone to come up so I can grab an ankle……tee hee
OR………maybe I can dig around in my toybox for something I haven’t played with in a while:
My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Lots of stuff to choose from...maybe the raccoon tail??

Say….I know… I could drag my whistle around and make it rattle….Daddy can’t resist chasing me when I do that!




Mom and Dad also sometimes drape blankets or afghans over furniture to make “forts” for me – that’s way cool too.  Gee – come to think of it I have NOTHING to complain about on a rainy day.  This is going to be a lot of fun AND, the weather guy said this morning it’s going to rain the rest of the week…..that means it’s FUN FOR SAM week!  WOO HOO!

I’m so lucky to be so spoiled……………..kitty hugs all around!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat