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Weekend’s Over…Back To Work!


Monday……here we go again with another exciting week huh gang?  Well, I hope you all had a nice Sunday.  We did in my family – we had sun all day until late afternoon when all of a sudden there were some very quick heavy showers (with BOOM BOOM thunder!) – but then the sun would come out like it was all just a dream!!   Daddy worked in the yard a bit and Mom and I spent a lot of time on the front porch.  She read a book and I got some sunbathing in – then I cooled off in the shade and took a tiny nap. 

Later Mom and I went out to the backyard to check things out.  Dad’s project on the path down into the woods is coming along.  I probably should get Mom to take a picture of it in the “early” stages so that when it’s done you’ll all be SOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed!  😀 😀

We watched a baseball game….sadly the Nationals lost to Atlanta….BOOOOO HISSSSSSS….

Then I visited the deck out back for a while…..just to check on stuff…..

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house
Yep – I’m up there – under the table but you can’t see me because Mom’s too far away!!!!!

Then back inside on Mom’s lap for yet another nap……oh and you can be sure that I spent PLENTY of time on the floor playing tissue/crinklie/hide under the newspaper with whoever I could talk into playing with me (Mom and Dad obviously!!).

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

C’Mon…..somebody come PLAY with me down here!!!!

So see?  It was just another normal Sunday with Sammy and his family.  How about you?  How was YOUR Sunday? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  Mommy and I want to send out extra special BIRTHDAY hugs to Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine .  She’s our special friend AND her kitty Sundae is my girlfriend (blush)! 

Happy Birthday To You !!



Please Pay Attention!



C’Mon Mom….get off the computer!!!

Happy Saturday! 

Mom took this photo of me yesterday while she was working on my Cafepress store – and I was TRYING to get her to pay more attention to me than the computer screen……Geez!  Sometimes I think she loves that machine more than she loves little old me!

Now you know I’m not serious – my Mom adores me (as well she should) and I adore her but sometimes I have to go up to her studio and look pitiful (i.e. this photo) in order to give her the BIG HINT that maybe it’s time to come downstairs.  Maybe she should shut down computer operations for a while and let me curl up on her legs on the recliner…..or give me a treat…..or take me outside.   I want her to appreciate some of the FINER things in life – like ME.

Am I being selfish?  Naw…..I’m just an only cat who happens to think his humans are two of the best kitty toys he has and that his TOYS should be available to him 24/7 – not when there’s nothing else for his TOYS to do.  Get it?

So tell me – because maybe I can use some of your techniques – what do YOU do when YOU want attention from your humans???????


Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Sunday Stuff

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard
Yesterday was nice and sunny….purrfect for grazing.

It was beautiful yesterday morning – perfect for a little grass grazing as the sun was coming up.  This morning I thought I’d go out again and get a little exercise and breakfast munch in before my parents left for a little road trip!

You see, my Mom’s blogging friend Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine and her hubby and my Mom and my Dad are meeting out in the country to go antiquing and have lunch today!  I totally approve – you see Dianna’s cat Sundae and I are kind of SWEET on each other so our parents SHOULD meet don’t you think?

I hope they have fun – I bet they do.  I’ll be home waiting to hear all about it when my parents return.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy.  I have my tissue collection to reorganize:

Sam On His Tissue

And that will take a while you know…getting it just right for the week ahead.

Then I’ll probably tackle my toy box/wagon…….never hurts to go through that stuff from time to time – have a bit of a clear out you know!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

It's full...but there's always room for JUST ONE MORE!!

So I’ll have plenty to keep me busy……! AND – MOST IMPORTANTLY – I want to be around to celebrate my friend Cody from CAT CHAT ‘s FIFTH birthday today!  Won’t you go wish him a happy day too? Have a super Sunday everybody…….KITTY HUGS ALL ‘ROUNDSammy

Too Windy For Me


Yesterday it was incredibly windy here.  I didn’t used to mind wind that much but the last couple of years, even if it’s sunny and warm out, if there’s a high wind – I’m staying in.  Mom says she thinks maybe since I’m “mature” (haha) now, I’m a little less SURE of myself when I can’t rely on my nose to tell me when things are safe and secure outside.  She may be right.  We do use our noses a lot – we cats – and I guess dogs do too.  But ANYWAY, since it was windy, I stayed inside mostly and did what I REALLY enjoy best which is NAP!

Close Up Nap Shot of Sammy

Aw Mom…do you have to show everyone my ear hair???

So of course since I’d settled on Mom’s lap – and this time she had her camera handy, she took a couple of close ups of yours truly.  She SAYS I was snoring at the time but she has no proof (!!).

Dad came home today by the way with a new toy for me.  It was actually a keychain he saw at the local hardware store by the checkout and on the end of the keychain was a rubber chicken.  HAHAHAHA  Dad took the chain off and gave me the chicken.  He thought since the Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper that Kozmo and I worked on last week, maybe I’d like to have a chicken of my very own to play with.  Well, I picked it up a few times and tossed it in the air then tried to bury it in my newspaper/tissue pile (YES I still have a pile of tissue of my very own).  Mom and Dad are trying to figure out WHY I keep burying it.  I’m not telling.  HAHAHA……….I know – I’m just a little devil aren’t I ??

Happy Thursday Peeps – your pal Sam

My Little Red Wagon

Sam's Wagon

Some cats have a toybox....I have a toy WAGON!

Those of you who have followed me for a while have seen this picture before….but since Mom and I cleaned it out recently (well…sort of) I’m reposting the photo.  Also, lots of other kitties who blog have talked lately about their toys and so I thought I’d show my wagon off again!

Mom and Dad saw this “mini Radio Flyer” in the window of a hardware store in some little town they visited and bought it for ME!  They thought since I love to ride around in cardboard boxes (being pulled by a string) I would really like to ride in a little wagon.  However, I didn’t like the noise the wheels made on the floor SO it became one of my toyboxes.  Let me give you a tour……..

That super fluffy thing on top is a fake foxtail that Mom got for me at a car show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania some years ago – boy is it fun to wrestle around on the floor with that sometimes!  In front on the floor is a yellow whistle and I like to drag it around by the ribbon because it makes a funny noise.  Then piled around outside and inside are lots of stuffed toys…..stuffed mice, bears, fish, birds – lots of stuffed stuff ;).  The wand thing in the back is pretty cool.  It has a long piece of flannel attached to the end and Mom and I play with that on the stairs sometimes.

In the front on the right you see a cat.  Guess what THAT is?!  It’s my kitty cat bank.  It’s made out of metal and it’s got a hole in the top for pennies.  That’s where I have my savings account.  Mom puts pennies in it for me and I’m saving up for a beret like Sprocket and Chun’s on The Miao Chronicles – except maybe a green one instead of red and blue like theirs!!  Of course if Santa brings me one this coming Christmas then I can spend my savings on something else exciting…..perhaps a Hawaiian vacation to visit my friend Pedro.  I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. 😀

So there you have it……..a tour of my toybox/toy wagon….now that doesn’t show you the pile of current favorites I have stashed on top of my tissue collection in the living room.  Nor does it show you the toy basket upstairs or the toy basket in the basement……yeah, I know…..I hear ya….you’re saying “that’s one spoiled cat!”…….. Yep – you got that right………. tee hee

Happy Friday!  (and Happy Birthday to my Uncle Mike)