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Reading the Sunday Newspaper

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

I love reading the Sunday paper - from the inside out!!

 I just love Sundays……it’s the only day of the week that we get a newspaper.   It’s my chance to catch up on all the news around the world and in Washington, DC AND the only day of the week that I get to play in a newspaper tent with Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball! 

I do have a unique way of reading the paper though as you can plainly see.  I read it from the inside out (literally).  Mom uses the Sports section (Dad’s not a sports fan!) and the JOBS section (Mom and Dad are retired!) and makes me a nice long tent.  I generally take my yellow fuzzball in with me – just to keep me company.  Then I begin to read……I catch up on the depressing Washington Redskins (yeah they’re trying but not hard enough…..), the jobs situation in DC, Virginia, and Maryland (there are lots of jobs but nothing for a ginger tabby polydactyl with exceptional intelligence) and – well – anything else that I’m able to read while in my tent. 

The news is pretty depressing of course BUT the tent sure isn’t.  I like to dive in one end and out the other and occasionally I manage to get a whole section of my tent to land right on my back and I just keep on walking – – – carrying the newspaper on my back with me until Mom collapses in a heap of giggles on the floor!  It’s worth it believe me.  Just watching her trying to get up from the floor is pretty entertaining. 😉

I guess I’ll close the blog for now and go see what Mom is serving for breakfast.  I don’t smell any bacon cooking…..but that’s OK – what I DO smell is my favorite cat food!  I think I’ll go take a few slurps.

Happy Sunday everybody!  Are you getting closer to being ready for the holiday???  It’s sneaking up you know – QUICKLY!

Sammy, The Literary Cat


Yikes, It’s COLD



What a view!

Twenty-eight degrees this morning....it'll be a "spy out the window" day!

Wow….all this talk of Santa Claws and presents and holidays and snow must have stirred things up here in the weather department.  It’s mighty cold this morning.  I didn’t know that though until Mom opened the basement door at my request this morning and WHAMMO that cold hit me right in my furry face and I immediately shoved myself into reverse and backed awwwwaaaaaaay from the doorway!  Mom was putting my harness on me at the time and I managed to even back out of the harness.  🙂  Anyway, I’ll be observing from one of my various watching posts today. 
Today being Friday, it’s housecleaning day around here.  My parents tackle that together which I think is mighty nice.  Dad does the top floor and Mom the main floor and I’m in charge of the basement (hahaha).  Actually, the basement IS where my litter box, favorite old beat up chair, my “tent” and my observation chair are located but it doesn’t get messy down there so it’s not cleaned every single week.  I’m a pretty neat kind of guy.  Sometimes I even go around down in the basement, collect all my toys that are scattered about, and deposit them inside my tent.  See?  I can be neat too!
Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

Let's see...string toys over here, fuzzzy toys back here - and keep a little room in the middle for ME!

Another busy day at my house……hope it’s not nearly this busy at your house today – or as COLD either!
Happy Friday………..Sammy

Sam’s Sunday Housekeeping

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

So Mom told me this morning that it’s time we clean out my wagon.  I’m not sure how I feel about that because all the stuff I have is pretty fun stuff but she promised if I get rid of OLD stuff there would be NEW stuff coming my way!  I do have a few things that I suppose won’t be TOOOOO tough to part with like:

  • Feathered bird toy with one measly feather left on it
  • Mouse toy with NO ears left and half of a tail
  • Rubber octopus toy with only three “arms” left on it

I COULD give those up if I have to…..wonder what happened to all the missing parts???? (tee hee)

The only other fun thing I plan to do today is clean out my tent.  I tend to collect “stuff” in there and sometimes when I’m looking for a particular toy to ask Mom to throw for me to fetch or toss up the stairs for me to get I can’t FIND it……because I’ve stashed it in my tent and forgotten about it! 

Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

So you see, today is going to be a busy day in my house.  But know what?  I don’t mind……..I need lots of stuff to do so I can stay out of trouble.  Not an easy thing to do for a guy like me!

Happy Sunday from Sam, One Spoiled Cat (with lotsa toys)