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Hello Tent!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you will remember the days when I absolutely HAD to have a “tent” to get inside and nap….Mom discovered this need of mine one day when I was pawing at an afghan she has in her office and managed to fashion a rather rudimentary (no…that’s too nice a word….it was a mess!) tent that I crawled under/into and slept for hours as she tapped on her keyboard.    Well, I all of a sudden out of nowhere quit using a tent year before last UNTIL this morning!

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HELLO TENT!   I’d forgotten how cozy you could be………….I went into Mom’s room while she was tapping on the keyboard and pulled that same old afghan down and she realized what I was doing………….she made a nice neat tent for me………..so it’s back to tent life for me.  Maybe since I became a Cat Scout I’ve gained a new appreciation of camping out (only in)?   Not sure but I’m glad I have renewed my association with the lovable TENT.   May I recommend that you ask your Mom to make one for you?  You might discover the joy of camping out/in as well.   I can stay there for HOURS…..my own little hidey hole.

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

How could I have forgotten how snuggly a tent can be! Thanks Mom!

Now in case you didn’t remember, tomorrow is SHOW US YOUR PAW day!   My Three Moggies and I are sponsoring that – we want you to post a photo of you with your paw in the air – or a close up of your paw – however you want to display your poking mechanism!   Here’s the badge to use with your post AND you can keep it for your sidebar after SHOW US YOUR PAW day…………who knows – maybe it will be an annual event!   Of course it probably won’t always be on a Friday the 13th (eeeek) but who cares – it’s more about having fun together right???? RIGHT!!!


Also, visit Mollie and Alfie’s Auction if you can……..there’s some fierce fighting going on with outbidding each other for all the great items in the Auction………you’ve GOTTA check it out!

Now don’t forget –

Try a tent – you’ll be glad you did!

Your Pal Sammy

Fun Friday


Hi Peeps!

Yes I know I don’t normally get really excited about Friday – after all, it’s MONSTER day – but this Friday I’m happy…….because of a couple of things………ONE, we’re working on the camping trip around here (woot!), and TWO, we had about ten inches of snow yesterday but today it’s almost GONE!

Oh and THREE – I spent today decorating my tent…….I’m of course not entering the competition for Best Decorated Tent on the camping trip BUT I thought I’d decorate my tent anyway – so you can see how my tent will look – you need to be able to recognize the Camp Counselor’s tent after all right?   So whatcha think???  Is it the REAL ME????????????  How about you – are you decorating your tent for the trip?

I'll be easy to find at the campground don't you think????

I’ll be easy to find at the campground don’t you think????

Here are some snow pix from EARLY yesterday morning before it really snowed all that much.  Amazing that today it’s almost gone isn’t it?


This was before the 40mph wind kicked in!

This was before the 40mph wind kicked in!


Have a seat on a snow cushion?????

Have a seat on a snow cushion?????

Now if you need a refresher on what’s what with the camping trip, all you need to do is CLICK HERE to get all the details.  

Guess what?  We already have two entries in the Virtual Scavenger Hunt.  YAY!

Miss Caren and Cody from CAT CHAT gave me a couple more links for those of you who need help with photo “doctoring” – I used Pizap for my tent project but here are two more (THANKS YOU TWO!!):



I haven’t visited these but maybe they will help you out if you need any help with photoshopping fun.

Well, it’s about time the monster comes out so if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go make some final adjustments to my tent decorating. 



Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Duplex Tent


Hey Hey!  I think I’ve invented something NEW in the world of kitty cat hidey-spots.  You all know I have an afghan tent in my Mom’s studio – one end of the studio couch is MINE ALL MINE and when Mom’s in her studio, I’m in my tent!

The “usual” spot for my tent……

Well yesterday I was playing with the pillows at the opposite side of the couch – burying my head behind them and trying to dig a hole to explore (!) and Mom had this brilliant idea.  Actually it wasn’t HER idea – I was trying to get the message across that I’d like a change of scenery on the couch.  A guy gets tired of the same view from his tent – know what I mean?

My Mom's Art Studio

The end of the couch on the right is the “usual” spot for my tent and the pillows on the left is where I was poking around today when Mom got the idea to try ANOTHER tent on THAT end!

I thought maybe a little area on the other side of the couch just for me might be fun.  So Mom made me a second tent – on the other end of the couch.  I’m  not hogging up the entire top of the couch.  I switch from one side to the other dependingon what view I want!  One side I can see Mom at the computer/drawing desk and the other I can see out the door to the hallway!!  Cool huh?

The green/white afghan is the usual tent and the blue one is my new duplex addition!

So I think Mom and I invented the first “Kitty Duplex”……you’ve heard of Kitty Condos and Kitty Towers and Kitty Apartments and all that but how about a duplex with two private apartments opposite each other??  

I think I most definitely qualify as ONE SPOILED CAT don’t you?

Kitty Hugs and Happy Thursday! 😀

Sammy, Duplex Man