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Frosty Friday


It’s been VERY cold here the last several days – no surprise there I guess as it’s that time of the year, but it HAS put a crimp in my morning walks with Mom where I usually have some munches of grass before coming inside.  For one thing the grass has leaves on top of it (Mom and Dad have slacked off with the leaf picking up stuff due to the cold) so I have to dig a bit to find the grass.   For another, the wind has been howling out there in the dark (we’re usually out there around 4AM) and while Mom has on a parka, hat, gloves and boots, I’m freezing my “you know what” off.   Hence, Mom’s decision today to get me a jacket or sweater.  That’s right………..

Some of you may remember that my buddy Easy sent me a blue sweater a while back – it was just a tad too big for me but Mom thought I looked cute in it (why do Moms always think we look cute in EVERYTHING???)………….but it was a bit too big and when Mom put me on the floor with the sweater on I just stood there frozen in place like I couldn’t move.  My sweater was ready to move but I wasn’t.   She thinks if she gets me a small size (I’ve lost two pounds since I got the blue sweater) MAYBE I’ll wear it.   SO, she looked at some possible things online.

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I’m just not sure…….none of these are “grabbing me”………..I think some kind of snug fleece number might be “me” so the search continues.  A guy needs to keep himself warm if he’s out braving the elements right?

I could use a sweater now....and maybe some skis?????

I could use a sweater now….and maybe some skis????? Or maybe a ladder????

On another note, today is Monster Day so cleaning will be going on around here – with all the Christmas stuff all over the place it’s tough to clean.  I especially worry about the vacuum cleaner sucking up all the presents under the tree!   That would NOT be good…….so I’m going to be brave and keep an eye on the monster as it does its’ thing.   If I have to throw myself in front of the vacuum and sacrifice myself for the sake of the presents – well – a guy has to do what a guy has to do!!!!!!

Happy Frosty Friday



Tonight’s The Night!


Gosh – that sounds inviting doesn’t it?  HAHAHA   No I’m not having a big fat party (although that’s not a bad idea), and no I don’t have a big date – unless you count the arrival of an old friend a “date”……..who is the “old friend”??   Why it’s Madame Autumn.   At 10:59PM she officially arrives this evening.  Kind of late for me to stay up and welcome her.  Besides, it’s not like she’s a NEW friend anyway……………..I’ve been expecting her.  We’ve had cool days for a while now so I figured she’d be here and sure enough she’s arrived!

I’m thinking it’s about time – and at my age – to begin wearing sweaters when (and if) I do go out on a chilly day………what do you think?  (mouse over photos for my hilarious comments….ahem)

I actually do HAVE one sweater – that I got from my pal Easy last winter.   It’s a bit too large for me BUT Mom did put it on me a couple of times and I’m afraid I’m just not “sweater-material” as I won’t walk when I have one on.  It freezes me in place.  Silly huh?   I do love the sweater though – BLUE IS MY COLOR don’t you think???


Anyway, WELCOME MADAME AUTUMN………….we will adjust to you being here……….we will have firewood available for the first frosty night………we will begin keeping an eye open for some perfect pumpkins to carve for Sam-O-Ween……we will take endless photos of leaves (as if I don’t already have tons of them) just because it’s what we do this time of year!

Consider me READY to slide into the season………………….(mostly).

HUGS and see you tomorrow for: