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In A Fog



Sam Standing at Front Door
Yikes Mom…I can’t see a THING out there!

 What IS this fog stuff anyway?  It’s so foggy outside this morning that not only can I not see anything out ANY of my favorite window spy spots, but Mom said even if she wanted to go somewhere in the car – she wouldn’t!  Just too foggy.  We’ve already heard police cars or fire engines or sirens of some kind out on the main road near our house this morning…….I’m sure everyone who HAS to go to work this morning wishes they didn’t!


I’m glad to be inside.  You know me.  I’m not afraid of much (well, maybe foxes and great big dogs) but when you can’t SEE what’s there, it’s a little bit nerve-wracking! 

How do I know it’s foggy when it’s still dark outside at this early hour?  Well, our little neighborhood “bum” cat who visits us and everybody else when she doesn’t like what’s being served on the table at HER house, was by this morning.  When Mom took her a bowl of food and some water out to the front porch, I took a quick peek out there and couldn’t see our driveway lights OR the lantern light that’s in the front garden which is only about 15 feet away from my porch!  That’s pretty thick fog stuff for sure. 

Mom said it’s because it gets really warm during the day, then cools down a whole lot at night, and it makes this FOG stuff happen.  She said to just wait a while and when the sun comes out, it will burn it away.  Now normally I know that “BURN” is a dangerous word but in this case, I’ll be glad for the fog to burn.  I would miss out on a lot of bird-watching, people-watching, and squirrel-watching if this stuff hung around all day.

That would NOT be good. 

Mom confused me even more though by saying that when she doesn’t get a good night’s sleep she feels like she’s “IN A FOG” the next morning.  I thought fogs only happen OUTside…..what’s with that????????

Well, whatever…..I hope you peeps have a nice UNfoggy Monday where you are and don’t forget, tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER!!!!  Brush up on your geography!!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy