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Sunday Selfie Hop



                                                                                                    Time to Hop!

Every week we join the Kitties Blue for their “Sunday Selfie Blog Hop” – what a great chance to strut our own personal stuff for all the world to see – some of us are talented enough to do a real SELFIE – taking a photo of US all by ourselves but some of the rest of us need help from Mom or Dad!     Sometimes we look right at the camera but other times – well – not so much!     Anyway, it’s fun and if you’d like to join in that fun, just click the badge above and go to The Cat On My Head, fill in the LINKY form and you’re in!

My selfie today is done from a photo Mom snapped of me as I was out enjoying the Fall leaves and cool day a couple of days ago.   I was looking right at Mom until she snapped the shutter……HAHAHA   I like to keep her on her toes!    I’m also showing you the “original” not messed around with photo……..Mom did use a Lunapic art effect called “Storytime” on my photo THEN added the green frame with Pizap.    That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

So that’s it for another Sunday…………hope to see you showing yourself off next week on The Cat On My Head’s blog!    Is it a date????    Oh good!!!

                                                                                        Hugs, Teddy (aka Butterbean)


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Shall We Hop Together?

It’s Sunday and you know what THAT means……………..all of us who join in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Blog Hop decide to show our fine selves off – just to remind each other how very handsome and beautiful we felines are!    We pose for our official photographers and WHAM – link up with the Kitties Blue (click their badge above to join in the fun) and before you know it, we’re visting each other to see ourselves in our SUNDAY BEST!

This week Mom doctored up this photo of me – I know you want to see the “REAL” me before I show you how she played around with it a bit to have some fun with Lunapic.

THEN she picked out some Lunapic effects and here’s what she got!

I like both of them…………..but then maybe I’m just a little too “full of myself” ???   Anyway, why not POP on the HOP and join us?   Have a GREAT Sunday!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


Time To Do A Selfie!!

We start another year of selfies today with our good friends at The Cat On My Head!    Every Sunday we join their fabulous and well populated Selfie Blog Hop and spend some time visiting all our friends who have joined in the fun……………you can too if you click on their badge above and use their LINKY TOOL!    Don’t miss out – it’s fun – trust me on that!

My selfie this Sunday was made extra artsy by my Mom over at Lunapic using the NOUVEAU art effect then she popped it into Pizap and added a border – EASY PEASY.    Here it is – what do you think?

Mom says I looked like a stained glass window………………she also thinks it’s quite WEIRD that I have an interesting patch on my back by my right ear which was NOT in the original photo – maybe it’s a little present from Angel Sammy?   Just to let me know he’s here with me????

We hope you have a serene Sunday…………………….we’re going to have a nice cool one here – just a touch of Fall – Fine with me!    See you tomorrow for RAINBOW BRIDGE REMEMBRANCE DAY……………….

Love and Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Hopping!

It’s Sunday and you know I always Hop with Kitties Blue at The Cat on My Head!    You should too……..it’s a chance to strut our stuff and show that we know how to take photos of ourselves to share with all our friends!    If you wanna play along, just click on the badge below, use the Linky tool to enter your info and WHAM BAM you’re part of the SHOW!


Mom helped me jazz my photo this Sunday up just a bit with Lunapic…………..you know we love to play around with those effects………..so here I am in all my glory…………!!

Me goofing off in my falling apart red kitty cube!!!!


Before we go, we want to wish our good friend Mauricio – who is one of the Kitties Blue and hosts of this Hop and his lovely wife Allie from Friends Furever a HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY.    One year ago today they got married at Cat Scouts and my brother Angel Sammy was Mau’s best man……time sure does fly.    We hope they have a happy celebration………….


Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

Each week on Sunday we join the Blog Hop hosted by our friends at The Cat on My Head for a chance to show off……….ideally I would be taking my own photo which is what a selfie is but I am not exactly the most cooperative guy in the world and can stay still for MAYBE two seconds so Mom takes the photo.   Just as she did this week……………but before I show you my selfie, why not click on the Kitties Blue/The Cat On My Head’s badge below, sign yourself up on the LINKY tool and share a photo of YOU with the rest of us too!

Here’s ME……..

Lunapic.com “Sketch 2” Effect……interesting – notice a little “x” in my right ear?  In the foreground is my orange bug toy – I had just “deaded” it! 

Happy Sunday!  


Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time With The Cat On My Head

There it is – the logo for the host of Sunday Selfies………..the Kitties Blue!    If you click the badge you can go there and put your blog address up so we can find you and your Sunday Selfie too!   We always have fun visiting everyone on Sunday when they’re all dressed up in their Sunday best……..!

Mom did her usual Lunapic job on my Selfie today – then added a wild border from Pizap and VOILA – SENSORY OVERLOAD (if you ask me)………….I like that Lunapic filter thing but the wacky frame?   Makes me dizzy.

Anyway, it’s just ME on a Sunday coming to you to strut my ginger self……………..I do hope you are having a Happy Sunday!

See?  Sensory overload!  

Love and Happy Sunday, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hopping


Happy Sunday!   It’s Selfie Time!

We join Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head every Sunday to strut our selfie kind of stuff and today is no exception – you might think this is a weird selfie since it’s mostly of my rear end BUTT (haha) I set the timer then decided to have a quick drink out of the water faucet in the guest bathroom and WHAM BAM the flash went off and I was CAUGHT!     If you’d like to join the Hop, click the badge below and go to see the selfies – I bet I’m the only “REAR END SELFIE” today but you never know!   Just use the LINKY tool if you want to add your blog to the mix!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

With love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Blog Hopping


The Cat On My Head

Selfie Blog Hop!

Wanna join in?  Click the badge below my selfie and hook up with the Linky tool – OR just pop around and visit everyone who enters this weekly blog hop parade…………..we put on our Sunday best and show ourselves off for the world to see.  In my case, my Mom gets “artsy” with my old photos – now that I’m at the Rainbow Bridge, my Selfies are “ANGEL SELFIES” !


Click below to visit Kitties Blue for ALL the selfies!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!


Happy Sunday!  

Angel Hugs, Sammy


Sunday Selfie Hopping


It’s time again for the Sunday Selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head.    I know the Kitties Blue’s peeps are at Blogpaws but the Hop must go on right?    We’re HERE and ready to post my Selfie – if you want to pawticipate OR just wanna see all the wonderful selfies, just click their badge below my selfie and you’ll be magically transported there!!!!

This is me with my "mini-me" doing a double selfie!

This is me with my “mini-me” doing a double selfie!



See you next Sunday for more “up close and personal” kind of selfie shots!

Love and Happy Sunday, Sammy