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Sunday Selfie Hop on Fathers’ Day


Happy Sunday AND Happy Father’s Day!     Time to HOP with Kitties Blue.   Are you hopping with us?    You can click their badge above and link up that way  if you like.    Show yourself off with us every Sunday on the Selfie Hop that they host.

This week’s photo is one Mom took on Thursday when she was changing the sheets……….as soon as she pulled the pillow cases off the pillows I popped on top of the pillows, lay down and promptly went to sleep.    Yep – I did – and once more I’ve NEVER EVER done that before (get on the pillows instead of just the bed!)  so it was fun to see her so surprised.      I stayed there for about ten minutes then transferred to the bed itself and kept her from changing the sheets for a nice two hour stretch while I napped.    I didn’t hold up laundry day though – she did all the other laundry while I got my nap in THEN she got the bed sheets.

Here I am………………..

Yep – it’s a little blurry – Mom says it makes me look soft – I say I’m pretty darn SOFT anyway!     Well, just for fun Mom added a Lunapic art effect called “BRAVE” to this photo and we did a puzzle out of it too!

Mom jazzed my photo up on Lunapic using the “BRAVE” art effect………….do I look brave?    THEN she did a puzzle of this photo for those of you who enjoy doing them – – – here you are!

Just click this MINI-ME picture and go for it……

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to ALL Dads – especially MINE!


You’re the BESTEST POP ever!  

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Time for our favorite Hop – the Selfies!    Want to join in?   Just click the badge above and go to our host’s blog at The Cat On My Head and link up so we can see you.

I’m going to continue with what I’ve been doing for ages now – looking back in the photo files and finding a Selfie from either 2017 or 2018 of ME on he approximate same date.   Why not a current photo?   Well, I do have some but I find it fun to look back at “the me that was”.

Here’s what I found for this Sunday:

This was me in May, 2017 – which means it was only three months after I was adopted from the shelter!   I was already practicing my belly shots although I was still growing and my tummy is significantly – well – more substantial now than it was here.

Now as you all know today is Cinco De Mayo, and we’re having a party at Cat Scouts – I thought you might enjoy seeing me in my Cinco outfit:

Yep – I’m ready!  I hope all of you have fun celebrating the 5th of May.   A party, a cookout, a picnic, or just sitting on your front porch in the sunshine.

Here’s a puzzle of my selfie:

Click this Mini-Me for the puzzle and GOOD LUCK!

Hugs and Ole’ !!!   

Senor Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


YOO HOO!!!!   It’s Sunday you know – time for all of us to link up to the Selfie Hop on The Cat On My Head.    Sharing a photo of ourselves is a “regular” activity for those of us in the Hop – we hope you’ll HOP with us and it’s easy – just click on the badge above and fill in the LINKY form.

I’m back to my FLASHBACK selfies this Sunday.    This is me – not too long after I came to live here with Mom and Dad.   Mom snapped it on February 17, 2017.   YES it’s blurry – I bet Mom was wiggling the camera because I was wiggling my head – I was a very wiggly (happy) kid!

I still have a “baby face”……………I look much more grown up now of course – after all, I’m almost three years old!    Mom thought in spite of the fact this is a not so hot photo of me, she’d go ahead and make a puzzle out of it.



We were going to jazz up the photo a little with our favorite photo editing tool – LUNAPIC but for some reason it wouldn’t “work”…….so this is just ME – with no doodads or fancy colors – JUST ME!

HAPPY SUNDAY!   Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday!   Time for the Selfie Hop with Kitties Blue…………………my Selfies have been FLASHBACK ones from a year ago this same time – kinda fun looking back but you probably have something CURRENT you’d like to share – please do.   Join the hop by clicking the badge above to go to The Cat On My Head – our wonderful hosts – and join in the fun.

This is the SELFIE I posted a year ago:

Actually it was posted on January 28th last year but it’s pretty darn close to a year ago right?  Just one day off?    Well at this time I was still drinking from the stream of water from the faucet whereas THESE days, I prefer the sink to be filled up with water and I just treat it as my own personal pond!    I don’t jump up there on my own EVER though – I go find one of my parents and ask them to follow me upstairs to the sink and put me up there themselves.    I’m not sure what I weighed a year ago but I can tell just looking at “me” that it was a lot less than I weigh now.

Hey – I’m a growing boy!    I’ll be three in March………..and next month I’ll celebrate my second GOTCHA on February 12th.

While I was working on this blog post Mom came into the room and I asked her if we could take a little “WATER BREAK” so she took me to the upstairs bathroom sink and gave me a drink.   She grabbed her camera and took a couple of shots of me at the watering trough (!) so here’s an update of me at the sink TODAY:

Yeah I might be a little larger than a year ago…….just a little…….

Anyway, here’s the photo of  ME after Mom Lunapic-ed it !    She used the “FLOATING” art effect.   Good choice right?   HAHAHA

Anybody UP for a jigsaw of this one?    Click the MINI-ME below and have fun!

Click here for puzzle…………

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!   Hugs, Teddy



Sunday Selfie


Time for the last Hop of the year!    Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head) has hosted this wonderful Hop for another whole year and we’re all about to start another year of showing ourselves off every Sunday.    If you’d like to join in the last 2018 Selfie, just pop on over to their blog by clicking the badge above and GO FOR IT.

Mom was trying like crazy to capture me in a photo with my new scarf and one of my hats she’s not been able to get me to wear since I received them but did I cooperate?   No.   Did she actually try to sneak me into them when I was at my most vulnerable?  (meaning when I’m waiting at the front door ready to go outside because she’s told me she’s taking me!)   YES!    I just screeched “no fair Mom!” so she took me outside on my harness instead.    SO that means instead of a new photo of me in some finery, I’m just ME.    And not only that but its’ a flashback ME………….from this time LAST year.   I suppose it’s better than nothing right?

So this was my Selfie from LAST YEAR at this same time………..just before we turned the calendar page into the first month of a new year.     For me – another year of loving my forever home……..for you?   Whatever you want it to be.    Just make it the BEST year ever OK?

Would you like to do a puzzle of me?   Click the MINI-ME below and you can!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!   Love, Teddy Angel Sammy, and Mom too

Sunday Selfie Hop – Holiday Style!


Happy Sunday!    It’s December 2 – we’re starting our official countdown to Christmas at my house now.   Mom and Dad decorated yesterday and my Selfie today has a Christmas-ey border so I’m ready.   If you’d like to join in the Hop – please do – just click the badge above to go to The Cat On My Head, fill out the LINKY FORM and that’s that!

While Mom and Dad worked hard on putting up our tree and stockings and stuff, I did a lot of napping.   I have a new “thing” that I do with my Mom now – if she’s on the computer which is in a room that’s across from our guest room, I will go in and MEOW at her and ask her to follow me into the guest room………..when I get there I hop up on the guest bed and paw at the pillows – that means “please pull the covers down for me Mom”………..she does and I MOVE IN FOR A SNOOZE!    That’s what my selfie photo is today………

Yep – I’m spoiled – why do you think this blog is called TWO SPOILED CATS???    Angel Sammy was spoiled and now I’m following in his pawsteps!    Good job huh?    If you want to do a puzzle of this photo I made one for you!

Just click the mini photo of me and you’ll get the puzzle!  GOOD LUCK!


Before we go, we want to say that today it’s two years since Angel Sammy became an Angel.   I didn’t know him, but even so, we miss him every second of every hour of every day of every month and will do so – forever.   He was special and I just wish I’d known him in person.   He was one of a kind…..



Hugs, Teddy the Christmas Boy

Sunday Selfie


Happy Sunday Friends!   Are you ready to HOP?    Every Sunday the Kitties Blue host a fabulously popular and well-attended BLOG HOP full of selfies of all of us.   We do love to hang out at the Hop on Sundays – if you’d like to join us, please do – click the badge above and fill out the linky tool and you’ll be a COOL CAT in the Hop along with the rest of us.

My Selfie today was take by my Mom quickly because I was trying to break loose from my Dad at the time.   I had been sitting nice and calm for my Selfie see???

I was even looking sort of at the camera and Mom……..THEN I decided I was tired of standing there patiently……..

I put my head down and began PULLING away from Dad like a ginger TRACTOR………..but Mom STILL used this photo to jazz me up for my Selfie portrait today!

I was meowing “Come on Pop – lemme GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”………….sometimes even whining doesn’t work.    Mom was determined to get me snapped for Selfie Sunday.   She won!

She also did a jigsaw puzzle of this “jazzy” version of ME being obstinate and trying to force my way through Dad’s hands……good luck – jigsaws can make you cross-eyed or give you a headache but they ARE fun aren’t they!!!

Here it is!  Click on the mini-photo and GO FOR IT!

Happy Sunday!   Join us in the HOP!   

Hugs, Teddy (and Dad)

Sunday Selfie



It’s Selfie Hop day and we’re doing that with our hosts – The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   You can join in the fun if you click their badge above and enter you link on the LINKY FORM – easy peasy.

Mom was going to take some new photos of me for Selfies BUT her camera needs a new battery – it’s on the shopping list for tomorrow SO no new photos!    We thought we’d use a “recent” photo instead – one of me that she took when I was lounging on the front porch before heading out for a walkabout.

Well by the time she finished decorating it – it was almost unrecognizable!    Below is the original – her jazzed up version (she used the ABSTRACT art effect from Lunapic then added a fancy-shmancy border from Pizap), AND a jigsaw puzzle for your entertainment this Sunday.

Click mini-image above for the PUZZLE!!  Good Luck!!


Sunday Selfie


Ready To Hop?

YAY!  Sunday is here.   Time to share our selfies with each other – it’s nice to visit your friends on Sunday or any day.   This Blog Hop is a perfect opportunity to do just that.   The Selfie Hop is hosted by our super good buddies Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head AND if you’d like to join in or even just visit all the selfies today – click on their badge above.    Fill in the LINKY tool if you want visitors to your blog to see you posing for the camera, OR just pop around to visit us.

My Selfie today is another of Mom’s Lunapic creations but after she got a perfectly pastel-ish ME from Lunapic she put the photo in Pizap and gave it a colorful border.    And if that wasn’t enough she made a jigsaw out of it too.   Mom obviously had too much time on her hands yesterday!

I think I look better in my natural orange coat but this isn’t so bad…………….shows off my stripes well don’t you think?????   If you really want to go nuts, here’s the puzzle she made from this selfie.

Click mini-photo above for puzzle!!

Well that wraps it up for another Sunday.    I hope you consider joining the Selfie parade…………..the Kitties Blue are great hosts and always have a wonderful selfie of one or more of themselves to share too!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


Sunday Already??  Selfie Time!

AND Happy Father’s Day………

Time to join the Sunday Selfie Hop that The Cat On My Head does every Sunday.   Be part of the “in crowd” and join in the fun – just click their badge and fill out the LINKY tool and you can show your fine self off like WE do every Sunday!

My selfie today is a FLASHBACK……………….this is the very FIRST selfie Mom ever helped me take………..back in February, 2017 when I’d only lived here a couple of weeks.   You can tell I’m already comfy……I’m yellow-ish in this photo and I have no idea what kind of filter Mom used to get that but I do know I’m sound asleep in my new Daddy’s chair.   I think by then I realized that I HAD IT MADE here in this house – don’t you?

So that’s my selfie for today – a look back at me in my first selfie as a VERY HAPPY GUY!    I hope you have a happy Sunday too……………………if you’re celebrating Father’s Day I hope you enjoy making your Dad feel special.   I’m going to give my Dad extra leg hugs today – he likes that – just my say of saying I LOVE YOU POP!!

Love, Teddy