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Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop time with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!    Every Sunday we join in the fun of showing off our “fine selves” at the Hop.    This is no exception.    If you want to join us please do – just click their badge above and join with the LINKY TOOL.   Easy Peasy.

My photo this Sunday was jazzed up by my Mom with Lunapic – using the “Frida” art effect.   The photo is just a little embarrassing – YES sometimes I am too lazy to stand up while I’m having my “SINK DRINK” so I have a lie down while I slurp my water from the faucet.   So what?   I wasn’t feeling very perky when this photo was taken.   I just didn’t have enough energy to stand or squat!

Here’s the”before Lunapic” version:

And here’s the FANCY SHMANCY version!

Gee that sink water tastes mighty fine!    Speaking of mighty fine – I hope your Sunday is just that………………….!

Love and Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to HOP!    Every Sunday we join the BLOG HOP for Selfies hosted by Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    Fun way to show off every week………and we usually do something artsy with my selfie just for fun.    Want to join in?  Click their badge above and fill out the Linky Tool………..EASY!

Mom used Lunapic to add some pizazz to my photo – I was lounging on her bed and had SEVERE Laser Eyes but she said it was just my INNER GLOW.    HAHAHA………….OK MOM IF YOU SAY SO!

Here’s the BEFORE Lunapic photo

And here’s the AFTER Lunapic………..colorful?   Yeah sure is!!!!!   I still have my glowing eyes but they don’t look ELECTRIC like they did in the original photo!   This is more like candlelight.   HA


LOVE, Teddy

Sunday Selfie and Puzzle!


Time for the Selfie Hop!

Sunday is Selfie Day and who is the host?   Well it’s our old friends The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!     If you click the badge above you will magically be transported to their blog where you too can join in the Selfie fun by posting your link to a photo of YOU, YOU, YOU!

This week I’m repeating a previously shown Selfie………why would I do that you might ask?    Because I have a special treat for any of you who are jigsaw puzzle lovers – I have turned the below Selfie into a puzzle.    If you click the “CLICK HERE” link under the photo you will have a chance to piece together a 140 piece puzzle of this very photo.    You use your mouse to click on to pick up a piece then place it in the center space to “build” the photo.    My Dad just tried it and – well – it took him 55 minutes to do it.    WHOOPS.    Anyway, don’t feel obligated to do it but I know there are some jigsaw fans out there who MIGHT have fun with it so go for it.    There’s a “clock” that will show your time.    If you choose to do the puzzle, let us know in comments how long it took you.    It’s NOT an easy puzzle.   Trust me.    We do puzzles at Cat Scouts and I am using that same software which is on Jigsawplanet.com.    Very cool!


CLICK HERE  (for the puzzle)

NOTE:    You need to click on “START A NEW GAME” at the screen…I did the puzzle twice with different numbers of puzzle pieces…… but YOU should click on START A NEW ONE!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfies


Time for Sunday Selfies with Kitties Blue

Every Sunday we hop on board the Selfie Train hosted by our good friends at The Cat On My Head………..the Kitties Blue.    It’s a great way to strut your stuff on a Sunday – if you’d like to join in the fun, click their badge and add your link and you’ll be hopping in no time.

Mom did the Lunapic thing this week AGAIN (she’s hooked – what can I say?) and jazzed my photo up a bit.   I should tell you right up front though that this is an OLD photo of me hitting the water fountain in the guest bathroom.   For one thing, I was a LOT smaller when this photo was taken.   I now take up a great deal of that counter and have to sit on the SIDE of the sink, not on the narrow EDGE like I am in this old photo!    This photo was taken in May of last year and I was adopted in February so only had been in my FOREVER HOME three months!   I had lots of growing to do and of course I’ve done that.

Here is the “before” photo:

And here’s the Lunapic version:

Thanks Mom for making me “ARTSY” for Sunday Selfies!    If you all think this photo makes my rear end look big you should see it now………..HAHAHAHA

Big Selfie Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hopping With Kitties Blue

It’s Sunday!   Time to HOP……..every week we show the world a photo of ourselves on The Cat On My Head along with over 50 other friends and then we spend the rest of Sunday visiting wall the Hoppers to say howdy.   Staying in touch – and admiring each other’s fab photos.   Lots of fun indeed.  Wanna join?  Please do – just click the badge above and go to their blog, use the posted LINKY TOOL and you’re IN.    Nothing easier and certainly it’s tons of fun.

Mom did a little artsy touch to me again this week………I’ll show you the original photo of me – sprawled out in my favorite position as those of you who know me know – ON MY BACK WITH BELLY EXPOSED!    Then she used Lunapic to jazz the photo up a bit – she chose the Art Effect called “STORYTIME”.    Then she added a regular simple colored frame with Pizap.   VOILA – there I am showing the world my finest feature – my tummy!

Before fiddling with the photo – yes I’m lying on Christmas tissue paper – I love tissue paper!

Letting it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL hang out!

Have a super Sunday everybody………………….we are having a bit of semi-Spring weather……….in the 50s instead of teens!   We’ll take it…………..!

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hip Hopping Along!

Sunday means Selfie time………….and The Cat On My Head hosts us every week with a chance to show off our fine selves in “Selfie” form.   It’s a popular Hop and if you haven’t joined up you SHOULD – and it’s easy too – just click the badge above and fill out the linky form and there you are!   Along with the rest of us!    Our thanks to The Cat On My Head for hosting this weekly event for so long!!

This week Mom used Lunapic’s “CREEPY” effect which I can’t say I like the name of much………Me??  Creepy?   I think not!    Then she added “SOFT LIGHTING” to it and we came up with what you see below…….I’m also including the “original” she started out with before jazzing it up.   Was I asleep?  Of course!!

We started with this!

And ended with this!   The paper on the right – tissue paper but now you can “see” through it unlike the original photo.  And I look like I’m a log on a fire don’t I ????


Well anyway, you get the idea……you don’t have to jazz up your photos either – we just do it because Mom WANTS to…………I like letting her have her little fun.   Know what I mean??

Happy Sunday!!  

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!  

Time for the Selfie Blog Hop

This is the day of the week we get together and strut our stuff……………our Host for this event is The Cat On My Head – our friends the Kitties Blue.    All we have to do is visit them, hook ourselves up to them to join the hop using the LINKY tool and VOILA – we’re stars!    Well, “wannabe” stars but we at least can post our photos and smile for the camera!

Before I show this week’s Selfie, I want to say that I’m hoping one of the Kitties Blue crew is feeling better today.  He’s been under the weather with an infection and has to have fluids and eye medicine as well as antibiotics and we all know that’s no fun.    Make sure and wish Cooper Murphy Blue better health and send him your purrs and prayers won’t you?

Mom jazzed up this photo of me lounging on a chair using Lunapic………..she loves that site as if you didn’t know by now!    I’m showing you the photo she started with and the result of her playing around with Lunapic and adding a frame with Pizap.

Here I am lounging in a chair in the guest room…..comfy?   Oh yeah……

Here I am after Mom got artsy with me!   I like this – especially my stripey tail!!

Have a super Sunday ……………….. and join the Selfie Hop with all of us!    Even if you don’t want to do THAT, please go by The Cat On My Head to wish Cooper Murphy good health.   We are ginger buddies.

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie New Years Eve Style


Celebrating New Year’s Eve With A Selfie!

Today we join the last HOP of the OLD year with our friends at The Cat On My Head………..and we already look forward to 2018 being full of Blog Hopping Sundays for us to share our selfies again.   Thanks Kitties Blue for hosting this especially fun “excuse” for all of us to get together on Sundays and show our fine selves off……….if you’d like to join in – PLEASE DO – just click their badge and sign up with the Linky Tool.

Of course this is a SPECIAL version of the Hop since it’s New Year’s Eve……………………….and Mom did my selfie with Lunapic as usual but we added a frame with Pizap so we could put our New Year’s greeting on the frame.    We really do wish all of you a most magnificent NEW YEAR.    Me and my Mom and Dad will be home having a peaceful evening with a fire in the fireplace together enjoying the last night of 2017.    Please be safe wherever you are – tell your Mom and Dad to be extra careful if they are going out tonight to celebrate.

My “un-messed-with” photo!

Here’s to the best year EVER for all of us!  

Now – let’s have a yummy New Year’s Eve buffet to start our day off shall we?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WOW…….I’m full – I hope you are but if not – take a doggy/kitty/human bag home with you. 

HELP!!!!!!! I can’t get UP!!!!

But above all else…….have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR’S EVE!

Love, Teddy

Christmas Eve Selfie


Happy Christmas Eve!

Time for a Christmas Eve Selfie with The Cat On My Head on their wonderful selfie blog hop which they do EVERY Sunday.    Have you joined up yet?  You should……….just click their badge, go there and enter your blog link – then we can Hop over to see your magnificent selfie along with all the others.

My selfie today is another Lunapic creation – Mom made it snowy looking AND added a snow border so I’m stuck in an ice cube!   Well, not really but I do look like I might be a bit cold!

We are all ready for Santa Paws to come tonight…………..I know I’m on his NICE list – I’ve been ever so good since I came to live here last February so I am sure that Santa will bring me some fun things.   I know I’ll never forget my very first Christmas here………..and I hope that yours is special too.    Thank you for being our friend and following our fun as we travel through life together – just me and my Mom and Dad and the memory of a very sweet Angel – Sammy.

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER shots of yours truly that Mom and I did for today’s Christmas Eve Selfie…….

Merry Christmas Eve Dear Friends

From All Of Us To All Of You….with love


Sunday Selfie Hop


Ready to Hop?

We are.   It’s Sunday and that’s when we join our hosts The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head for a round-up of everyone and anyone who wants to do a selfie (or have a selfie done FOR them!) and show them off on a blog hop.   It’s one of those super popular hops too so if you aren’t already on – hop on board!  Just click the badge above, fill out the LINKY form and you’re IN!

This week Mom did her usual Lunapic but used a different filter – this one was called “Connections” and it was kind of interesting after we loaded the photo of me lounging inside my raggedy red cube and applied the effect.   I’m showing you the BEFORE and AFTER…………….

Before Mom jazzed me up…………


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to HOP around the blogosphere and see who’s up to what in the Selfie department today…………..there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure!

Thanks to Kitties Blue for hosting!!

Happy Sunday,


Remember – Santa Paws is watching….make sure you stay on the NICE list!!