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Please Pay Attention!



C’Mon Mom….get off the computer!!!

Happy Saturday! 

Mom took this photo of me yesterday while she was working on my Cafepress store – and I was TRYING to get her to pay more attention to me than the computer screen……Geez!  Sometimes I think she loves that machine more than she loves little old me!

Now you know I’m not serious – my Mom adores me (as well she should) and I adore her but sometimes I have to go up to her studio and look pitiful (i.e. this photo) in order to give her the BIG HINT that maybe it’s time to come downstairs.  Maybe she should shut down computer operations for a while and let me curl up on her legs on the recliner…..or give me a treat…..or take me outside.   I want her to appreciate some of the FINER things in life – like ME.

Am I being selfish?  Naw…..I’m just an only cat who happens to think his humans are two of the best kitty toys he has and that his TOYS should be available to him 24/7 – not when there’s nothing else for his TOYS to do.  Get it?

So tell me – because maybe I can use some of your techniques – what do YOU do when YOU want attention from your humans???????


Kitty Hugs, Sammy