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Miss Alaineous


HAHA!  Get it?  Didja get it?  Miscellaneous?  Yeah I know……..I’m a laugh a minute aren’t I ?!

Well today I’m gonna talk about a couple of things so that’s why the miscellaneous subject………………first off is Bootsie’s auction and fund-raiser.   Just a reminder of that – his surgery for his ear is scheduled on August 15th and the money raised with the Auction AND the donation site hopefully will cover the cost.   It will be a great new start for the poor guy after all he’s been through.  Mom’s book has a bid on it (she donated a copy of one of her kids’ books to the auction) so that’s good!   Click the badge if you want to visit the Auction:


Brian Frum is handling the donations on the Funding Site and you can read about that part of things on Brian’s Home.

So what else is going on?  Well, I thought I’d share some of the photos from this past weekend’s “Sammy’s Travel Group” adventure in the Grand Canyon with Cat Scouts!   We had a blast…………it was a long weekend but we crammed a lot into it believe me.   Here’s a bit of a slideshow for your entertainment!   (may take a while to load – there are a lot of photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, you can tell we have a blast at Cat Scouts………………..consider joining – just go HERE……….register and join in the fun!

I’m off to see what Mom’s up to – there was mention made of possible bacon for breakfast………..you know when the “B” word is used I’m THERE!

Happy Thursday!


Scouts Stuff


Well, there’s ALWAYS something going on at Cat Scouts.   ALWAYS……….recently we started a “FLAT CATS” travel group – we all had pictures of ourselves enlarged and mounted on cardboard or poster board and we’re currently mailing ourselves all over the place to visit each other!   I know FLAT CATS have been around a while at a lot of the conferences but we thought we’d give it a whirl and it’s turning into a real TRAVEL FRENZY!

So far I’ve visited Spencerville and Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m about to fly down to Florida then back up to North Carolina.  WOW.  Who knew a FLAT CAT could have so much fun???    Yesterday Mr. Mailman delivered TWO big envelopes here – one had my buddy from Scouts Sammy Pilch in it (or “SammyP” as he’s known at Scouts) and the other had my besties Raz, Allie, Anya and Gracie in it.  Today I showed them my red wagon and took them for a ride around my yard in it!    My other Scout buddy, Raz’s girlfriend Madi, is still here but she’d been outside before with me here and decided to stay inside and have a snack instead of another yard tour!


Here are some photos from my trip to Indiana!


And here’s Madi when she arrived – having a snooze her first night here in the guest room AND the next day when we had a picnic on my front porch!


If you’re a cat and want to have a TON of fun – consider Cat Scouts!!   If you join up, you might like to join MY Troop, the Worldwide Wildcats.  That’s right – I’m the TROOP LEADER!!!!

Know what tomorrow is?  HMMMMM???

That’s right – it’s MONSTER DAY!


Hugs, Sammy


April In Paris….DONE!


We did it………….”Sammy’s Travel Group” at Cat Scouts just pulled off a two day trip to Paris and crammed a lot of stuff into that short period of time!   We well and truly “DID” Paris!

Oohhhhh la la!

Oohhhhh la la!

I prepared a little slideshow – just a fraction of the pawsome photos people shared on the Cat Scouts site through the event – most of these are mine because I was too pooped when it was over to go back and copy all the other photos people posted – but trust me – it was AMAZING!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who knows where my Travel Group will go next…………..we’ve done the North Pole, the Philippines, Paris, maybe a Dude Ranch!   HAHAHA

Tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day…………are you ready?   I’m toying with  a Guest Teaser   photo and one of my Mom’s so who knows what it will be.   But I can guarantee you’ll  be surprised because I’m posting the photo at a random time as usual so BE PREPARED!!!!!   OK?????????



Hugs, Sammy The Traveling Cat!

Mardi Gras Teaser


Gosh – it’s Mardi Gras – and I’m wearing a SNOWSUIT……what’s that tell you?   Things might be heating up on Bourbon Street but not in Warrenton, VA!   (**thank you to Nellie’s Mommy at Cat From Hell for drawing me in a cute snowsuit!!!  hugs!!!!**)

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I just HAD to work in the fact that today is the start of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans into this post SOMEHOW………….so it’s a regular Tuesday for guessing purposes but also Mardi Gras!  WOO WOO!

What a madhouse!

What a madhouse!

So today’s Teaser photo is one of my Mom’s…………….I am anxious to see WHO knows what this structure is called AND where it is located in this wide wonderful world.   Wanna be first?  Well you’d better get going because I’m sure the guesses will be flying in any second………….ready:


Remember we have a “first comment” award in addition to the other fabulous awards…………..!   YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE RIGHT???

First Comment:


First Right Guesser:


Guessed Right but weren’t first:


Had no clue or guessed wrong:


SO – what are you waiting for?   Get going trying to figure this one out and beat everyone else to the punch!   Tomorrow we’ll have the TELL ALL and you’ll find out how you did guessing!

Happy Tuesday Teaser Day


Happy Mardi Gras! 

Party Hardy Sam

My Mardi Gras Costume for Cat Scouts!!

My Mardi Gras Costume for Cat Scouts!!

The Day of LUV!


♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥♥

Are you waking up this morning to a bouquet of roses?   A special card from your significant other?   A soft paw touching your cheek saying “Mommy(Daddy) time to get up and FEED ME!!!!!” ???   Well, I’m WAKIN’ to BACON myself but you already knew that right?


However, I did get my Dad a Valentine’s Card and my parents exchanged cards.   They already HAD their Valentine’s celebration when they deserted me on Wednesday overnight to go to an Inn in West Virginia.   Today they’ll just stay home and be all cuddily-wuddily (if you believe that I’ve got a bridge I wanna sell ya!).

Part of the Inn they went to......

Part of the Inn they went to……

This is the building at the Inn that my Mom and Dad stayed in!

This is the building at the Inn that my Mom and Dad stayed in!

I have a BIG all day Cat Scouts event today – this is the poster with the details – and I’ll be ready to greet everyone as they arrive this morning for the first event – BREAKFAST.    Later in the evening we have a dance and my girlcatfriend Sundae will be accompanying me for this formal event – I thought you’d like to see us all “gussied up” too!


Me in my informal clothes at Valentine's breakfast!

Me in my informal clothes at Valentine’s breakfast!

Sundae and me all jazzed up!

Sundae and me all jazzed up!

Are you doing anything special for this DAY OF LUV?   How about your humans?  Any plans for them?   I say LET THE LOVING BEGIN!!!!!


Happy Valentines Day to all my blog friends – thanks for making my blog all about love because it truly is………..the love of one kitty for his Mom, Dad and all his many friends.   You made me what I am today………ONE *OLD* SPOILED CAT !

Love, Sammy

Lots of “Happy”


There’s been so much “happy” around here, I’m totally exhausted.  Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, and a super Happy experience at Cat Scouts on New Year’s Eve.  What happened you may ask?  Well, I was made co-Cat Scout of the Year along with another Scout and friend, Nibbler.  We were so surprised – we knew a CSOTY would be named but I don’t think EITHER of us dreamed it would be us.   Thinking about Scouts and how many wonderful Scouts work so hard there, it never occurred to me that I was being considered…….so when I was asked to come to the Campfire and receive my Trophy – well – I was in shock.   Here’s the trophy and also a photo of me in my Sabertooth uniform which is my new “icon” on Cat Scouts website.


I had birthday parties EVERYWHERE……..my friend Nellie combined her New Year’s Eve party with my birthday – then of course there was a New Year’s Eve party at Cat Scouts…..and people were wishing me an early birthday there then yesterday morning I had birthday surprises in different spots at Scouts……….I’m “plum worn out” but so grateful and so happy that I haven’t had much time to really think about the fact I’m FIFTEEN now!

I thought I’d share the birthday cards I got – the ones that came via email……..I did get some “real” cards in the mail too, from my friends Andy and Charles and I am SO grateful for them…..I also got a really beautiful card from my pal Speedy which was a Jacquie Lawson card if you’re familiar with those – beautiful sentiment…….but I can’t show you that!   In fact I can’t show several of the things that came to me for my birthday so thank you again to EVERYONE………..I’m overwhelmed by your friendship……….truly!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m working on those new badges for the Teaser.  A new year should mean new badges wouldn’t you say?   Who knows where in the world we’ll be next Tuesday but I’m already looking forward to it – are you??????

I’ll be letting you know also how many comments I got (not including my own comments) on my blog yesterday – – – as you know, it was a “Commentathon” to benefit Marg’s Animals, in particular dear little Joe the donkey.  Mom is giving fifty cents for each comment made but that’s not ALL…………..a wonderful thing happened yesterday – we had an email from a dear, sweet and generous friend who is going to MATCH what we raised so it will be double what we WOULD have been able to donate thanks to my wonderful friend.   The world is full of people who truly, TRULY do care about animals.   That makes me so very happy!    Speaking of Happy – my friend Raz from Friends Furever put this together and it makes me so Happy I simply have to share the Happy with you!

BE HAPPY!   (click here)

I hope everybody has a great SECOND day of the new year…………………I know I will – I’m still thinking about the past several days and how lucky I am to have all of you as my friends!!!!

Love, Sammy

I call this the "pre-sleep trance" position.....

I call this the “pre-sleep trance” position…..

If you’d like to donate to Marg’s Animals and Joe’s vet care but not through my Commentathon, just CLICK HERE!

UPDATE:  We had 91 comments on yesterday’s post – that means Mom will donate $50 to Marg AND because of our generous and sweet friend who was going to MATCH us, that means $100 to Marg’s Animals!   THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!  ♥♥


Thankful Thursday: Scouts Style!


You know I’m a Cat Scout – and a Cat Scout who is now at the TIPPITY TOP of the ranks within the organization……………yep – I’m a SABERTOOTH (grrrrrrrrowwwwwl).

Cool huh?????

Cool huh?????


Look pretty slick don’t I ???


It’s tons of fun……….we do all kinds of great stuff and I’ve met some of the COOLEST cats in the universe there.  We have a campfire where we all meet, we have our own Troop Headquarters (I’m the Troop Leader of the Wildcats!), we have our own Patrol Dens – I even have a Travel Service I operate there – we’ve been on lots of fun trips and are going to visit Santa on the 20th to help out in the toy workshop and feed the reindeer.   All of these fun things would NOT be possible if our Denmaster, Karen Nichols, hadn’t created Cat Scouts.

Karen Nichols, Denmaster

Karen Nichols, Denmaster

A while back, she ran with a suggestion that was made to thank our busy secretaries/assistants/helpers/typists/aka MOMS and DADS – whoever it is who gets us to Scouts, posts for us, does all the photoshopping we need – all the hard work.   The suggestion was “how about a Certificate of Appreciation for those hard-working humans in our lives??”………………she put together a swell certificate and we sent our addresses in and VOILA…….received the certificate.


My two “besties”, Scouts Raz from Friends Furever blog and Scout Gracie from s Goodness Gracie blog thought it might be fun if we did a collage together – showing our Moms with their certificates, along with us…….so that’s what we did!   What do you think?


We did it in the form of a “THANKS DENMASTER” collage…………….again, if not for her, we wouldn’t be having all this fun!   In case you come by my blog Denmaster, this thanks comes from all three of our furry little hearts AND our humans as well………………you rock…………..and so does Scouts!!

Happy Thursday Everybody