Achin’ for Bacon

No, I’m not achin’ – Not really – no aches here – I may have arthritis but bacon has HEALING power you know………so on Saturday especially I’m always FEELING FINE!    Mom didn’t let me down either – she made bacon and egg sammiches for her and Dad and for me?  I had bacon on bacon with a side order of bacon!

Mom and Dad had these

Mom and Dad had these

I had this.....tee hee

I had this…..tee hee


Seriously though, we did have a nice breakfast this morning which is preparing us for a great Caturday.    I have a busy day at Cat Scouts…… fact the whole weekend is busy.   It’s always something there – if you have time on your hands, are a cat, and have a Mom who can help you have the time of your life (hahahaha), consider joining up.  If you DO join up, join my Troop – The Wildcats!   I’m the Troop Leader and I promise you we’ll keep you hopping!!!

Sunday at Scouts we’re celebrating the joys of S’mores.  If your Mom or Dad were ever Scouts, they know what a s’mores is………..two graham crackers with a marshmallow between them and a couple of squares of chocolate bar….then you hold it over the campfire and it gets all MELTY.   It’s like a little bit of heaven on a stick!  HAHAHA    Anyway, we’re having a “S’moresapalooza” and we’ll tell stories about s’mores, recite poems about s’mores, and EAT s’smores (virtually of course) so I thought I’d make an outfit to wear to the event.  What do you think???

OK.....I hear you giggling.....stop that!

OK…..I hear you giggling…..stop that!

Do I look good enough to eat?   HAR HAR – that’s what Mom thinks anyway.

Well if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to see if I might have left a few bacon crumbs around my breakfast dish.    You never know………..I don’t want Mom to have to clean up any messes so I’ll search for every last bit of bacon and be on my way!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies!


Don’t Forget – SAM-O-WEEN Party with Costume Contest coming!  Get your entries in!  YOU will be voting for BEST COSTUME.   All animals all over the world invited to pawticipate – we’ll ship prize anywhere!    ENTRIES DUE TO ME BY OCTOBER 28 AT THE LATEST!!!!   Email me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.


Meeting Friends

**Pam here – Sam’s asleep and it’s MY turn to blog!**

One thing I read over and over on the blogs I follow is that without a doubt, meeting the people we “follow” in the blogosphere in person is almost always TONS of fun.  You know these people from their blogs so they’ve been friends for a long time but once in a while you get lucky and your paths cross!

On Monday my husband and I met the dynamic duo behind The Cat On My Head blog – the Mom and Dad of all those Kitties Blue we know and love.  They were not far away from our town on business and were coming BACK through this way so we decided to meet in Warrenton for lunch.    It was so much fun…….you see, not only are Janet and I friends from our blogs, we are friends through Cat Scouts as well.   Remember, Sammy is a Troop Leader and Janet’s cat Mauricio is the Assistant Troop Leader!

We decided when we discussed having lunch that it would be fun to have our cats with us (no – not our ACTUAL cats – the “Flat Cats” you’ve probably heard us talking about – a cardboard version of us that can be mailed/taken EVERYWHERE a bit more easily than a REAL cat).    SO Janet had Mauricio and I had Sam and we sat them on the table at the restaurant for a giggle – they had their official Cat Scouts neckerchiefs on too…….do I have to tell you that the entire restaurant thought we were nuts?   Do I have to tell you that we didn’t care one bit if they did?   HAHAHAHA

It was a lovely lunch and a fun time and even the FLAT CATS had a ball………we got to bring Mauricio home with us in fact.   The thing about “Flat Cat Scouts” is that our “Flat Cats” have been spending months traveling EVERYWHERE visiting each other through the mail.   We’re logging miles up as we visit and having photos taken of our cats enjoying themselves……….and whoever racks up the most miles is going to win a PRIZE.

Mauricio will be off in the mail today visiting another Cat Scout…………”Flat Sam” will be mailed out too on another visit.   I think the Cat Scouts are probably traveling more than most of my human friends have in YEARS!!!

Here are some photos from the past few days…………………I think you can tell it’s been FUN………………….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, meeting someone in person that you’ve known only “at a distance” on the computer is always fun………………this was no exception.  David and I enjoyed visiting with Janet and Tom AND “Flat Cat” Mauricio!

Mauricio is celebrating today before he leaves us – it’s his BIRTHDAY today – so we hope he has a SUPER special birthday trip ahead to his next destination.   Farewell Mau – bon voyage and Happy Birthday!



Hugs, Pam (while Sam is napping!)

Miss Alaineous

HAHA!  Get it?  Didja get it?  Miscellaneous?  Yeah I know……..I’m a laugh a minute aren’t I ?!

Well today I’m gonna talk about a couple of things so that’s why the miscellaneous subject………………first off is Bootsie’s auction and fund-raiser.   Just a reminder of that – his surgery for his ear is scheduled on August 15th and the money raised with the Auction AND the donation site hopefully will cover the cost.   It will be a great new start for the poor guy after all he’s been through.  Mom’s book has a bid on it (she donated a copy of one of her kids’ books to the auction) so that’s good!   Click the badge if you want to visit the Auction:


Brian Frum is handling the donations on the Funding Site and you can read about that part of things on Brian’s Home.

So what else is going on?  Well, I thought I’d share some of the photos from this past weekend’s “Sammy’s Travel Group” adventure in the Grand Canyon with Cat Scouts!   We had a blast…………it was a long weekend but we crammed a lot into it believe me.   Here’s a bit of a slideshow for your entertainment!   (may take a while to load – there are a lot of photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, you can tell we have a blast at Cat Scouts………………..consider joining – just go HERE……….register and join in the fun!

I’m off to see what Mom’s up to – there was mention made of possible bacon for breakfast……… know when the “B” word is used I’m THERE!

Happy Thursday!


Scouts Stuff

Well, there’s ALWAYS something going on at Cat Scouts.   ALWAYS……….recently we started a “FLAT CATS” travel group – we all had pictures of ourselves enlarged and mounted on cardboard or poster board and we’re currently mailing ourselves all over the place to visit each other!   I know FLAT CATS have been around a while at a lot of the conferences but we thought we’d give it a whirl and it’s turning into a real TRAVEL FRENZY!

So far I’ve visited Spencerville and Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m about to fly down to Florida then back up to North Carolina.  WOW.  Who knew a FLAT CAT could have so much fun???    Yesterday Mr. Mailman delivered TWO big envelopes here – one had my buddy from Scouts Sammy Pilch in it (or “SammyP” as he’s known at Scouts) and the other had my besties Raz, Allie, Anya and Gracie in it.  Today I showed them my red wagon and took them for a ride around my yard in it!    My other Scout buddy, Raz’s girlfriend Madi, is still here but she’d been outside before with me here and decided to stay inside and have a snack instead of another yard tour!


Here are some photos from my trip to Indiana!


And here’s Madi when she arrived – having a snooze her first night here in the guest room AND the next day when we had a picnic on my front porch!


If you’re a cat and want to have a TON of fun – consider Cat Scouts!!   If you join up, you might like to join MY Troop, the Worldwide Wildcats.  That’s right – I’m the TROOP LEADER!!!!

Know what tomorrow is?  HMMMMM???

That’s right – it’s MONSTER DAY!


Hugs, Sammy


April In Paris….DONE!

We did it………….”Sammy’s Travel Group” at Cat Scouts just pulled off a two day trip to Paris and crammed a lot of stuff into that short period of time!   We well and truly “DID” Paris!

Oohhhhh la la!

Oohhhhh la la!

I prepared a little slideshow – just a fraction of the pawsome photos people shared on the Cat Scouts site through the event – most of these are mine because I was too pooped when it was over to go back and copy all the other photos people posted – but trust me – it was AMAZING!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who knows where my Travel Group will go next…………..we’ve done the North Pole, the Philippines, Paris, maybe a Dude Ranch!   HAHAHA

Tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day…………are you ready?   I’m toying with  a Guest Teaser   photo and one of my Mom’s so who knows what it will be.   But I can guarantee you’ll  be surprised because I’m posting the photo at a random time as usual so BE PREPARED!!!!!   OK?????????



Hugs, Sammy The Traveling Cat!