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The Calm AFTER The Storm….


Happy Saturday!  Well, we’ve been having something we really needed – RAIN – but when I was wishing for some rain, I wasn’t really being specific enough I don’t think…….I should have SPECIFICALLY wished for quiet rain.  Not noisy, stormy, wind blowing, lightning every two seconds, thunder continuously rumbling rain.  So it’s my fault………

It’s my fault that I spent the entire day Friday sleeping.  Not that I minded doing that you know – after all, you’re talking to The King Of Naps here – but because I was awake most of Thursday night – I slept most of Friday.  A guy’s gotta get his beauty sleep.  It’s not easy maintaining my lustrous coat with it’s red and white stripeyness!  It takes REST!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


So you’ll forgive me I’m sure if you get a fairly short blog from yours truly this fine Saturday morning right?  We had MORE storms during the night and in fact it’s raining right now but at least it’s quiet…..that means I’ll be doing the same thing I did yesterday for most of today.

Hey – a guy can’t get too many catnaps……………am I right???????

Kitty hugs, Sleepy Sam 😀