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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday.    You know what Sunday means – time for the Selfie Blog Hop with our hosts at The Cat On My Head.   If you’d like to hook up with us- click their badge and link up.    This is our day to shine!

My selfie today is from several days ago when I was out for a yard cruise with my Dad.    I was nibbling at the grass when Mom came out waving that camera around and while I was looking right at her when she snapped the photo of course I moved my head at the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND so I was looking away.    Do you all do that?   Drive your Moms or Dads nuts when they are trying to take a photo of you?   My Mom usually just says some bad words and that’s that.   Tee Hee

But we didn’t stop there – we “artified” this one before we made a puzzle for you……………………..Mom used LUNAPIC and chose the “DARK” Art filter……….wow……….!

And here is the puzzle I promised you!    I think after we “artified” it – it became a little more challenging puzzle!!!!

Just click this little version of my selfie and GOOD LUCK!


Happy Sunday!    Hugs, Teddy