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Sam-O-Ween Is Over…..


Hi Friends!  I guess you see I’m back to my old theme – “Monster” was fun for Halloween though and I may “change up” from time to time with other themes just to keep you on your toes (tee hee).

Hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as WE did!  We had lots of kiddies stop by for treats – fortunately NO tricks – everybody looked cute as could be in their costumes and it was a nice quiet (but COLD) night.

Mom made me look pretty disgusting didn’t she?!?!

In the afternoon after Dad finished my pumpkin, Mom decorated the porch and put my Sam-O-Ween pumpkin in place then took a few photos.  The night-time ones are the BEST though because then you can REALLY see how cool the house looked for the kids coming up our driveway (at least you COULD have seen it if Mom’s photos weren’t so blurry!)!

Our front porch….that’s our “yard cat” Stevie on the left pretending to be a Halloween decoration….

How do you like the Sam Pumpkin my Dad carved? This is the BESTEST one ever!

After nightfall, things got SPOOKIER!

Blurry but pretty neat with the candle huh? Mom couldn’t hold the camera still enough with the flash off!

Those are two big pumpkin posters in the windows – as it got darker the dining room light made them very bright – they were way cool!

Boy is this hard to see but it’s at the bottom of the driveway looking up at the house and you can BARELY see a couple of the pumpkins covering the driveway lights….but there were a total of four along the whole thing.

Thanks to everyone who had fun through Halloween with contests, costumes, fun blogs, useful information about safety for Halloween and pets, and oh so many other GREAT blogs.  I had such a great time and I hope you did too. 

Hope you all have a RESTFUL and quiet Thursday.  Me?  You know as well as I do by now what I’ll be doing………

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

Resting up and eating my Halloween candy (just kidding about the candy – serious about the resting though!!)

Kitty Hugs, Sammy The Post-Ween Kid

Whatta Fright Night!

Our front porch decked out for Halloween

There's my pumpkin right in front....!

Whew!  What a night we had.  Mom and Dad said there were more kids than EVER in the 15 years they’ve lived here.  All I know is no sooner would I get brave enough to come through the basement door (it’s just inside our front door about five feet) where I was perched on the top step peeking through – another bunch of kids would arrive and ring the front doorbell or knock on the door or scream “TRICK OR TREAT” and keep me sitting on the stairs! 

My cat pumpkin was a big hit – some of the kids who know we always have a cat pumpkin said it was the best one ever.  The family next door had a “haunted garage” set up for the trick-or-treaters so we heard a lot of screaming coming from their direction!  That didn’t exactly settle my nerves (or Mom’s). 

My favorite costume I saw was our little next door neighbor (4 years old) had on a beaver costume.  Yes – a beaver.  With a big flappy beaver tail and everything.  Really way cool.  His brother who is 5 years old said “my brother is a rodent” and that made my parents laugh like crazy.  He may have been dressed as a rodent but it was the best costume I saw all night from my “spy place” at the top of the stairs!!!  We handed out ALLLLLL our treats too so there’s no leftovers (which is probably a good thing because Mom would probably eat the candy 🙂 ).

Today will be a rest day.  I didn’t get a bit of sleep all evening with all those interruptions!  Mom promised me lots of “lap time” to make up for that.  Good.  A guy needs his rest you know.

Sammy, One Sleepy Post Trick-or-Treat Cat

Happy Howl-o-Ween !


So, the BIG DAY (or night) is here!  Cat-O-Ween has arrived.  I probably should have waited to have Mom take a photo of our cat pumpkin after it’s “installed” on the front porch with the rest of the decorations but I just couldn’t stand to wait.  So – TA DA – here it is!

My Cat-O-Lantern for Halloween 2011

No that's not me standing behind it....just a decoration....but isn't my pumpkin WAY cool???

This is a WAY bigger pumpkin than usual – most of the time the cat pumpkin on the porch is the smallest one.  But now that we don’t carve TWO pumpkins (a regular one and mine) my parents got me a BIG pumpkin this year.  So – Dad says the whiskers were the hardest part – just little slits so light can come out…..and the ears are a bit tricky – they’re held on with toothpicks and some light will come out the cut out triangles too.  What you see on the nose as a dark orange is actually INSIDE the pumpkin – there’s an orange candle ready to light up the inside tonight!  I’ll probably get Mom to take a picture of it on the front porch later if she can. 

Last night after Dad finished working on it, he took it out into the garage where it’s nice and cold so it wouldn’t get all dried up and wrinkly before it makes it’s debut on the porch tonight for the Trick-or-Treaters. 

I hope we get lots of little kiddies this year.  Some years there’s tons of kids and some years not so much (depending on the weather).  It’s supposed to be cold tonight and cloudy but no rain so we shall see.  Mom has a BIG basket of goodies for the kids by the front door already.  Can’t wait to see all the costumes.  I’ll give you all a full report tomorrow morning for sure!

Meanwhile, Happy Howl-O-Ween to all my friends….stay safe and have fun.

Sammy, The Cat-O-Ween Cat 🙂



Pumpkin Countdown…..

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

My very best "please, please, pretty please!!!" face...think it will work????

Actually I don’t have to do my “pretty please” face at all to get my parents to “cooperate” – they’re great at reading me and my body language and eye contact messages.  Yesterday I inundated them with “don’t forget to carve a cat pumpkin for me” vibes….I only did that because usually Mom has brought home the chosen pumpkin by now from the pumpkin place (wherever THAT is!) and it’s sitting on our front porch waiting to be carved.  I keep checking out the front door and it’s NOT THERE.  I think they’re going out today to get it.  They kind of have to go today since Halloween is tomorrow.  It’s not snowing any more (we had snow and sleet all day yesterday but hardly any of it stuck….yippeeee) so they have no excuse. 

For those of you who have followed the last week or so of my blog postings about Halloween and costumes, etc., you will be happy to know that my Mom decided NOT to get me one.  Costume that is.  Just my Halloween scarf which I can handle wearing for short periods of time. Whew!  I skated through that little crisis pretty well.  That face as seen in the photo above worked…..again.

I’ll be sure and have Mom take a photo of the cat pumpkin so I can share with you.  I bet I’m the only cat in the whooooooooole neighborhood who gets their very own cat pumpkin to surprise the little kiddies tomorrow night when they visit!

Sammy, The Pumpkin Cat Model 🙂