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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



AH HA!   A new blogging day event for me………….from now on until Mom and I run out of words (hahahaha) I will have a poem every single Thursday.   Whatcha think about that?    If you wanna play along, you can leave a short poem in comments titled with the letter of the week  – we’ll SHARE……..we love to share right? (unless it’s nip then there’s no “share-sies”!).    To make it more FUN, I’ll go through the alphabet with the title of my poem starting with (can you guess??) – the letter “A”!


(no that’s not my poem – that’s me clearing my throat!)


Daily pills I must take

They taste so bad a face I make

I try so hard to just pretend

I’ve swallowed the thing so the agony will end.

But often I hide it inside my cheek

Mom ruins my fun and takes a peek

My pill sits quietly stuck to skin

She finds it and crams it in again!


Noooooo! Not again!

Respectfully Submitted,

Sammy, The Poetic Pussycat