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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Welcome Poetic Peeps!


Happy Poetic Thursday everyone – time to exercise our creativity (yes friends we all have some of that creativity stuff but sometimes we need to jumpstart it!) and write a poem.    We’re working our way through the alphabet with this little exercise and have reached the letter “O” !    So today I will have an ODE to O.


by Sammy Kimmell, 9/22/16

I am an “ONLY” cat

Yet so much more than that…

Although I am an “ONLY”

I am never, ever lonely.

My “ONLY” life is busy

At times it makes me dizzy!

I’m “ONLY” one spoiled cat

There are others, I’m sure of that!

“ONLY” I shall be

Until my soul flies free.

There you have it………….I squeezed off another one and am getting closer and closer to the BIG Z which will finish this fun alphabetic journey of poetry…………I hope you’re having fun crafting your own poems OR just reading mine.   If you have a contribution to the letter “O” this week, please post your poem in my comments, OR, if you’ve put your poem on your blog, share the link to it in my comments……………..we all love a good poem from time to time right????????????????

Stay happy….keep a poem in your heart!

Love, Poetic Sam

I'm a poet and I know it!

I’m a poet
and I know it!


Please light a candle for all those anipals who are in shelters just waiting – sometimes for WAY too long – to find their FOREVER HOME………..we all deserve to have that kind of happiness – we are so full of love and want to share it with the world…….we hope that maybe “Remember Me Thursday” will be a lucky day for some…..that their FOREVER comes to take them HOME.



Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Welcome Poetry Fans!

Today we are focusing on the letter “F” as we make our way through the alphabet each Thursday!  

“F” brings to mind many things…..food, fun, fur, FOOD (oh did I mention that already??)

butttttt in the end I decided for my “F” poem on this little ditty:


Friends love you always and forever

Friends will let you down – NEVER

Friends come in all kinds of sizes

Friends stick by from sunset to sunrises!

Friends are humans, and also anipals

Friends can be guys or friends can be gals

Friends live near but some live far

Friends visit us online or sometimes by car!

Friends are the BEST – I love them ALL

Friends pick us up when we have a fall

Friends are exciting or sometimes quite calm

AND my VERY BEST FRIEND is the lady I call MOM!

Ta Da!  I pulled off another one right?   And I got Mom’s name in there so I’m expecting lots of extra treats once she reads this little gem.   So – how about you?   Did you write an “F” poem today?  If you did, and you wanna show it off, you can either write it out in Comments here OR even better, put one on your blog and give us your link in comments so we can go to your bloggy and read your FABULOUS “F” EXTRAVAGANZA for THURSDAY!!!!!   GO FOR IT….trust me, if I can publish a bit of a lame poem like this one, you can too (hahahahaha).

Happy Poetic Thursday!

Ooh la la!   Monsieur Sammy, Le Poet Extraordinaire!!!!!

Ooh la la! Monsieur Sammy, Le Poet Extraordinaire!!!!!

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Welcome Poetry Friends!

Today’s poetry is honoring the letter “B” – if you feel so inclined (or brave) you can put your poem in comments – just make sure it’s about something starting with the letter “B”!


Yes indeed my bones – they show

I’m slim and trim and moving slow

Without the weight I’m limping less

When I was chubby I was quite a mess!

I’m moving easy, my limp is gone

My shoulders slim and I’m feeling strong

I’m looking good – oh yeah I’m classy!

There’s lots more time on my old chassis!

We might be old, our coats a bit tattered

But we’re young at heart and THAT’S what matters!


There you have it!  Another poem squeezed out by yours truly about the joys of getting older…………but I may have a lot of mileage on the chassis but the engine is still running well.  

Every Thursday now I’m exercising my “poetic license” and writing a poem using each letter of the alphabet which means of course that NEXT WEEK’s little gem will be about something starting with the letter “C”…………hmm………wonder what it will be.   CATS?  Maybe – maybe not.  You’ll just have to wait and see!

Have a Poetic Day! 

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Today my dear, sweet friend Nellie from Nellie On The Edge is visiting Washington, DC to hit the campaign trail for Smoke and Joe AND I had a “meet-up” with her and even got to ride her beautiful new pink motorcycle!   Lucky me………….If you click on the link above to her blog you’ll get to see what she got up to here in the town that never sleeps when it comes to campaigns of ALL types…………..REMEMBER, VOTE FOR SMOKE AND JOE FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT!   The SENSIBLE choice (tee hee) !!


Here are just two of the wonderful photos we took while Nellie was in town……………to see them all, please visit her blog…………Nellie is campaigning HARD for Smoke and Joe!!!!!

Oh Nellie....you are my forever and ever friend!!

Oh Nellie….you are my forever and ever friend!!

Oh I love your new motorcycle Nellie!   It's so YOU!

Oh I love your new motorcycle Nellie! It’s so YOU!

Thanks for the campaign memories Nellie!

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



AH HA!   A new blogging day event for me………….from now on until Mom and I run out of words (hahahaha) I will have a poem every single Thursday.   Whatcha think about that?    If you wanna play along, you can leave a short poem in comments titled with the letter of the week  – we’ll SHARE……..we love to share right? (unless it’s nip then there’s no “share-sies”!).    To make it more FUN, I’ll go through the alphabet with the title of my poem starting with (can you guess??) – the letter “A”!


(no that’s not my poem – that’s me clearing my throat!)


Daily pills I must take

They taste so bad a face I make

I try so hard to just pretend

I’ve swallowed the thing so the agony will end.

But often I hide it inside my cheek

Mom ruins my fun and takes a peek

My pill sits quietly stuck to skin

She finds it and crams it in again!


Noooooo! Not again!

Respectfully Submitted,

Sammy, The Poetic Pussycat