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Deserted on Thursday


Good Morning from one Mommy-less boy today.  Yep – she did it – she left me – AGAIN – but only for one day and she’s gonna go see my Auntie Carol and her two pups so I suppose I can forgive her.  Right?  That would be the BIG BOY thing to do…………..sigh.

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Toby is sitting on Aunt Carol’s shoulder and that’s Mollye the “lap dog” in Carol’s arms…..


Mom is going to be with her brother, my Uncle Mike…….and they’re going up to see Aunt Carol together just for a “brother/sister” day which I actually think is quite cool.  They’ll be back tonight so I’m just SURE Dad and I can behave ourselves unsnoopervised for the day right?

We’ll just play stuff like two guys would do without a Mom around to tell us to “be careful” or “don’t make a mess” or “don’t leave your toys lying around especially on the stairs”……..you know – GUY STUFF!

This is my Mom and her little brother a VERY long time ago....(tee hee)

This is my Mom and her little brother a VERY long time ago….(tee hee)


And as for Mom, Mike and Carol – they couldn’t POSSIBLY get into any trouble today could they?  No…..they’re just going to hang out and talk and catch up with each other.  Sure.  There will be no “other cats” involved – just my cousins Toby and Mollye.   I guess when my Mom and Mike get back home they will smell like DOGGY…….but at least I know that smell……….and who could get upset with two cute Shih Tzu pups like Toby and Mollye – right??

Gotta love Miss Mollye's hairdo....braids???

Gotta love Miss Mollye’s hairdo….braids???

Who could resist this Toby puppy face?????

Who could resist this Toby puppy face?????

OK – I’ve just managed to get through writing this entire blog about all my angst at Mom leaving and her going to see her sister and being with doggies today instead of ME and know what?  It helped to “TALK IT OUT”….yep it sure did.  I’ve decided that I CAN survive without Mom’s lap today – in fact I hope she has a FABULOUS time………..FABULOUS……….



The Morning Crazies


Hi Friends!

Mom and I just finished having some play time and it made me wonder a bit whether any of you experience the same thing I do early in the morning……almost EVERY morning……and that’s “The Morning Crazies”.

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Time for the MORNING CRAZIES Mom!!!!

First of all, I sleep in the living room at night.  Up on top of the couch is a PERFECT view of our back yard and that’s where all the night creatures are and that’s what I like to watch when it’s quiet and dark.  There are deer, but also skunks, groundhogs, possums, other neighborhood cats – lots of stuff that usually stays hidden during the day and comes out at night.   But I can easily fall asleep on top of the couch (or ON the couch cushions) and still be able to spy out the window.  In my parents bedroom where they sleep, the curtains are closed and there’s nothing interesting to watch – how interesting are sleeping humans ANYWAY???!!!

When Mom comes downstairs in the morning, I’m always waiting for her at the foot of the stairs.  I follow her into the kitchen while she fixes my breakfast and makes coffee.  I have been saving up my energy ALL NIGHT LONG for what’s next – PLAY TIME!  I can get pretty wound up too – I mean “puffy tail, hair on end, black as coal eyes” kind of wound up!  It starts with me picking out a toy for her to throw for me to chase – usually it’s one of my crinkly wrapped candies because I like the noise of the crinkly paper…….then I run lickety split into the kitchen where the nice slidey linoleum is and get down flat as can be on the floor – pouncing position – and she throws the candy into the kitchen where it slides across the floor and across my line of sight and I POUNCE on it.  When I was little I’d bring it back to her so she could do it again – these days we’ve changed the routine – I run into the living room after I’ve pounced on it in the kitchen and we switch places.  Mom comes into the kitchen, tosses the crinkly into the living room – I pounce and switch positions AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN….until Mom’s breathing heavy and I need to take a break. 

THE MORNING CRAZIES……….you see what I mean? 

Mom doesn’t have any photos of us doing this – Dad’s still asleep and if she gets the camera out I stop being wacky and just stare at her like I’m saying “HUH?  ME? CRAZY?” “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”……..

Sure is fun though…………got me wondering if YOU have a favorite play time in the day.  Is it first thing in the morning like me?  Is it last thing at night before bed?  I suppose the MORNING CRAZIES could be the NIGHTTIME CRAZIES if your favorite play time is at night.  Do you like to play with yourself or your animal siblings or do you enjoy playing with your human more? 

Now, don’t forget that today is the LAST DAY to submit your photos for the photo contest!  Yep – get your humans to send those photos to me at junekimm@aol.com  TODAY.  Tomorrow, we start the voting and the polls will be on my blog tomorrow and Tuesday (Yes I’ll still have a TUESDAY TEASER too!). 

I decided that there will be a winner in EACH category!!   Both the favorite photo in the “ME AND MY FAVORITE TOY” and “MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO”  will get presents from ME ME ME.  Cool huh?

I guess I’d better calm down…….I get so excited talking about the contest.  The photos are great so far…..we have 13 photos and I’m sure we’ll get more today.  YAY!

Happy Sunday Peeps! 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀


Sam The Bug Collector

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

Waiting for a grasshopper or dragonfly to come my way!

It’s not a “new” thing for me really, but lately it’s my FAVORITE thng to do…..chasing bugs!  There are a lot of grasshoppers this year for one thing.  Not sure why but it’s keeping me on my toes that’s for sure.  They are EVERYWHERE.  If I just sit still and stay alert, I’ll see one or two or three take off from where they last landed and fly to another spot – I’m there in a flash!  All I really do is just go close to them and lie down then wait for them to hop again and I’ll make a mad dash to where they landed……I’ve also discovered dragonflies too……..they are way cool – they look like little biplanes (I know about those because my Daddy flies a plane).   They are FAST though – sometimes I just like to watch them flying around because they don’t seem to land as often as the grasshoppers do.

I’ve talked on my blog before about how much I love moths – if I’m outside in the early morning before the sun comes up there’s always lots of those around our porch light or the light outside our basement door.  They’re fun to chase – and if I catch one – I’ll eat it!  Yep – who’d have thought they’d taste as yummy as they do but they DO…..won’t catch me eating any other bug though – moths are the only BUG SUSHI I eat!!

So I guess you could say I’m a real bug-fancier.  On the very rare occasion I find a bug in the house (sometimes a cricket will hop in the basement door when we go outside) I’ll catch it for Mom and bring it to her – she takes care of it from there. 

How about you guys?  Do you like bugs like I do?  One thing I will NOT mess with though is a spider….can’t trust ’em !

Happy Saturday to all my buddies – human and otherwise…..

Sammy, One Spoiled Bug Boy


Move? Hmm…Only If I Get a Screened Porch!


Whoa….just got back inside from a very quick porch break and as much as I like a sniff of fresh air – I’m glad to be in the house again.  It’s hot and humid already and it’s still so early!  There’s no breeze – I can’t smell anything out there – not man nor beast (haha). 

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

It's a good day to stay inside and PLAY all day!

I heard Mom and Dad talking last night about maybe moving to a new house.  Something smaller because they don’t really need such a big place since it’s just us here…..I’m not sure how I feel about that.  This is the only place I’ve ever lived !  Will I have stairs to play on in the new house?  Will I have a yard and gardens?  Can I look out the windows and watch birds and squirrels and deer?  Lots of things to think about……but one thing they DID say that I like – they said they would DEFINITELY build a big screened porch FOR ME!!!!!  Well, maybe not JUST for me – I’m sure they would like having one too – but I would really like that a whole lot.  Outside smells and feeling but no bugs to bug me and I’d be safe so Mom wouldn’t have to stay with me every minute I’m “out”…..now THAT sounds great. 

We’d also stay here in this same town……just move to a place that’s not so much to take care of.  We have all these rooms that we don’t need (well THEY don’t need….I just consider them quiet napping spots where nobody will bother me!!!).  I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad…………something to think about……………it would be weird living in a new place after all these years but…….that screened porch sounds pretty good to me!

Happy Wednesday from Sammy, One Spoiled, Cool Cat!

Sam and His Dad

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug
Gotcha! Daddy Playing With Me On the Rug

HA!  Mom surprised us with the camera while I was playing with my Dad on the living room rug…I was pushing my plastic straw around and Dad got down on the rug with me (which isn’t easy for him to do….HAHAHA) and we wrestled around for a while.  I didn’t want you all to think I never play with Dad since I usually talk about my Mom.  Well, honestly my Mom is the one who feeds me, cleans my litter box, usually takes me outside when I want to go, and of course provides my FAVORITE nap spot – her legs!  But Dad plays with me often too………AND, he also gives me treats.  He has a small rug in front of his recliner – we call it “the cookie rug”……..why?  Well, because the ceramic container that holds my treats is by HIS chair and when I was little I knew that was where all the goodies were kept.  SO, I’d go over to him, stand on the little rug and look up at him until he got the message and gave me a treat.   I sure have my Dad well-trained!!

I visit the cookie rug frequently during the day…….I’m no dummy.  I know that if I sit there and look adorable and stare up at Daddy, that ceramic cookie jar will open up and I’ll get a handful of treats. 
Daddys come in handy for lots of things!  Playing on the floor AND as a nice, warm cookie dispenser too!
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who has to go to the vet today…yuck)