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Ready for Freddy?


Happy Monday!  Boy oh boy am I excited……..yesterday morning when Mom went outside in the dark (5AM) to walk down to the mailbox to get the Sunday paper – GUESS WHO WAS WAITING ON THE FRONT PORCH?????   GUESS WHO ELSE HAD HER CAMERA READY AND WAITING??????     😀 😀

YAY!  Mom was so excited these aren’t the best photos in the world but capturing the elusive Freddy on film with him hopping around in the dark wasn’t easy.  She only had the light from the porch to help her and she just guessed about how to aim the camera and snapped.  Let’s hear it for Mom!

Big Daddy Freddy!

So here – without further ado – is my froggy buddy Freddy – on the sidewalk then after he hopped into the garden (I don’t think he liked the flash much!). 

Gimme a break lady – I don’t like that flash thing!

Now – here’s the even BIGGER surprise.  When Mom was coming back from trekking down to the mailbox it was a teensy bit lighter already outside and she saw movement on the sidewalk at the opposite end from where Freddy was (near the porch).  She stopped,  watched and sure enough a LITTLE frog was there on the sidewalk.  I’m positive it must have been Freddy Junior wondering where the heck his Dad was – this little guy looked just like big Freddy – same coloring – only little.  He was right where we used to see Freddy all the time until Freddy discovered the water bowl we keep on the front porch.  We now call it Freddy’s Jacuzzi since Mom found him IN the water bowl one morning having a nice soak.

Daddy! Come home Dad! Breakfast is ready!

Come down here Dad – there’s a crazy lady with some kind of flashing light thing – HELP!

Life around here is interesting isn’t it?  Many of you wanted me to try to get a photo of Fred but not only did we do THAT, but we got a bonus – – – – Freddy Junior too!

Happy Monday……………… 😀 😀 😀

Sammy, Friend to Freddy and his Son Freddy Junior