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Bakin’ With Bacon!


Good morning fellow Baconians…..it’s time to BAKE with your King!!!

I have another most delightful bacon-ized treat for you to make – probably the kind of thing you’d make if company was coming over rather than “for the heck of it” – mainly because crab meat isn’t exactly INEXPENSIVE (at least here in Baconia).    If you don’t mind the expense though TREAT YOURSELF TOO!    It’s a rather jazzy thing to serve to because first of all crab meat is incredibly delicious and sweet add the fact you serve this dish HOT and it’s totally comfort food.   Ready?

I shall take notes my King!!


Hot Bacon-Crab Dip


8 oz. cream cheese softened

8 oz. crab meat (canned or fresh and the amount can be MORE if you are a crab-o-maniac!)

1 cup crumbled cooked bacon (unless you’d like to make just a TAD more which is OK!)

1/2 cup mayonnaise

3 chopped scallions

Juice of one lemon



Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.   Mix ALL of the above ingredients in mixing bowl then transfer the mix into a baking dish.    Top with breadcrumbs!    Bake about 30 minutes – until top is bubbly.


Oh My King – this is so simple I think even I, your lowly Castle Baconia Chef, can make this for you and your royal guests!!!


OOPS…..I might have accidentally on purpose tried the cream cheese…..

I’m gonna hold my breath until you make this for me!!!!

See?    This recipe is a WINNER……………..I’m not the only one who thinks that!    Put this in your “appetizer” file and whip it up some time when you want to indulge yourself OR your friends!!

ATTENTION!   Reminder!

I’m Having a PAWTY!

Tomorrow I turn TWO and I’m hoping that you will make sure and stop by to join me as I celebrate!    I will have snackables and a cake and Angel Sammy told me that whenever HE had a party he’d always make sure there were plenty of comfy beds around for naps after we all STUFF OURSELVES silly so I’ll do that too.    I can’t just turn TWO without YOU!    So please stop by and have some cake with me.   I’ll be honored to have you HELP me ROCK IN THE TERRIBLE TWOS!!!!

Did you say ROCK???

See you tomorrow!!!




Hi Everyone!   First things first…………..thanks so much for all your purrs, prayers and POTP for Raz and his Dad and their whole family these past several days.   Believe me – they “felt the love” and thanks for joining in on the love-fest because it really does help more than you know!   We’ve all needed our friends before when we’ve gone through tough stuff and you all came through for Raz and his family.   His Dad had his bypass surgery yesterday afternoon and is resting comfortably in his room while they keep a close eye on him.   With some luck he’ll be home early next week and things will begin to be “right” in Raz’s house again – they have all missed their Dad like crazy!

If you want to send best wishes for a speedy recovery, just click this !!


Now, you DO remember that Valentine’s Day is coming up right?  It’s not far away…………..well, there are a bunch of parties going on for that day including a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance at the Tabby Cat Club.   But Cat Scouts is having a big “DO” too AND so is Blogville!   The new Mayors of Blogville, Murphy and Stanley are hosting a BIGGIE and all you have to do to pawticipate is send in photos of you and your “date” ASAP (deadline Feb. 6)!    Click below and be transported to the Mayors’ blog – on their sidebar you’ll see this same “badge” and if you click there you’ll go to where all the details are!   Be there or be square…………..hahaha (remember that old saying?!).    I’ll see you there!!


Speaking of Cat Scouts – we’re of course having a big fat Super Bowl party on Sunday……………my Mom used to be one of those “insane” football fans – well in her dotage she’s not as insane as she used to be (well…..let me reconsider that statement).   She doesn’t scream and yell when she’s watching the Super Bowl…….she just smiles or cries QUIETLY.   I know in my house we’re rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.   I happen to be a fan of football AND baseball.   Ever since I was a wee guy I’ve loved to watch that on TV – Mom says it must be the little ball flying around and the tiny people running every which way for football and she’s not QUITE figured out what’s fascinating about baseball because there’s not as much “action” on the screen but I still watch.   I’m a real sports dude.   Are you going to be watching the Super Bowl?????


Hope you have a happy Purrsday……….and thanks again for all the purrrrrrs for Raz’s Dad………………I know he felt them!

Hugs, Sammy

Friday Spring Fling


Hey Dudes and Dudettes!!!  Friday……yep – it’s that time again.  Monster Day at my house and many of yours but I’m not letting that get to me AT ALL.   It’s a nice rainy snuggly Friday and no matter where I hang my hat (or park my butt) today, I’ll be just fine.  Why?  Because Spring is bustin’ out all over around here and I’m feeling young(er) because of it.

Mom's favorite pink dogwood - up close and personal!

Mom’s favorite pink dogwood – up close and personal!


My own personal umbrella (I like to hide under it) is leafed out - the mini-Japanese red maple!  YAY!

My own personal umbrella (I like to hide under it) is leafed out – the mini-Japanese red maple! YAY!

Love those azaleas!

Love those azaleas!


So how could I NOT feel great – even if it’s raining outside…….yesterday was full of Springishness (if that isn’t a word it oughta be!).

A week from today my parents are deserting me overnight for their annual trip to Carlisle, PA where they attend a way cool car show with my Dad’s brother Bruce and his wife, Joan.  My parents stay overnight at their cabin in West Virginia so it’s just ONE night away from ME ME ME and I’ve promised not to par-tay or get crazy and make a mess.   I’ll have the whole house to myself……if any of you wanna teleport over just to get away from the noise at home or just take a break for one night, I have plenty of room here for a QUIET slumber party.


Do you wear a party hat at a slumber party?

Do you wear a party hat at a slumber party?


Hope you have a fantabulous Friday everybody……see you tomorrow!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy




Rockin’ New Year’s Eve!


ARE YOU READY?????????   We’re going to start partying tonight and not stop until AFTER my birthday tomorrow!


I’ve been doing some party preparations around here…….typical stuff you need for a New Year’s Eve party you know……….

Getting ready for the new year!

Let’s see….confetti, uh huh…. lampshades in case someone decides to wear one….yep I’m set!

My parents aren’t going anywhere for New Year’s Eve – Mom’s still sickly and while they used to go out to party hearty on NYE in their youth, now that they’re “pawrents of a certain age” they just stay home – watch TV – crack open a bottle of bubbly at some point to toast the new year and go to bed early.  That’s when MY party will start!  YAY! 

Balloons...of course!

Balloons…of course!

Hats - definitely!!

Hats – definitely!!

Remember to stop by my place tomorrow for my birthday party – I know that’s a whole lot of partying for you but we blogging buddies are:


Right??????????  Right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever you do, don’t forget that Savannah from Savannah’s Paw Tracks is having her very first GOTCHA DAY celebration on January 3rd – if you don’t have that pawty on your calendar you’d better put it on there RIGHT NOW!  
Now – go grab some snacks and dance around the living room – just try to do it a little bit quietly so we don’t wake the old folks! 😉  😉

Door Update and Other Stuff


It’s Friday!  Yay! 

I know you’re just dying to know how the door thing worked out yesterday and I’m happy to report that all is well – the door is painted – the brass hardware is back on – the tarps and plastic and paint and other supplies are all cleaned up and put away……AND…….it looks great. 

And so it begins……..

And before you knew it – the door was painted and drying away!

Let me in! Say – what’s this clear thing in my way??

And a little later, I came out from hiding to check out the project – at a distance of course.

Is it safe to come out yet???? Stevie hasn’t materialized on THIS side of the plastic has she?????

And FINALLY – door dry – hardware back on – and except for a little bit of paint scraping around the little windows on top of the door – DONE!!

Boy will it look swell when Dad puts all new brass stuff on – including new brass kickplate (whatever that is).

It was an exhausting day.  I of course had to rest up afterwards with appropriate naps.  But I’m glad that everything went well…..and there were no words said that I needed to wince upon hearing! 

You’d think the highlight of the day was this whole door thing BUT in fact, it wasn’t – the highlight was wishing my very good friend Queen Penelope (Nellie to her friends) at CATFROMHELL, a very happy 14th birthday.  What a pawty Kozmo threw for her!  Here’s to at least 14 more years Nellie Bellie!  😀 😀 😀

Hugs and Kisses From Sammy to ALL!

The Pawty’s Over!


Whew!  What a fun blogaversary – I sure hope you had as much fun as Mom and me had…..and thanks for helping us celebrate one whole year in cyberspace.

Know what I did after everybody left?

Getting ready for the new year!
Just tidying up a bit – hey – who was wearing the lampshade???

I helped clean up all the mess…..picked up the niptini glasses and plates of leftover tuna and repotted the catnip plant which was somewhat battered and torn from excited party-goers!

Then of course I did my favorite thing……which, by the way is the SAME favorite thing I will be doing all day today:

Sam Sleeping Close Up

But it sure was fun and I want to thank all of you again who came by to leave a comment about One Spoiled Cat.  Remember we’ll have our drawing on Monday for one lucky soul to win the surprise package of goodies (which, by the way, includes a mousepad with THIS embarrassing photo on it!). 

It’s Friday of course so the monster will be out of the closet shortly to get all the bits of confetti and other “stuff” that I missed while cleaning up……but before the monster arrives I think I’ll see if there’s enough leftover tuna for me to have some for breakfast!

Happy Friday Peeps…….thanks again for being such good friends!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

It’s My Blogaversary!


Welcome to the PAWTY friends!  Before we start the celebration, may I give MY gift to YOU?

I just want to make a tiny little speech before I show you into the PAWTY room……I’ve had so much fun this past year meeting all of you!  You’ve been such good friends and I’m grateful for your friendship.  

Now – come on in and let’s get started!

Grab a hat and slip by the snack tables next! Help yourself!



Oh and doggies we didn’t forget you!  Don’t forget to check out the big tray of doggie biscuits in the back of the room – all flavors – HELP YOURSELVES!      

Help yourself to Nip!


A little gourmet tuna perhaps??

Before everybody gets too noisy dancing to the music, let me tell you about the big GIVEAWAY we’re having for one lucky blogaversary party-goer!! Mom and I have put together a goodie pack for the occasion.  

All you have to do to win is post a comment on THIS Blogaversary post telling us WHY you like ONESPOILEDCAT (my world famous blog!) then you’re entered!  


This coming Monday,  May 14th, I’m going to put the names of everybody who leaves a comment ON THIS BLOG  in a big hat and my Dad will draw the winner!    Mom will write to you at your email and let you know you’re THE winner and you can send us your address so we can send your surprise. How cool is that?????????????????????? 

Before we get back to the PAR-TAY, come look in the living room where Mom put my party decorations!

Check it out! Smiley balloons and special tissue!

I sure hope everyone is enjoying themselves.  I sure am!   I really want to thank you all for coming and please do NOT NOT NOT forget to leave a comment telling me why you enjoy my blog – and keep your paws crossed that maybe YOUR name will be drawn next week because I promise you this is ONE AWESOME PRIZE PACKAGE!!

ALSO – DON’T FORGET TO VISIT MY BRAND NEW CAFEPRESS STORE WHERE YOU CAN GET AN ITEM WITH ME ON IT!  PUT A LITTLE SAM IN YOUR LIFE!   Here’s the link:   Sammy’s Store    We’ll be adding more stuff to the store including some things of my Mom’s. 

One past picture before I go – this is of me and Mom before you party-goers arrived……Kitty Hugs All Around!

Blogaversary – One Week Away!


Sam on Mom's Recliner

Hi everybody!  Know what one week from today is?  It will be my one year blogaversary celebration.  Yep – I started blogging on May 10, 2011.  I can’t believe it….seems like yesteray.

I have so many friends and followers now from all over the world and it’s been so much fun getting to know ALL of you.  I feel like you’re all my FAMILY and not just my friends. 

So here’s my plan for the celebration.  I’ll be having a contest – an easy one that if you enter, you’re automatically eligible to win the prize.  Mom is going to put everyone’s name in a drawing and the winner is going to get a “Surprise Box” full of goodies.  The goodies will be pretty cool too and I can give you a couple of hints about that:

  • There will be something for YOU and for your peeps as well
  • One of the things in the surprise box will be an item from my soon to be finished store on Cafepress

Now that’s enough hints…….a surprise box means a SURPRISE box!  So I’m not telling anything else for now.  You’ll just have to mark your calendar to be sure and visit me May 10th for details on the contest AND the prize. 

Cool huh?  I wouldn’t have been here a year if it weren’t for all of you so please make sure and stop by for refreshments (huh?) and fun next Thursday.  It will be……………..

PA RT Y  TI ME  !!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

New Years Eve Preparations!

Getting ready for the new year!
Confetti…check!…lampshade for head….check!

Happy New Years Eve

Here I am, standing in the middle of my newspaper and tissue collection, spending the morning getting party preparations lined up for New Years Eve!  Got the confetti stuff (blue is my color don’t you think?)….got my lampshade for my head so I can truly be the life of the party (I hear humans wear lampshades when they get really crazy)……let’s see – what else do I need?  I have plenty of tissue and newspaper for shredding and I don’t drink champagne (ick) but I certainly will raise a glass of milk as the new year rings in at midnight. 

I’ll be ringing it in on my own though because my parents never make it until the big ball falls in Times Square.  They plan on having a big dinner tonight (which I’ll get a scrap or two of for sure!) with a nice roast and yorkshire pudding and a bottle of champagne……that will put them to sleep early.  I’ll make myself comfy on Mom’s recliner with the remote for the TV handy and flip around the channels watching all the celebrations going on!  My favorite though is watching the party in Times Square. 

THEN…………..tomorrow morning will come and it will be my  birthday!  So much excitement all rolled into one weekend.  WOW. 

So what kind of New Years Eve plans to your humans have???  Are they party goers or party poopers like my Mom and Dad?

Happy New Year From Sammy the New Years Eve Party Boy!!