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More Baby Shots

More Shots of Baby Sammy

I can't even FIT on top of that tan platform thing anymore! And the basket? I still like to poke around in it even though I can't wedge my big old self in there anymore......

Mom’s still going through my baby picture album and here are a couple more “gems” for you to take a peek at.  It’s really funny about that tan thing.  Mom keeps some toys in the openings but honestly there’s no way I can get IN there anymore and I really don’t fit on top of it either! 

I’ve always liked baskets – I think a lot of us felines do from what I’ve seen on other blogs and in other people’s houses who have kitties.  We like to pick and poke on whatever the basket’s made of but it’s also a nice little cozy item that most often FITS JUST RIGHT.  We can get inside of it and it just fits around us like it was made for us!  This basket I’m standing in still sits next to my Dad’s chair and it’s probably got the same magazines and catalogs in it as it did twelve years ago when Mom took this picture!!!  ( 😉 sorry Pop!)   My Mom has a basket by her recliner too and I like that one too but for another reason……Mom has a book of crosswords and word puzzles that she messes around with sometimes and inside of the book is a pen.  Tee Hee……..I like to steal the pen and hide it somewhere…..usually under the footstool or in the kitchen pantry.  I know – I know – you’re saying to yourself “that’s mean!” but really it’s just another game. 

We cats love to play games………with ourselves, with our “siblings” or even with our parents!!!

Happy Saturday Gang!

Your Pal Sammy