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Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Hoppers!    Time for us to show off our fine selves in a Hop hosted by my good friends at Kitties Blue – The Cat On My Head.    How about joining us?   If you want to, just click their badge above, find the LINKY FORM, fill it out and you’re IN!

As many of you know by now, most of the time, my “selfies” are not pix I take myself – like some of you smarty kitties can do – instead my Mom seems to delight in taking photos of me when I’m at my most vulnerable…….asleep.    Yep – she does it – sneaks in and WHAMMO, snap goes the camera and it’s done.  Then she shows them at her earliest opportunity.   This week she’s done it again.   Yesterday I was in the guest room which is right across the hall from her “office” where she does her computerizing.  I was in the “Granny Chair” (the chair used to belong to my Dad’s Mom) having a nice nap.    Dad saw me in there and told Mom and she grabbed her camera and before I could hop down, she captured me on film.

Then – as if that wasn’t enough – she popped this photo of yours truly into Lunapic – chose the “Daisies” art effect and got this:

Then, as if that wasn’t enough fiddling around with ME, she made a jigsaw out of the artsy version!   MOM – time to stop OK?   OK!

Click this MINI-ME photo and good luck with the puzzle!!

Happy Sunday!