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A Purrrfect Ginger Triangle


Thursday!  YAY!  This is our weekly changing the sheets morning so you know I helped out as always……uh huh……if you believe that my Mom says she’s got a bridge she wants to sell ya! (hahaha)

Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed

Oh…hi Mom…thought you’d left…thought I’d keep the old sheet company until you brought the fresh sheets in to make the bed!

Yesterday my parents worked on the woodland trail project.  Dad raked along the sides of the path and Mom planted some ferns and coral bells (whatever they are) and tomorrow’s blog will have some updated photos for those of you who have been watching.  The hardest part of the project remains though – Dad having to make up his mind what to put ON the trail (stones, mulch, WHATEVER). 

After my Mom finished outside and came in, got all cleaned up and fixed some iced tea, she plopped down at her desk in her studio and I decided to join her.   I thought I’d try to “blend in” to the room a bit so I didn’t distract her from what she was doing.  Do you think I did a pretty good job?

Symmetry? Definitely!

Mom thought it was pretty clever of me to find just the right spot to curl up! 

Also, I want to say HAPPY FLAG DAY!  We have a flag waving on our mailbox post and almost everyone in our neighborhood has a flag either on their front porch or on their mailbox post.  Pretty cool huh? 

Hope you all have a great day today…..I’m going to go shopping for Father’s Day – I’m not sure what to get my Dad – he’s got EVERYTHING including the bestest thing of all – ME ! So I’m not sure what to get.  Maybe I’ll just ask Mom to go out and see if she can find something for him.  I’m not the best shopper in the world – I usually focus on cat treats at the store instead of other stuff.  Something tells me cat treats just wouldn’t “do” for my Dad.  😀

See you tomorrow!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Lump In The Bed

Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed

Sheet changing day! I like to help....although Mom doesn't think this is helping!

Sheet changing day is always fun around here.  Mom gets the blanket and quilt or comforter OFF the bed then goes down the hall to the linen closet to get fresh sheets and I hop up ON the bed so I can – er – um – well – HELP finish the process!  What?  You don’t think this picture shows me helping huh?  Well, maybe not but it’s what I do EVERY time Mom tries to change the sheets.

So how is this helping you might ask?  Well, my Mom works hard around the house to keep up with me and Dad and the various and sundry messes we tend to make.  So I figure if I hop up on the bed when she’s busy changing sheets on laundry day, I can free her up for OTHER projects or give her a rest while I get in a quick nap!  See?  That’s helping…..sort of.  She either goes downstairs to start the laundry or goes into her studio to do something – so by my hopping up on the bed to interrupt the bed-making process, I’ve given Mom a break from the routine. 

At least this is what I tell myself every single Thursday morning when we do this VERY same thing with the bed-changing thing.  The best part is hiding under the bed until she’s walking down the hall to get the fresh sheets then surprising her when she gets back to the bedroom by being RIGHT HERE in the same spot every single time.  Come to think of it, I wonder if that’s a surprise……..I’ve been doing it every Thursday for twelve years……..maybe the “surprise factor” is gone??????????

So are you a fan of laundry day too in your house? 

Happy Friday


Another Wet Day In Paradise

No sense trying to see out the window.....it's still dark!

Hey Mom - it's still dark out - could you please turn on the lights out there so I can see????

More rain today….which is OK by me.  I had fun yesterday – Mom made a real cool fort for me in the living room with two stools and an afghan.  I took three of my favorite toys in the fort and played with them all morning (in between naps of course).  Today – probably Mom will make a different fort for me.  This rainy day thing isn’t so bad!

This morning after she’d made the bed in her and Dad’s bedroom, she opened the curtains up so I hopped up on a chair to peek out – oops – I guess it was a bit too early to see anything out there yet.  This picture is of me deciding it was just a little too early for any good chair-peeking.   Normally this is a pretty good spot though because it’s on the second floor and I can see all the deer cruising through the back yard.   Since it WAS too early, I hopped over from the chair to the bed – and she flashed that camera thing AGAIN to catch me settling in while she goes to take a shower:

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

If I can't peek out the window - I'll pass the time snoozin' !

I can peek out the window later…..for now, this’ll do me just fine!  Another rainy day in paradise………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

Happy Wednesday from rainy Warrenton, Virginia

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat