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Caturday Cozies


Good morning!  Happy Caturday…….of course I’m starting off with breakfast including bacon.  Remember now,  BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY so have something yummy!

To start off the blog today I want to take a minute to thank my good friend Mollie of Mollie’s Dog Treats for offering the “Family of Bloggers Award” which came with NO strings attached.  I feel like I AM a member of the family of bloggers out here in pet blog land already………I hope you do too, but if you don’t feel that way and want to – feel free to grab this award badge and plop it on your blog page!  

Next, I want to share this little gem that my Auntie Carol sent to my Mom yesterday…….considering my Auntie Carol is a “dog person” and has two shih tzus and ZERO cats, she certainly recognized right off the bat that a “cat person” (aka my Mom) would understand it !

And lastly, but not leastly……….I hope everybody has a super Caturday like I’m gonna have.  I thought I’d tackle my regular cleaning of the toy box:

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Time to clean out my toy wagon……make room for more stuff of course!

And work in a little bit of nap in the sun time:

Enjoying the sunny stairs while in the A/C!

Alright – move over little stuffed kitty cat – this stair is MINE!

And wind up with some lap time with Mom while she and Dad watch the tube tonight!  Sounds like a mighty nice Caturday don’t you think???


ahhh….nothing like a lap nap…..!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀  Just a Cozy Caturday Kind of Guy !

P.S.  If you haven’t entered Doggy’s fantabulous “super short” story contest on his blog – do it now – you’ve got ’til Nov. 13th!  Click HERE for the rules and to enter!

Restful Caturday……


Gosh – it’s Saturday already!  Yesterday I spent a lot of the day alone after Mom and Dad got the monster out of the closet for cleaning day.  They deserted me – AGAIN!

This time it was actually OK with me because they were having a birthday lunch for my Dad and his twin brother Bruce who are now officially older than dirt.  HAHAHAHA  Sorry Pop!  😉 

I’d donated my blog to my Mom for Friday too because she wanted to tell everybody about that book she’d read….so today it’s ALL ABOUT ME.  I’m going to be a little red and white stripey blob boy.  I’m not gonna do a danged thing……..I’m going to nap – and I mean NAP – under my afghan, on the couch, on Mom’s lap, on the bed, on the Granny chair…..I’m going to SNOOZE away the day.   You know I can do that….you’ve SEEN me do it!

Love my tent on Mom’s studio couch…..zzzzzzz

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

No flash! I’m trying to NAP!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.



Napping on Mom

SO – that’s what I’m planning for Caturday – – – how’s about you guys? 


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀


Cool Cat


It’s FRIDAY!   It’s also going to be a super hot day here leading up to a super hot weekend so yours truly is officially “ONE COOL CAT” in addition to being one spoiled one!!  I’m going to be lounging around indoors today you can bet on it.

Keepin’ cooooooooooooooooool !

Mom and Dad went out to dinner last night.   They actually haven’t done that in a while so I was glad they had a “date”.   They talked earlier in the day about where they should go.   The winning restaurant (haha) was the local Chinese restaurant.  I ran to the desk in the kitchen and pulled out the takeout menu from this particular restaurant and scanned it for any takeout possibilities I might be interested in – so they could bring something yummy home for me.   Then I heard Dad say he might get some FRIED MICE!!!!  That got my attention………that is until Mom repeated what Dad had said and I guess I misunderstood – Dad said FRIED RICE.  Dang!   (note:  I hope I didn’t offend any of my “rodent-related” friends ;)….teehee)

Anyway, when they got home they didn’t bring me any leftovers.  Mice or no mice.  Rice or no rice.  Oh well…….

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

What? No leftovers?

So I guess other than today being the “monster out of the closet” (aka cleaning) day, there won’t be a lot happening in my world.  But there’s no complaints from me in that department – we retirees spend a lot of time just kickin’ back and enjoying life.  That’s my plan today.  What’s yours???? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Thursday’s Chores

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

Hey Mom....can you wait until I finish up this TEENY WEENY nap before you take the sheets off to do the laundry???? PLEEEEEEZE!

Hi Peeps!  Happy Thursday.  Well, I know the routine around this house pretty darn well by now – I should right?  I mean it’s been TWELVE years that I’ve lived here.  I know what happens regularly around here each day of the week.  Today is “Mom changes the sheets and does laundry” day.  Well, before she moved in for the big event, I decided to curl up and make myself comfy while she was downstairs making coffee.  How could she possibly come back up here and make me move when I look so – well – CUTE?

The only GOOD thing about changing the sheets day is sometimes (and granted this is one of those unpredictible things she does!) she will put the fresh, clean, just out of the dryer sheets BACK on the bed instead of putting on a new set.  I know it’s one of “those” Thursdays because she doesn’t immediately put a new set on before she goes to the laundry room.  That’s my cue for keeping an eye on the dryer.  The minute those sheets are out of there and she’s taking them back upstairs – I’m right there on her heels…….racing for the bedroom……….hopping up on the bed………why?  Because the sheets are nice and WAAARRRRRM!!!!  

I know some of you kitties help your Mom to make the bed – you’ve told me you like to “help”……isn’t laundry day just plain FUN?   

Your Pal Sammy

(p.s. Mom said she doesn’t find laundry day all that much “fun” ….. imagine that!)

“Pretty Please??”

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Please come sit back down Mom....I need more NAP!

 By now everyone who follows my blog knows that Mom and I have a “thing” about napping.  Here’s how it works……she gets on the recliner, puts the foot thing up, puts a throw on her legs, settles down and I hop up and lie down on her legs………and sleep…………or wait for her to brush me………..or watch TV.  It’s a great arrangement.  If she gets up to do something like answer the phone or put something on the stove or WHATEVER, I get a little “distressed”…..yeah I know, that’s very selfish of me isn’t it BUT I love my Mom’s lap.  A lot.

So, if she DOES get up I stand on the arm of the recliner and wait for her to come back……I do my fair share of calling and trying to cajole her into returning……”MAMAMAMA” usually works.  So does “THE LOOK” which I’m doing in this picture as you can plainly see.  I call it my “pitiful” look and it works pretty darn well most of the time.

We’re pretty well coordinated with the recliner routine.  Eventually she comes back to sit down – I stand with all four legs up on the arm of the chair while she puts the throw back on her lap and legs then pop back down and settle in.  Heavy sigh.  Big stretch.  Heavy sigh again then…zzzzzzzzz….

Today was a major nap day too because we had snow all day long!  Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures Mom took.  In fact she actually got UP from the recliner to take those pictures…..you know where I was right?  Yep – standing on the arm of the chair screaming “MAMAMAMAMA” !!!

Happy Tuesday