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Sunday Selfie


Sunday!   Time for the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good buddies the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    We just post a photo of our fabulous selves and post it on their blog using the LINKY TOOL and strut our stuff.   Couldn’t be easier than that right?   So why not join us?  Click their badge above and GO FOR IT!

My Mom took a couple of photos of me yesterday – one WOKE ME UP from a floor nap in her office and the other I’ll save for another time – it was just a photo of my butt while I was enjoying a SINK DRINK.

This was the one she tried to SNEAK while I was asleep…………..What is this Mom?   Candid Camera?????    She used her favorite editing program, LUNAPIC, and the Storytime Art Effect.

We hope you are having a perfectly fabulous Sunday wherever you are………………..

Yep – I had my lasers on – think she got the message that I didn’t want to be disturbed??????

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Snoozer


Sunday Selfie…..

Doing what I do best!


Yes I have a lot of snoozer selfies – what do you expect for a 16 year old??

We’re joining The Cat On My Head Selfie Hop today – aren’t you?  

Just click their badge to see more selfies AND add yours!



King of Snooze

Pee Ess

And last but not least I am posting my entry in Evil Squirrel’s “THIRD ANNUAL CONTEST OF WHATEVER” – which requires that entries feature the murder (eeeek) of Evil Squirrel’s cartoon character creation “Buster the Possum”……….yes – scary isn’t it?   There’s  a prize involved for the winner – what can I say?  I’m a sucker for a contest!!!!   So if you’re SQUEAMISH, do not look further on today’s blog……………OK?    OK!!!!!   This is for you Evil Squirrel!




Yeah….it’s “OH NOOOOOOOOOOO” time……………monster out of the closet and the whole nine yards………the only thing saving today is that that landscape architect guy will be here at 9AM and I can spy out the window to see Mom dragging him around the back yard while he figures out what on earth we can do with it considering our budget of $1.37.   Should be a challenge huh?

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

A shout-out to Carol and her wacky family at Creek View Carol blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award………….I already have that one (actually I have about ten of them…teehee) but I STILL love that people find my humble blog worthy of special mention!   If you don’t know this blog – PLEEEASE visit – it’s a huge hoot – Mom and I love reading it.   There truly is NEVER and I mean NEVER a dull moment in Carol’s house.

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Mine is packed to the gills (although I don’t have any of those to pack) with events…………….

  • Saturday:  My Mom and Dad are deserting me to have a cookout with the neighbors…..you know what that means……they will be gone FOREVER AND EVER and forget to bring me a kitty bag
  • Sunday:  Botany Test at Cat Scouts, Tabby Cat Club  Indianapolis 500 Race fun
  • Monday:  Cat Scouts Memorial Day Picnic and my blog Memorial Day post (linking with my buds Raz and Gracie)

I know – I know what you’re thinking – this is NOT a “busy schedule”…………well for me it is………..so I’ll rest up while I can.   Starting tomorrow I’ll be one busy dude………I need to be ON MY GAME so rest is essential!

Shhhhh!!!!!   Quiet Please!!!!

Shhhhh!!!!! Quiet Please!!!!

Happy Friday!!  

Sammy the Snoozer


I Just Had To Do It!


Hi peeps……………….yep – it’s another rainy day here in paradise…………..so since things aren’t changing in the weather department in spite of my incessant whining, I decided to do something in self defense – I had no choice – I couldn’t continue waiting by the window for it to stop – I just couldn’t…………………so, instead…………………I did THIS!     NOTE:  THIS SLIDESHOW REQUIRES NO EXPLANATION……….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you blame me?  What self-respecting cat would have done differently I ask you…………if you can’t lie in a sun puddle, and you can’t go outside and get some fresh air, and you can’t make faces at visiting cats out the window because THEY aren’t visiting in the rain then what else can you do but sleep?

I rest my case Your Honor……………….convict be of being a snoozer……………just promise to put me in kitty jail somewhere there is no rain and lots of sun puddles (oh and a very comfy and quiet bed with lots of gourmet food available!).  Is that asking too much??????

Rainy Day Hugs,

Soggy Sam

Yep - this is how I see myself catching some rays!

Yep – this is how I see myself catching some rays!

Post ‘Ween Monster Day


Gosh, it doesn’t seem right BUT here we are on the day after Halloween and I STILL have a MONSTER in my life!!!!!  I thought all the monsters were over with when we put the Halloween stuff away!


Anyway, thank all of you again for playing along with my costume contest and haunted house this year.  It was so much fun.  I also think those of you who hosted an event yourselves did a great job – I visited a lot of blogs and boy oh boy – you all are FANTASTIC with all the crafty, creative stuff you put together!   I made a little badge that those of you who entered my contest this year can put on your bloggy if you wanna – just to show my appreciation (it comes complete with a hug…..).


I think we all need a rest……………but next up we have more holidays so hang on – who knows what we’ll come up with for them!  😀 😀 😀 😀

Meanwhile, will you excuse me if I grab a few winks???????  You know me……….I need to recharge my batteries in order to keep up with the rest of you young-uns!

Sam napping in the guest room

Nice, quiet guest room….ahhhhh…..

Oh – before I forget – I’ll be going back to my “regular” blog look tomorrow (or maybe later today even).  This special WordPress Halloween format was fun but there’s no place like “home” !!   We may be making a few changes though – like taking my bling and putting it all on a separate page!!!  But that remains to be seen…..you know I rely on my office staff to do that kinda stuff and – well – she’s recovering from Halloween too!


This time the hug is from ME !!!!

This time the hug is from ME !!!!

Caturday Crashing Out


Hi Everybody!  Oh not THAT kind of crash…………I mean the kind where all you do is lie around and relax and rest and hang out and SLEEP……………BECAUSE IT’S TOO DANGED HOT TO DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

My Cousin Toby used to have a little natural pool in his backyard and THIS is how he kept cool!

Yesterday we were somewhere in the range of 105 – which is terribly hot when there’s not even a breath of air out there.  And there wasn’t.  Not a breeze…….But undaunted by the heat I bugged Mom two or three times to come out on the front porch with me – just BECAUSE……..I wanted to check things out – take a sniff of fresh air – make sure there were no intruders – you know – the usual “I’m guarding this house” kind of stuff.

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yikes – even the SHADE is hot!


Even in the shade on the front porch it was all I could do to handle a ten minute sit down on the concrete!   I didn’t see a squirrel frolicking in the grass – no birds flying around – not a chirp or peep up in the trees even.  Everybody was in SIESTA mode I think.

No sign of intruders AT ALL!

No sign of intruders AT ALL!

Today we’re having more of the same…………so I’ll be taking it easy………..my Mom and Dad have NO outdoor plans either.  We’ll all just have a QUIET, CRASH OUT, KIND OF CATURDAY!

Napping with Mom on the recliner

What? You want to know if I want to go outside? Are you CRAZY Mom?????

Boring?  Yep……….but SMART when it’s this hot!!

Enjoy your Caturday – take time to crash out a bit…………it’s weekend time……………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy – One Hot Cat


Pee Ess……………Yesterday we learned that little MJ in the UK has been diagnosed with diabetes so her adoption to the wonderful forever home she had lined up is now on hold again.  Hopefully she can be started on treatment and will find a wonderful family who knows of her condition and STILL wants to adopt her…………so keep your paws crossed for little MJ……..Savannah and Leo and MANY other people worked very hard to find a home for her and now we’re all back at “Square One”!   Hang in there MJ………….



Muffled Monday


What’s a Muffled Monday? Well usually I have a “Silent Sunday” blog but since it was Father’s Day I didn’t…………so today I’ll make up for THAT by having a “Muffled Monday” meaning a SHORT blog. Give you guys a break from my blathering on and on and on about NOT MUCH!

I do want to show you how I spent most of my Father’s Day though………..


Huh???  Is that you Dad???  OOPS – I was just celebrating YOUR day by taking extra naps like YOU do on weekends!!!!

I made the rounds of your blogs yesterday friends and saw SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many cool tributes to Dads.  We all love our human Dads and some of us know or knew who our cat Dads were – I didn’t myself but I just BET you he was ginger!  😀 😀 😀

Yikes!  Maybe I did look a bit like a combination of my human Dad and my cat Dad as a kitten????

Yikes! Maybe I did look a bit like a combination of my human Dad and my cat Dad as a kitten????

Tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday – AND I hope to have a Guest Teaser NEXT Tuesday so you will have that to look forward to!  Meanwhile, rest up your eyes for tomorrow.  Gotta have them in tip top shape to inspect the photos!

Happy Muffled Monday to you all………………..

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Busy Blogville


Hi Friends!  Seems like it’s been one of those busy periods in blogland don’t you think?  Birthdays……contests……comings and goings and in the case of our friend Nerissa (Nissy) at Nerissa’s Life, a serious knee surgery after a fall.   Then of course yesterday was Austin’s birthday – what a party THAT was……….and Mollie became Patron Saint of Blogville in a tight race between herself and Doggy.  Gosh – it’s enough to take your breath away isn’t it?

Well, you might like to know that at least ONE of us here in blogland knew how to spend the day properly yesterday…………………

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap


I had to wait for quite a while though in order to get lap access.  It was a beautiful sunny day (same as today is!!) and Mom and Dad worked out in the yard all day long.  Mowing (finally), trimming (gosh it needed it BAD, DAD!), planting (Mom got a few things at the nursery yesterday morning), and then and only then did I get some time with Mom in my favorite RELAXATION spot.

One other unusual thing happened and I’ll just have to tell you about it.  Mid-afternoon I asked Mom to let me go out through the kitchen door onto the back deck.  I knew it was sunny out there and I thought I’d like to park my derriere on the deck and snooze a bit with Mom keeping me company.  Just as she opened the storm door we saw something fall down onto the deck from above us – it made a noise when it hit the wood – what was it????????????????????  Believe it or not it was a tree frog.  A light gray tree frog about two inches long.  He looked confused, I looked confused, and certainly Mom looked confused.  Where had he come from????????????????????  Did he jump off the roof?  Did he fly through the air with the greatest of ease and crash land on my deck?  What’s the deal?  Dad says he thinks the frog had climbed up the siding on the house – tree frogs climb after all – and perhaps when we opened the door it startled him.  Well I can tell you there was SOMEONE who was startled and it wasn’t the frog!!!!   Anyway, that was the most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday.

Speaking of frogs, no sign of Freddy or Freddy, Jr. yet.  I sure hope they’re still around.   You might remember my talking about them before.   They’ve lived around my front porch for two years now and things wouldn’t be the same without them.

This is "Big Freddy"

This is “Big Freddy”


This is the smaller guy who had the same coloring as Big Freddy so we call him Freddy Junior.....

This is the smaller guy who had the same coloring as Big Freddy so we call him Freddy Junior…..


Gosh I hope they’re still around………………”push the frog down the sidewalk” is my favorite game in the summertime.

So as I said, today is another gorgeous day so I told Mom she needs to take her flashy thing which she insists on calling a camera outside and take some photos of the yard now that it looks halfway decent.  I will bug her until she does so tomorrow we’ll be able to bore you with YARD pix!

Hopefully today we’ll hear about Nissy’s surgery……………..keep your paws crossed he’s doing well.

Kitty Hugs, Sammy (Mollie might be the Patron Saint of Blogville, but I’m the Patron Saint of NAPS!!!!!)

Sam Closeup Lap

Sam’s the name….napping is my game !