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Sunday Selfie Hop on Mom’s Day


The Hopping Place on Sundays!

Time for the Selfie Hop with Kitties Blue and this is a special one because it’s Mother’s Day!    Would you like to join in our fun?   Click their badge and you’re IN.     Today I’m wishing my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day AND she’s wishing HER Mom, who became an Angel in 2000 a Happy Mother’s Day too.

My Selfie for today really is a “double” because I’m with my Mom in the card I made – how could I NOT be with her on this special day?

And here’s the card my Mom made for HER Mom for today:


P.S.  Some of us have no Mom but have all the love, devotion, and comfort provided by our equally important Dads!   We wish THEM the very best of days too!

Hugs, Teddy (and Mom too)

Mom’s Day


It’s a BIG day………I know there are some of you humans out there who have pets and don’t consider yourself a “Mom” or a “Dad” – you’re caretakers of your pets – but my Mom is much more than a caretaker…..she truly is my Mom (without a meow).   I was only a few weeks old when I was pulled out from under a house and taken to the shelter – luckily I was only there a few days when a nice couple of humans came in and saw me in my tiny cage pushing a little plastic ball with a bell inside all around my two foot square “jail cell” !  Those two people became my Mom and Dad that very day.  They’re all I’ve known in the way of family and all I remember – after thirteen years of love, they ARE my parents.

Neither my Mom nor my Dad have Moms who are still here…….in fact, they don’t have either their Moms or their Dads any more……..I’m their only “child” too as they never had human children of their own.   I guess we just might have a pretty special relationship because of that.

I got my Dad to help me put some photos together of my Mom – not a lot – just a few – so you can see that my Mom ALWAYS has a smile on her face – to me, her smile has always meant “LOVE” …….

So, you can imagine that Mother’s Day in my house is SPECIAL.   I’m going to spend all day today showing my Mom how much I love her………..I don’t think she’ll mind that ONE BIT – do you????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀