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Who’s Ready for BACON??



Good Morning Citizens of Baconia!   Shall we start things off with some giggles then move into the territory of DELICIOUS-NESS?

Minions are SO smart!!!



Ha Ha….a good laugh followed by some bacon – seems like a good start to a day right?

The following delicious bacon delights were sent to us here in Baconia by our friend Miss Inge!    Talk about mouth-watering?    You’d better get a hanky handy!!!!!

Image result for photos of dishes with baconImage result for photos of dishes with baconRelated imageImage result for photos of dishes with bacon

Image result for photos of dishes with baconRelated imageImage result for photos of dishes with bacon

OOH LA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Cannoli with bacon?   Bacon wrapped grilled shrimp?   Peanut butter bacon bites?   PBandB sammmmmiches?   Ritz s’mores with bacon?   A cup/spoon and saucer MADE of bacon????   Bacon wrapped tater tots?    Does life get any yummier than this????????????????

I know which direction I’d head !!!!!!


Enjoy your Saturday!   That’s a royal decree!

Teddy, The King


Breakfast Time!



It’s that time again!  

Mom’s cookin’ the bacon and I’m waitin’

Dad and me are both anticipatin’

Crunchy good and salty too

Set the table with plates for TWO!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and today is supposed to be too – although I can’t say for sure since it’s still DARK outside………Mom and I get up every morning at a ridiculous time (4:30AM) but I guess it’s not fair of me to say RIDICULOUS when I’m the reason she’s up so early!    If she’s even five minutes later than that I’m at her door yelling for her.  That alone signals “EMERGENCY” for my Mom because I rarely even come upstairs anymore since my arthritis has kicked in………..it’s a chore – but if I scream at the bottom of the stairs and she doesn’t appear – well – DRASTIC MEASURES MUST BE TAKEN!!!!

Anyway, bacon will be ready soon so excuse me if I leave  in a rush – it will be because Mom has called me and Dad to the kitchen for breakfast.   I know she’s making pancakes today but I could care LESS about those.

My good buddy Charles who is a Cat Scout with me AND a very good friend, sent me this cute poster yesterday – I love adding to my collection!


 Oh boy is THAT the truth!   Thanks Charles!!


I also saw this online which only made me think “what a horrible waste of bacon” !!!!  I guess whoever eats the most bacon gets the “BACON TROPHY” ???

If they ever have the Super Bowl of BACONATORS, you just know though that I will be in the running for the trophy .   Yep – sure will….but if they make the trophy out of bacon, someone better be sure that it will have a BIG HOLE eaten out of it when they give it to me!


SO – if you’ll pretty please excuse me – I have somewhere I need to be RIGHT NOW….

******** “COMING MOM!!!!!!”********

Happy Saturday!  Hugs, Sam