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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!

Time to be thankful again……………..If you click on Brian’s badge above, you will be transported there and you can add YOUR blog link to all of ours to SHARE your Thankfuls!!    I have some thankfuls today to share………..the BIGGEST ONE is that tomorrow my Mom and Dad will be back home again.   I wonder if they will bring me a souvenir?   Maybe my own personal lobster?

I’m also thankful that I have been so well cared for while they have been gone…………I’m at a very special place with very special people looking after me.   I miss Mom and Dad more than I can say but I’d be willing to bet that THEY have also missed ME a lot!    We are – after all – family and it’s the first time since I was adopted that I’ve been separated from them.

Angel Sammy has visited me a lot though…………and that has kept me WARM and HAPPY.

Speaking of Angel Sammy, he says he got a remote connection to our computer last night and downloaded his poetic contribution for today’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post.   I knew he wouldn’t let us down!   Today we do the letter “S”…………….


Hello Friends!  Greetings from the Bridge!

First of all, I want you to know that Teddy has not been alone………..no sir.   What kind of brother would I be if I hadn’t been whispering in his ear while Mom and Dad are gone?   No worries there – we are and always will be brothers even though we never met “in the fur”!     I told him I’d transmit my usual poem last night and here it is!     We are doing “S” today as you know and I gave you four prompt words to jumpstart your creativity so you would write a poem and join in the fun.   BUT you don’t have to use the prompt words I give you – they are just examples and ideas!    The prompts I gave you were:

(1) Sunny (2) Shrimp (3) Shoe (4) Snuggle

Here’s MY “S” !

“Sam I Am”

By Sammy Kimmell, October 19, 2017

From my cloud far away where Angels fly

Hardly a single moment passes me by

When I don’t have thoughts of the home that I had

With two people who loved me – my Mom and my Dad.

My parents knew that they wanted a boy kitty that day

Into the shelter to rescue me and take me away!

Dad said to Mom, “his name should be Sam”…..

It fit me so perfectly…………so Sam I Am !

The years passed us by and they were so full of love

At sixteen years old, I heard voices from above……

They said “enjoy these months dear boy as your calling is near”

While they whispered the words – the meaning was clear.

I was ill, I was tired, I was sad as could be

I knew the Angels were coming to set my tired soul free.

Now I fly through the sky and I sleep on a cloud

There are so many Angels – we are a very large crowd!

When my parents were ready, when their grief was not raw

I sent a ginger kitty to the shelter and HE was who they saw!

On the way home from the shelter my Dad named him “Teddy”

And I’ll protect him ALWAYS……..until the Angels are ready………..

That was a fun poem to write…………..my little brother is special to me!   I am trying to teach him and show him how wonderful it can be to know true and lasting love from humans.   He has told me that he felt that love from the second he saw Mom and Dad at the shelter………………..so I did my “JOB” well I think!!

Next week we will write poems about ANYTHING starting with the letter “T”…………….I suppose you all know that one of the things I MIGHT write about would be my brother……..we’ll see about that!    Here are some possible prompts for you – you can write a poem about ANYTHING starting with “T” but if you need a little help, here are some ideas!

(1) Tiger (2) Tummy (3) Tired (4) Travel

I hope you have written a poem today – if you did, please leave us your blog address in the comments here so we can come visit you and read your poem!    Don’t be shy – step right up and let it all hang out (!)…………..poetry is a great way to express yourself.  You don’t have to be a fabulous writer to write one – just let your feelings come out….maybe you’ll surprise yourself!   Remember poetry doesn’t even have to rhyme – it just expresses your thoughts about something.   

Until next week everyone!    

I send you hugs and love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy!    I feel so warm inside knowing you are looking out for me………………..and I owe you BIG TIME for sending Mom and Dad to the shelter that day in February to find me and bring me to my new home…………………

See you Poets next week!  

Love, Teddy

Furrriday Fun


Happy Furrriday Folks!

The very first thing I want to share is that my very good friend Nerissa of Nerissa’s Life honored me with a brand, spanking (ouch) new award courtesy of his very creative Mom’s artistic talents.  It’s called the “Why I Love Thee Award” and it’s beautiful……..

Why I Love Thee award

Nerissa’s Mom created the new award originally to celebrate Nerissa’s 25,000 hit mark on the blog BUT the timing is pretty darn good for Valentine’s Day too don’t you think?  It’s ALL ABOUT LOVE. 

It’s also very easy to comply with the rules of acceptance…..VERY.  First you thank the friend who passed the award to you (SAMMY HUGS AND THANKS TO YOU NISSY!), you link back to their blog (DONE), then comes the super easy part…….if you’re a pet you tell everyone why you love your human/biped/peep/human…..and if you’re a human getting the award you tell why you love your pet!   Last but not least, you pass the award to more blog buddies (at least one but no limit on number).

Why I Love My Mom and Dad  by Sammy Kimmell

Thirteen years ago I was in a shelter all alone in a tiny cage….since I was already tiny, I didn’t know the world could be so big.    But it didn’t matter because all of a sudden I was with two humans who were kind to me, gave me a safe place to live, yummy food and so very much love.   When I’m sad they make me happy, when I’m sick they take me to the doctor, when I’m lonely they keep me company, when I want a nap, Mom’s lap is ALWAYS available.  When Mom’s away, Dad takes care of me and we “hang out” together like guys do.  I wish I could live my last thirteen years all over again because every minute (even when I’m at the vet’s) has been precious to me.  Every time I can softly touch my Mom’s face with my paw, or look her in the eye and wink, or curl up in a warm ball on her lap in the most vulnerable of ways, I feel all the love a kitty can feel and my heart is full.

Feeling safe and loved on Mom's lap.....

Feeling safe and loved on Mom’s lap…..

Who can I pass this new award to?  Well, I’m sure the recipients of this will be passing it around like crazy – and there will be many duplicate awards made so if that happens, just FEEL THE LOVE from all the friends who nominate you!  I know that’s what Nerissa and his Mom would want.

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Mollie & Alfie  (Mollie I know how busy you are right now and that your Mom’s sick so just hang on to the award and pass it on when you can!!)

Katie and Coccolino

It’s always hard to pick people to pass awards on to because I love every single one of you – I hope you all know that by now!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Yes indeed I do! I REALLY do!

Enjoy your Furriday………we’re having rain and some sleet but thank heavens no BIG SNOW like North of here…..Stay safe everybody!

Love, Sammy your HUG Specialist 😀 😀 😀

Tired Old Teddy

A very old teddy bear

Teddy is 64 years old today...talk about OLD!

Good grief!  This old bear looks tired and worn out huh?  Well, perhaps that’s because he is.  He’s 64 years old today.  Look at those RED button eyes……he must have had either not enough sleep OR too many cocktails last night.  Actually, I hear that when his original eyes fell off, someone replaced them with red buttons…..for some weird and forgotten reason.  Another thing you notice is he’s not exactly WHITE and black anymore either…. more like way-off-white and black.  He’s had a tough life.  

Teddy was born in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s a picture of him when he was not even a year old:

Teddy and Mom

He looked better back in 1947 didn't he?!

He had a red ribbon around his neck and those wiggily black and white eyes old stuffed animals used to have. 

This old bear has lived all over the place in his life…..Virginia, Alabama, New York, Germany, Taiwan – he’s seen the world.  But never fear………..he didn’t do that all on his own – oh no he sure didn’t.  Know why?

Because he accompanied my Mom.  He was her birthday present on the day she was born.  September 25, 1947 and he’s spent every single day since then with her. 

I’m a little bit jealous…….although I intend to spend the rest of MY days with Mom too!

Happy Birthday Mom


Mom, Dad (and Me) Celebrate

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Mom heading up the aisle with her Dad - 9/8/90

Yep – twenty one years ago today Mom and her Dad were heading up the aisle in a little chapel to join my Dad up front to say “I DO”…..Her Dad was very sick but had wanted to escort his daughter up the aisle in his old Air Force uniform since he hadn’t been around (!!) when Mom got married the FIRST time!  Why not?  Because my Mom and her first husband eloped!  This time, Mom and Dad did it right – in a little chapel with their bestest friends and family!  If I’d been there I could have been the ring bearer – I would have been so cute walking down the aisle with their rings on a little pillow strapped to my back!  HAHAHAHA  Of course if a church mouse had shown up – well – goodbye rings! 

OK – enough silliness….today is their special day and I gave them a special present.  What?  Well, I don’t sleep with my parents on their bed – I used to when I was little, but I haven’t done that in several years because I prefer prowling the house at night and sleeping during the day!  However, last night I gave them my anniversary present – – – I came upstairs just before midnight and hopped up on the bed, came over to my Mom and purrrrrrrred loud enough for her to hear me – she woke up and snuggled me next to her.  I stayed the whole rest of the night right between my Mom and Dad. 


Kitty Hugs and Kisses from Sam, YOUR Spoiled Cat


Me And Mom

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Betcha can't walk by me here on your bed without giving me a belly rub Mom!!

I have more news!  Yesterday I added that page on my blog for Mom….if you visit the blog home page you’ll see the link on top called “Mom’s Stuff”.  I was thinking about putting a bunch of her artwork on there BUT settled on one oil painting and one photo with a link to her website so you can if you wanna see ALLLLLLLLLL of her stuff.  Am I proud of my Mom?  Yeah….of course I am!

My Mom and I have a really close relationship.  Not that I don’t love my Dad ‘cuz I do – but I follow my Mom around everywhere she goes and talk to her all the time – she “gets” me more than Dad does; maybe because I’m the first cat he’s ever been around.  Mom’s an old hand at understanding feline stuff.  I have to admit that Dad’s come a long way since I came to live with them almost twelve years ago though – – – I didn’t think I’d be able to train him but after a lot of work I have to say he’s come along rather nicely!

Still, there’s nothing quite like my Mom’s lap for a nap…..and she’s the one who mostly keeps my litterbox nice and neat (I have a “thing” about that you know!).  She and I used to have our special time in the early morning while it was still dark.  She took me out on my leash and we’d walk all around the yard together ….. sometimes I would come over to her and put my paws up on her leg and ask her to pick me up and carry me – just so I could snuggle with her.  We’d watch the big airplanes flying overhead with all the flashing lights – and Mom would watch for shooting stars!  We don’t do those “in the dark” walks anymore though……now that we have our “visiting cat” Stevie, she stops by in the early mornings for her daily handout and I don’t like to be out there with her around – I’m working on being better about sharing my Mom but I’m still not very good at it!!!!! 

Anyway, I’m a very lucky guy to have great parents……but I am really attached to good old Mom. 

Happy Friday Peeps!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Mama’s Boy