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Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s SUNDAY!  YAY!   Time for the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to share your selfie with the gang, click the badge above and link up.   We like keeping tabs on our blog buddies and pals and seeing selfies every week helps.

I’m doing a FLASHBACK Selfie this week – mainly because Mom needs new batteries in her camera and she hasn’t gotten around to that yet – she’ll get them tomorrow though so next week hopefully will have a NEW PHOTO of me for Sunday.

This photo was taken on May 23, 2020 – exactly a year ago.    Why am I under the Azaleas by the sidewalk?    Because my skink family lives UNDER the sidewalk and frequently peeks out from this side or the other side.   If I’m awake (I nap under the bushes sometimes) I kind of keep running back and forth from one side of the sidewalk to the other hoping to see or catch one of these FAST guys.    Have I had any luck?    NOPE – it’s more of a game.   If I caught one I wouldn’t know what to do with it!  HAHAHAHA

Mom did a puzzle for you with this photo…………………..so if you’re in the mood for a puzzle challenge it’s down below the ARTSY photo!     She used Lunapic’s “CONNECTIONS” Art Filter:


Click this little photo and you’ll get the puzzle!!   Enjoy!


Sunday Selfie Hop


Glory be it’s Sunday again!   Time to HOP…………….if you want to Hop along just click the badge above and LINK UP!   Our Hosts at The Cat On My Head would be happy if you did!

Sorry to say it’s another FLASHBACK SELFIE for me.    Mom didn’t take any new photos of me this week…………so back to ancient history we go to find a photo of me taken just about this same day in a prior year.

This was taken by my Mother (who apparently managed to save my dignity with the daisy) on August 6, 2017.     She whacked my head off when she took the photo I guess and I have no idea what Lunapic filter she used for this but at least it’s a Selfie of me about this time of the year three years ago.   Time flies when you’re having fun napping right?

Mom made a puzzle of this masterpiece……….(haha)

Just click this MINI-ME photo and it will take you to Jigsaw Planet where you can get eyestrain doing a puzzle!!



Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Let’s HOP!    This is a Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head – all you have to do is share a photo of YOU and join the fun.    You can click on their badge above if you’d like to link up.

I’m doing a flashback today – a photo of ME from the past and I try to find one taken about this same date but in a previous year.   Let’s see what I can find…………

Well I couldn’t find anything from the vicinity of this date in either 2017 or 2018 SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I allowed Mom to snap this photo of me on the guest room bed about five minutes ago.    Not very exciting as a Selfie goes but hey – some days the only excitement I have is napping in various spots around the house.   What can I say?   It’s the best I can do!!

Mom is gonna Lunapic this one since it’s kind of boring and we’ll see what kind of puzzle we can make from a jazzed up version of this boring photo!

Here is the photo AFTER Mom added the VanGogh ART Effect from Lunapic – WOW………..I kinda stand out don’t I ???!!!    Did we do a puzzle for you puzzle peeps?  OF COURSE!

Just click this MINI-ME for the puzzle.   It’s 100 pieces but remember you can change the number of pieces for a puzzle – MORE or LESS than how we create it by using the “PLAY AS” feature and changing it however you want to!!   YAY!!!!

I like that color – so I’ll say goodbye in this shade of blue!   

Happy Sunday, Love, Teddy