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Sunday Selfie Hop


HOP TIME!    Selfie hopping with The Cat On My Head is a regular Sunday “thing” around here.    If you’d like to join in and show off a selfie of YOU just click the badge above, go to their blog and look for the spot to LINK UP!

The last few weeks I’ve recycled older photos – or FLASHBACKS – as my Selfie because Mom’s camera needed a battery and she kept forgetting to get one…..well, she got one.   She took tons of photos of me TODAY.   So I’m going to finally have a NEW photo of me!     Our yard was super wet after a whole day of hard rain yesterday but I still enjoyed going out there and wandering around with Mom and Dad.   Out of all the photos she took, this one is my favorite so I’m using it today!

HA!   Yeah that’s me and my Dad coming out of the back woods.   And no it’s not a very good photo of ME but it’s still my favorite from the ones Mom took yesterday.    Mom had called me and I was heading straight for her (with my laser eyes).    This one is the one I made my puzzle from but here’s another one from yesterday that shows ME better:

I know – Mom whacked off one ear but at least you can see ME!     Now, here’s the top photo jazzed up with Lunapic then turned into a puzzle for you!

I love how this came out on Lunapic – Mom used the Art Effect called DELAUNEY at 71% – so it’s not as BRIGHT as it could be but still super interesting with the shapes.  Should make for a FUN puzzle right?

Good luck – I think this might be CHALLENGING!!


Happy Sunday!

Hugs, Teddy