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Sunday Selfie Hop



Here we are again on a Sunday morning – strutting our Selfie Stuff! The Cat On My Head hosts this great hop every Sunday – and you can join if you want to – just click their badge above and link up with us!

This is another Flashback Selfie of yours truly – taken in October of 2017 about this time of the year.   YES we have a done of leaves down already (we do this year too) and YES I have my lasers on for safety reasons so my Dad doesn’t slip on those wet leaves.    A guy needs to help out his old Pop when he can right?    

Back in 2017 this time of the year I was still wearing a harness.    Now that I’m all grown up – no more harness!     I still can’t go out by myself – gotta have parental snoopervision!    

This week I decided to do a puzzle for you puzzlers but instead of doing some fancy artsy filtering to the photo I used the photo “as is”………………it looks like a pretty darn tough puzzle because of all the leaves around me so all I can say is GOOD LUCK!!!!!

You can click this “Mini-Me” and be taken to the Jigsaw Puzzle!   GOOD LUCK!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll see if I can talk Dad into us doing a “replay” of this photo from 2017 in the HERE AND NOW!!!!!!!   It’s a pretty Fall day again……….


Hugs, Teddy