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Semi-Silent Sunday


Here’s the SILENT part…………

Nothing like a TRAP on the stairs.....tee hee

Nothing like a TRAP on the stairs…..tee hee

And here’s the “semi” part…….just wanted to tell everybody that we will be having another Guest Teaser on Tuesday! YES – that’s all I’m saying though so tune up your eyeballs because Tuesday’s coming soon……and as usual you have to be EXACTLY right about where it is – state/country/city – WHATEVER!!! OK??? OK!!!



Fursday Sun


Good Morning Fans!!

We had a beautiful day yesterday – YES I said beautiful……….sunny, and fifty-two degrees which for us after these incredibly cold days was a real GIFT.

Especially for me……….I do love my sun – especially when it lands on my stairs – there’s SOMETHING about stairs and I know I’m not the only kitty who feels that way!

Pass me the suntan lotion will ya Mom?

Pass me the suntan lotion will ya Mom?

Sam Playing on Stairs With Stuffed Cat

Feels good on my old bones!

Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

Some sun is better than NO sun!

I helped Mom all day yesterday to get ready for her trip to North Carolina to the book festival.  She’s leaving me 😦 February 22 and coming home February 24th but I’m sure to ME it will feel like WEEKS instead of a couple of days.   Sniff.

Today I know she’s going to do some laundry including changing the bed linens so that means I get to curl up on the fleece blanket on the floor when it’s in a nice messy “puddle” before she wants to put it back on the bed.  Usually I can pretend that I’m SOUND ASLEEP on it and she won’t bother me.  Pretty sneaky huh?  Sometimes she just wants to finish the bed and wakes me up long enough to throw the blanket back on the bed – – – – I’m all over it in two seconds flat – – – – then she has to wait to put the comforter on.  It’s a game we play – “How Far Can Sammy Push Mom Before Her Head Explodes”….. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Lovin’ this fleece!

I’m hoping we get more sun today…………..sunbathing is on my list of things to do today……and I don’t want to disappoint ME!

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀 😀


Using My Library Card

Sam Sunny Library

Mom says you're not supposed to SLEEP in a library....I think when it's my own library those rules don't apply!!

Yep that’s me…..snoring away in the library on Mom’s sunny recliner.  Unfortunately, even though it was WARM outside yesterday (strangely enough) I just didn’t go out much.  Why?  Wind……again.  I bet you’re tired of hearing about my problems with the wind, right?  Well, I’m tired of DEALING with the wind.  Sigh. 

I know it’s almost spring and not just because the time change is happening this weekend, and not just because it’s warm outside, and not because there’s buds on the trees and tulips poking out of the ground but because today, Dad put the snowblower in the basement.  Yep – he was disappointed that he didn’t get to push that thing all around the driveway removing tons of snow this winter.  Mom says that since he’s gone to all the trouble to move the snowblower from the garage “at the ready” to the basement for storage, that probably means it’s going to SNOW now.  😉 

Poor Mom hardly ever gets to use her chair in the library though – at least not all morning when the sun’s coming through the front windows.  Dad’s chair is out of the sun so he’s there reading a book and if Mom shoo’ed me out of HER chair she could be there too – reading with Dad, but I just look too darn cute when I’m asleep (on purpose of course) and she can’t bring herself to shoo me so I get the sunny library seat.  Lucky me.  

So are you getting an early spring too or is winter still hanging in there where you are?  If you’re an indoor kitty you don’t really care WHAT season it is, but if you get to go outside once in a while – what’s YOUR favorite time of the year?????? 

Sammy……Younger Than Springtime (haha)

Five Minutes of Sun

Sam outside in front yard

Five minutes of sun is better than NONE (hey - I made a poem!)

Thursday was a totally gloomy and rainy day BUT right in the middle of all the gray sky moments, all of a sudden, the sun appeared!  I noticed it and called Mom to the front door and gave her “THE LOOK”…….out we went.

I got a breath of fresh air (cold fresh air but fresh anyway) and probably could have nibbled some greenery but what caught my eye was the neighbor’s cat next door.  It’s a gray and white long-haired cat with a bobbed tail.  Whether it’s bobbed because it was whacked off my another animal or whether it’s bobbed because that’s the kind of cat it is I don’t know.  But it’s NOT a nice cat.  It sits in MY yard and hisses at me.  Lotta nerve huh?   I just mind my own business. 

Anyway, back to my story – it was strange that the sun came out at all because it was cloudy and kind of dark all morning then whammo – Mr. Sun peeked through.  Sure enough, after about five minutes gray clouds closed over the opening where the sun poked through and it even started to rain again.  I gave Mom “THE LOOK” – the one that said “did you make that happen?  If you did, that was mean!” and we both ran up to the front door and came inside. 

Today it’s supposed to be sunny but ALL DAY.  It’s too early right now to tell whether the weather guy lied or not…..it’s still DARK outside!!! 

Whatever kind of weather – HAPPY FRIDAY!!