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Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to HOP!   Sunday is Selfie Hop day hosted by our friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   EVERYONE joins in and if you want to be there, just click the badge above and link up with us.

I’m doing my “traditional” flashback Selfie again today.    I try to find a photo close to this date – one of me a year or two ago – it’s fun to see them I think and I hope you do too.   The photo below was an artsy selfie Mom did in September of 2017 which was the year I came to live with them!

I like this one – Mom does not remember which artsy effect she used from Lunapic to get this but it looks pretty cool to me.    I look so tiny too…….Well tinier than now that’s for sure!

You puzzlers will be glad to know we have one for you today – probably a little bit challenging because of all the textures in the photo but you like a challenge right?   Right!

Click this MINI-ME of the puzzle and you can go crazy doing the puzzle…..GOOD LUCK!

Happy Sunday Friends!!!    Hugs, Teddy