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Tuesday Teaser

David Mystery Photo

What do YOU think my Dad's doing in this photo? (he's the guy in the beige slacks!)

HA HA!  So Mom was going through her photos on the computer yesterday with me supervising from her lap and we came across this little gem.  I said “Hey Ma….let’s post that on my blog and see if people know what Dad’s doing in this photo!!!”……..she thought it might be a hoot so here it is!

All I will tell you is that it’s from a vacation my parents took some years ago.  I already know SOME of you who travel will either KNOW what this is all about or can GUESS what this is all about. 

Tee Hee……….this is gonna be fun………so what do you think???

Happy Teaser Tuesday


Snow? Yah We Got Some….

January 2012 Snow

The view from my porch toward our driveway

When the weather guy said “a few flurries” we kind of thought “big deal”…..and really it wasn’t a big deal overall but it was NOT flurries…………we got about an inch AND it covered my sidewalk and my grass.  Sure did.  That meant even though I was brave and asked Mom to let me go out in it, I had to get wet feet and no grass munching for my trouble.  Harumph.


January 2012 Snow - another view

View from my porch toward the left side of the yard

I like this shot best though because you can see how the snow was sticking to every single teensy tiny itsy bitsy limb on the trees – looked like a fairyland (not that I know precisely what that looks like of course)…..but wanna hear something kinda funny?

By yesterday at 1PM it was all gone…….totally – like it never happened.  Our temperatures got into the low 50s and it’s just a distant memory now………sure was pretty though while it lasted.

Happy Wednesday!!



First Day of Winter….Sixty Degrees???

Lit Christmas Tree 2011

Happy First Day of Winter!!

At least it looks like winter INSIDE the house with our Christmas tree all lit up….but outside – not so much – in fact today it’s going to be SIXTY degrees!  Not very wintery right?  But today IS the first official day of winter.

I really shouldn’t complain should I?  My Dad hasn’t had to get the snow thrower thing out of the garage and trudge up and down our long driveway clearing tons of snow……my Mom hasn’t had to drive on the slippery roads through snow and ice to get groceries at the store…..so I know THEY aren’t complaining.  But those of you who know me know that I kind of like that white stuff.  I’m not tall enough to trudge through the usual one or two feet that we get but if my Mom goes out first and walks around I can hop along behind her in her boot steps and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that!

So, even though I’m really happy and excited about Christmas (as no doubt you have noticed by now 😀 ) I think for the first day of winter it certainly should NOT be sixty degrees outside.  My friend Pedro and his Cranky Sister Kitty who live in Hawaii http://pedrothecat.com/ probably think I’m NUTS for saying it’s not right for it to be sixty degrees at Christmas BUT for Virginia – let’s just say NO WAY BABY!

Although I hear the President is taking his family to Hawaii for the holiday……….watch out Pedro! 

Happy Thursday! 

Sammy, One WARM Cat Waiting for Christmas (and snow!)


Last Day Before The Tree!

Sam in Library

Catching some rays in the library.....

Yippeee!  Today’s the last day before my parents put the Christmas tree up in here.  It will block the sun from coming in of course but that’s a small sacrifice for the trade off of having a tree in my library.   Unfortunately, I won’t get my choo choo train under the tree – at least for a while.  Seems that’s a hot item in the stores this year…..but my Mom is keeping an eye out and even if we have to take the presents out from under the tree long enough to “install” the train – no biggie!

After all, I can – if I really want to – be incredibly patient.  Oh sure, I want what I want when I want it but I CAN sit back and wait.  Sometimes.  And a train under the tree can wait.  Most of all, it will be fun to smell all the familiar smells of the Christmas decorations all over the house and seeing my stocking hanging by the fireplace.

Mom will be taking lots of pix of this whole thing so you’d better be prepared for some after this weekend!  I wonder if my stocking will have any lumps in it right away or if I’ll have to wait before there are lumps to wonder about until closer to Christmas?  Those mysterious lumps always turn out to be toys or a new kind of treat.  Time will tell.

You can bet though that today – I’ll be enjoying my last sunny library chair nap before the tree goes up…..besides, I have plenty of sunny nap spots in this big house but only ONE tree inside it!!!

Happy Friday Friends………Sammy


Sam’s Cat Tail Tale

What a view!

Don't I have a nice tail?

Hi !  Today I’d like to talk about my tail.  Funny subject matter you say?  Well, maybe, but I happen to like my tail a lot.  Whenever I’m giving myself a good grooming I never miss making sure it’s all nice and neat too.  I roll onto my side and hold my tail with my front paws and smooth it down and make sure it’s clean like the rest of me.  Mom likes when I do that – she said none of her other cats ever held onto their tails like I do but then I’m the first kitty she’s ever had that has extra toes!!!!  Makes holding stuff super easy. 

Anyway, Mom says when I’m asleep – SOUND asleep – my tail will raise up in the air and sway slowly back and forth…..or up and down…..that’s because I’m dreaming that I’m an orchestra conductor.   She also has told me that sometimes my tail will just slowly lift and stay there in the air for a few minutes then slowly go back down.  I’m not sure what I’m dreaming when THAT happens but sometimes – honestly – I think my tail has a mind of its own! 

One of the cats that lives in the house next door has a very short tail…..Mom says some kinds of cats have short tails or even no tails but I think something GOT hold of that cat because I remember it used to have a LONG tail!  The people next door leave their cats outside almost all the time and I just bet that gray cat with the short tail had a bit of a disagreement with a fox.  EEEK!

So what’s YOUR tail tale?  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (and his tail)