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Tuesday Teaser


Hello Everybody!

Did everyone (well not QUITE everyone but LOTS anyway) have a nice 3-day weekend?   We did…….we got in lots of R&R (that’s Rest and Relaxation for those of you who never heard of that term before) and food (we all have heard THAT word before!), and some fun thrown in (who doesn’t like that?!?!).

Yesterday was a day of remembering – which is what Memorial Day here is all about.  I did that post on my Granddad but also went around to all my friends and read their blogs with their own remembrances and it was one of those “bittersweet” kind of days I suppose.

But today – TODAY is another matter!  It’s that time again……..yep – you guys are getting awfully good at these Tuesday Teasers of mine and this one today might not fool you either but one thing I can promise you is that you’ll wonder who on earth took such horrible pictures?  Well, it was my Grandmom who took them – my Mom’s Mom – She took them on a trip back in the early 80s with an “Instamatic” camera.   She was traveling with a friend and they visited this ONE place although stopped at several cities.   My Mom has all my Grandmom’s old photo albums and sadly she didn’t take very good care of all her photos because the albums are a mess.  One of these days my Mom says she might get around to taking all of them out and putting them into decent photo albums.  In the meantime, see if you can see enough detail in these TWO photos to tell what country she was visiting?????

MysteryPhotosMay27Sorry about the horrible color – but what can I say?  Mom tried to adjust the colors a bit (obiously!!) because the photos were so faded.  I wanted to use these because they were INTERESTING!   I’m not sure, Easy, but I don’t believe you’ll find a garbage can in sight!!!  HAHAHAHAHA

I’ll be anxious to see how many of you guess this one………..I do believe there WILL be some correct guesses though because I have a feeling if you’ve been here (even though these are old photos) this place probably hasn’t change a WHOLE lot from about 35 years ago!  Some places are just like that……..stuck in time.

You know what you win right?  Those of you who guess correctly will get:




So have a super duper day…………and I’ll be handing out hugs tomorrow – will YOU be one of those who gets one???????????   Hmmmmm?????????????????

Woo Hoo Thursday


Well, I guess you wanna know why “WOO HOO” huh?  No particular reason – I’m just feeling extra perky this morning.

First order of business is to give a special hug to someone who I FORGOT to list as a “right guesser” on the Tuesday Teaser….shame on me….. 😦   Who did I leave out?  My good friend Isobel, caretaker of the pawsome MasterB.

Special Hug for Isobel!

Also, I have to apologize for the fact that one of the photos I used for the Teaser this week was one I’d used once before on the Teaser – long enough ago that maybe you didn’t notice???  Still, I had used it……maybe you could say I “recycled” it……that sounds nicer.  Anyway, I’ll try NOT to do that again…..maybe.   No promises though.

Today is change the sheets day and you kitties all know (and maybe some of you pups too?) how much fun it is to interfere with help Mom when she’s changing the bedding.  What WOULD they do without us hopping around on the bed or being a lump under the sheet or blanket????

Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed


Just adding a few hairs to the fresh top sheet Mom!


HELPING every single step of the way!   Uh huh!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

A few more hairs to the fleece blanket on TOP of the sheet Mom!

AND……….last but not least……….moving in for an uninterrupted nap on top of the bedspread quilt !

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

Just guarding the nice fresh bed Mom!

After thirteen years of practicing this technique I find it VERY effective………………just ask my Mom…………….she’ll agree I’m SURE!

While I surfed around and visited your blogs today I was happy to see that I’m not the only one who has lots of GREAT goodies from Mollie’s store…….and she’s adding new stuff all the time – GREAT stuff too.  I’ve seen some pawsome coasters, keychains, nip mats, mousemats – now she’s got doggy collars and leads and all KINDS of things – hand made too.  If you haven’t gotten in on the fun with some personalized stuff you’ve GOTTA visit!   One of my most favorite things to snuggle with is this which I got from Mollie’s store!

The little guy with the blue ribbon is from Mollie and it "lives" on my Mom's bed next to the ginger cat pillow!!

The little guy with the blue ribbon is from Mollie and it “lives” on my Mom’s bed next to the ginger cat pillow!!


Not sure why it looks like it has a blue tummy but it’s WHITE…….”Say Mom – your camera needs a tune-up!!”………..   😀 😀 😀

Well, I hope you’ll excuse me but I hear pots and pans rattling in the kitchen…….that means Mom and Dad are cookin’ something up for breakfast.  Even though it’s NOT a weekend, there’s always an outside chance bacon might be on the menu.  I’m going to go down and look CUTE while I stare at them.  They can’t resist that.

Happy Thursday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy  😀 😀 😀




Welcome To Camp Sammy


Hello Fellow Campers!   HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!


Step right up and follow the signs and the park rangers down to our Woods campsite…..we’ll be there for two nights so get settled in.  Make sure and visit all your friends at their tents – there are a LOT of us here and you don’t want to miss out on meeting and greeting everyone!

Zena knows the way to the woods campsite!  She's already run down to check it out - just follow her!!

Zena knows the way to the woods campsite! She’s already run down to check it out – just follow her!!

There are lots of fish in the stream so feel free to catch some – we have fishing permits for everybody!  

Yum!  Fresh (very) fish!!

Yum! Fresh (very) fish!!

If you want to go for a hike, take a buddy or two along and enjoy all the beauty around us here at Pacific Rim National Park.   Don’t forget to take your binoculars and cameras along.

Nature hike anyone??

Nature hike anyone??

There’s lots to do but we also have some “business” to take care of…….what?  Well the poll for “BEST DECORATED TENT” that’s what!   You can vote for more than one on this poll.  Just pick out your favorites and cast your vote.  We’ll have voting TODAY and TOMORROW.  The winner will be announced at the big bonfire on the beach on Tuesday!

We also have the “SCARIEST CAMPFIRE POEM” to vote for.  For this, I’m posting the poems without names – – – it will be a surprise to tell you who got the most votes on Tuesday night!   All you have to do is put the number of your favorite poem in a comment on the blog !      HERE THEY ARE:


King Kong was an evil GORILLA,
first he killed the poor Godzilla.
With a badly poisoned CANDY BAR
then he runned over her with a racing car.
Instead to play the VIOLIN,
he wolfed it down with glycerin!
But the last piece in his stomach stuck,
the vet called provident the GARBAGETRUCK –
as he trumped loud and very hard-
the piece was removed with a fart.

Once upon a time,

On a dark and scary night,

I was feasting on a candy bar,

But something wasn’t right.

I asked my friend Gorilla

If he heard a funny noise.

He said, “Let’s go and check it out.

Just let me get my boys.”

We hopped into their garbage truck

And took a ride around.

Saw fireflies and yellow eyes

But that’s not all we found!

A scary, monster orchestra

With zombies playing flutes,

Ghosts on violin and bass

And skeletons in suits,

Was entertaining werewolves

And vampires and freaks

With howling and growling

And grunts and groans and shrieks! 


I missed my train and the buses were late,
I didn’t want to miss camping out by the lake
So I hitched a ride with a garbage truck
driven by a gorilla who smelt pretty yuck!

I gave him a candybar in exchange for the ride
And he drove there in a full-throttled glide.
But when he left me at the camping ground
the site was bare, there was no one around.

It was dark and cold and I had no way back
So I’d wait till morning and then start to track
I pitched my tent and settled in for the night
My torch close by and the covers pulled tight.

Sleep was broken by frenzied dreams
Until I was woken up by terrified screams
breath coming short, heartbeat racing,
I headed out, what would I be facing?

The torch battery died and I was lost in the dark
Scared and shaking I gave a hesitant bark.
But no one responded, so I stumbled ahead
into the unknown, my heart filled with dread

But then through the night I heard a refrain
a violin was playing a haunting strain.
Ears pricked up, I followed the sound
until I saw lights ahead high on a mound.

As I got closer, I sighed with relief
for there were my friends surrounded by leaves.
‘I’m so glad I found you, I was filled with fright
I heard the most awful screams in the night.’

‘We heard them too, so we hid up here’, they replied
There’s a beast in the forest who’s out for our hides!’
A movement in the grass drew all our eyes
‘Oh no, here it comes!’ everyone cried.

As the beast drew nearer, we all held our breaths
scared that this creature would soon bring our deaths.
But it wasn’t a monster that we all saw
It was just Easy with a painful thorn in his paw!


The forest was dark and quiet

A fire was burning low

The dogs and cats who gathered

Sat round the eerie glow

“ What shall we do now” said Easy

I’ve brought my Violin

Perhaps you’d like to have a dance

Or maybe we could sing

No No , let’s have a story

Said Sammy the cat

It’s Mollies turn to tell one

They all looked to where she sat

Well, it was a cold December day

The pond had frozen over

Lot’s of us were skating round

With me and fat cat brudder

On we went, we formed a line

And I was at the back

Suddenly there was a noise

And I fell through the crack

I heard the cries and frantic screams

All going through my head

It was so cold, I couldn’t move

I knew I’d soon be dead

But then I heard the engine

Of my best friends garbage truck

My Gorrilla pal, old Candy Bar

It was a stroke of luck

Grab a hold, I’ll pull you out

Oh thanks I duly cried

I’d forgotton that my dearest friend

A year a go had died.


It was a dark and a grey sort of day,
Like the ones whee always hate,
A group of friends were going camping,
But one of them was running late.
“Sorry,” cried the latecomer in gasps,
Dashing up with just seconds to spare,
Begging they forgive him this time,
As a gorilla had stolen all his underwear.
Now you may well go ahead and laugh,
Oh how his friends, well they certainly did,
But they did not notice they were being watched,
By something which behind a garbage truck hid.
The trip to the site was surprisingly merry,
They all sang as there leader strummed at his guitar,
And one tried out his skills on the violin,
It was so bad they almost jumped out of the car!
When they finally reached the old woods,
Night had already begun to fall,
They set up their tents at top speed,
And set a fire as the air began to cool.
They chatted as they ate their dinner,
Enjoying candy bars and toffee sticks,
And one, the ever hopeful Romeo,
Tried to charm the ladies with his magic tricks.
After one particular failed magic card,
They heard something move in the trees,
“Is it magic?!” asked someone quietly,
“No don’t be silly,” another did tease.
But the rustle continued and got closer,
And the friends moved into a huddle,
Wrapping paws into paws and fur intertwined,
In a very strange sort of a cuddle.
It was a week later when the site was found,
After a ranger wondered why no one had returned,
He was surprised to find the suitcases still there,
But every single special tent had been quite burned.
No one knows what happened to those friends,
But they say if you stand beneath those trees,
You can here them calling for help,
And a eerie rustling sound on the breeze . . .

Remember, put the number of the entry you’re voting for in a comment.  You might THINK you know who wrote these but you won’t know FOR SURE until the awards ceremony Tuesday night!!   The poll will be here tomorrow too…..

So everybody have some fun then met me tonight at the grilling area for a cookout…….

Step right up!  Help yourselves!  There's tables of drinks, veggies, and everything you can imagine!  EAT UP!

Step right up! Help yourselves! There’s tables of drinks, veggies, and everything you can imagine! EAT UP!

AND, after that, you’ll enjoy your first night in the woods in your cozy tents……………Sleep well friends – I’m SO HAPPY YOU CAME TO CAMP SAMMY…………….

Nite Nite All !!  See you tomorrow.......yawn......

Nite Nite All !! See you tomorrow…….yawn……

Wheeee! It’s My Tree!


Happy Sunday!

Well the day is finally here…….the old folks my parents are putting up the Christmas tree today.  I was a bit disappointed yesterday when Mom decided just to decorate outside on the front porch and NOT do the tree but she promised TODAY IS THE DAY. 

I was going to post a photo of the front porch for you today but I think I’ll wait and put photos of IN and OUT on my Monday blog. 

I’ve had fun visiting everybody’s blog yesterday – so many people are getting in the holiday spirit.   “Getting in the spirit” includes entries in my contest coming in like crazy.  We have FOURTEEN entries so far.  Please remember that if your human assistant hasn’t helped you send me a photo yet, you have TODAY and TOMORROW to do that OK?   Tuesday I’ll have TWO bloggies – one with the Tuesday Teaser and the other will be the first day of voting on the “Naughty” Poll !!  WOO HOO!!

I know I got some new followers over the weekend so for those of you who don’t know about my new contest – check it out HERE and get those photos in ASAP.

The radio stations here in the area are starting to play Christmas music and my Mom always listens to the radio in her studio when she’s in there…….so I camped out on the couch with my afghan tent while she was on the computer and working on the illustrations for her book and it was nice to hear all my old favorites like “Santa Paws Is Coming To Town” and “Jingle Cat Collar Bells” and “I’m Dreaming of a Sammy Christmas” !! 

Maybe if I take a nap when I wake up it will be Catmas!!!

Maybe if I take a nap when I wake up it will be Catmas!!!

Have a Happy Sunday everybody…………see you on Moanday!

Holiday Kitty Hugs, Sammy



Hi Everybody…………

I’ve had four entries in the “NAUGHTY” contest so far….there’s still plenty of time to submit your photos – until Monday in fact!  

Here’s the original post about the contest if you’re clueless (and I can’t imagine ANYBODY is at this point…..but…….just in case CLICK HERE !)

Also, since the holidays are getting closer by the second, I wanted to remind you of a great shop where you can get homemade bandanas for your pet (whatever it may be) and homemade doggy treats (yum) and that’s at Mollie’s Dog Treats.  Already some of you have received your holiday bandanas and have been modeling them on your bloggies (woo hoo) but there’s plenty of time to order so check it out NOW!

Then of course there’s my Mom…..my Mom has a notecard biz from her website where she makes notecards using her own oil paintings, drawings, and photos as the artwork – they’re blank notecards – way cool as a gift or to THANK someone for a gift.   Not only that, but she has a kiddies book called “Rainbow Forest Fables” which can be ordered from her website too.  Wanna visit to check things out?  First thing you’ll see when you pop there is my blog – yep – it’s “live” there every day but on the side of her website you’ll see links to everything.  CLICK HERE.  Let your humans know will you????

Animal fables for kids!

OK Mom – I gave you a “plug” so now you owe me at least one extra treat tonight……….hee hee hee

Also, we all know our Misaki had an operation and can use some extra hugs while she recovers so make sure and stop by to visit her HERE.

Today is Friday and those of you who know me know that Mom brings THE MONSTER (vacuum) out of the closet today.  I hate that thing and will be spending the morning either (a) spying on it from upstairs while it’s moving around downstairs and vice versa when it moves upstairs OR (2) curled up in my basement hidey hole waiting for the noise to stop.  Whew! 

So have you started YOUR Christmas shopping yet?   It’s time to start – take it from me – Santa Paws’ Temporary Elf – that it’s never too early to start shopping.  I am looking through all the things I’ve stolen collected from around the house to see what I can wrap and give to my parents.  I have quite a few ballpoint pens, paper clips, pennies, ribbons and of course dust bunnies in my secret stash.  I guess that means I’m DONE!

Happy Furrrrrriday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy