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Duplex Tent


Hey Hey!  I think I’ve invented something NEW in the world of kitty cat hidey-spots.  You all know I have an afghan tent in my Mom’s studio – one end of the studio couch is MINE ALL MINE and when Mom’s in her studio, I’m in my tent!

The “usual” spot for my tent……

Well yesterday I was playing with the pillows at the opposite side of the couch – burying my head behind them and trying to dig a hole to explore (!) and Mom had this brilliant idea.  Actually it wasn’t HER idea – I was trying to get the message across that I’d like a change of scenery on the couch.  A guy gets tired of the same view from his tent – know what I mean?

My Mom's Art Studio

The end of the couch on the right is the “usual” spot for my tent and the pillows on the left is where I was poking around today when Mom got the idea to try ANOTHER tent on THAT end!

I thought maybe a little area on the other side of the couch just for me might be fun.  So Mom made me a second tent – on the other end of the couch.  I’m  not hogging up the entire top of the couch.  I switch from one side to the other dependingon what view I want!  One side I can see Mom at the computer/drawing desk and the other I can see out the door to the hallway!!  Cool huh?

The green/white afghan is the usual tent and the blue one is my new duplex addition!

So I think Mom and I invented the first “Kitty Duplex”……you’ve heard of Kitty Condos and Kitty Towers and Kitty Apartments and all that but how about a duplex with two private apartments opposite each other??  

I think I most definitely qualify as ONE SPOILED CAT don’t you?

Kitty Hugs and Happy Thursday! 😀

Sammy, Duplex Man