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The Baconboy


YEP – that’s me – Mr. Bacon…the Baconboy

Sammy…..king of Bacon


Happy Saturday to all of you who tuned in this morning to see me report on the status of bacon on my Baconday…..well, I’m happy to report you will not be disappointed because we did in fact have bacon on the menu at the Kimmell house this morning.  But that’s not ALL the big news ’round here today.

Yesterday I got word that I passed my Bobcat test on Cat Scouts!   All I have to do is go through the super secret initiation ceremony TODAY (keep your paws crossed for me will you??) then it will be official….I will be:


We’ll have to take the Cat Scouts oath and not sure what else will happen but I am happy that I could prove myself worthy of advancing within the Cat Scouts – it’s so much fun…..and if you think you can talk your human into helping you there, PURRRLEASE join us!  And if you DO join, and you wanna be a member of the BEST Troop around – you can join MY troop called Worldwide Wildcats.

Now, for something different from the usual stuff I talk about, have I told you lately about my good friend Cat Forsley?  She’s an amazing Canadian singer/songwriter/artist/performer who has a band called “As The City Rumbles Underneath”  and they really make great music!  Please visit her blog and make sure and check out all her songs and videos – they will get your foot tapping and your heart thumping.   She’s not only very talented, she’s also gorgeous!  I just love her – she calls me “Sammytoes” which makes me smile – I think she’s in love with my extra toesies!!!!


Kisses for Miss Cat !!!

Our good friend Oscar from My Three Moggies is making an AMAZING recovery from his catfight incident – he’s out of his “enforced isolation” at home and is back on the bed with his brothers relaxing and getting much needed rest to continue his recovery.  BUT already, his wound is looking like it’s healing super fast and he’s getting his furs back!  WOO HOO!

Just one more thing and it’s really from me AND my Mom.  Bunches of you have bought my Mom’s mystery novel “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” on your Kindle!  Several of you have written to tell Mom you loved the book – that makes her smile REAL BIG.  If you would like to do a review of the book for Amazon, please do.  We love reviews (especially if they are good ones!).  Remember the book is available in paperback too – just click the links I have on the left side of this page – for Kindle or paperback………….and THANK YOU AND BIG SPECIAL HUGS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE THE BOOK ALREADY!

Mom's mystery novel: available on Amazon as a Kindle download OR a paperback book

Mom’s mystery novel: available on Amazon as a Kindle download OR a paperback book

And yes – that is one of my Mom’s oil paintings on the cover…..!




Teaser Tell All



Helllloooooooooooooooo !!!

Bet you tuned in this morning to find out WHO guessed the Teaser yesterday correctly right? Well, I won’t make you suffer and wait – I’ll let you know right away what the scoop is………first of all here’s the photo yet again:


I honestly didn’t know there were real CLUES in this photo but those of you who have either eagle eyes (!) or the ability to “adjust” light/dark, or even have BEEN here yourselves, figured it out.

My parents were on a cruising vacation along the Rhine River and visited Heidelberg and the beautiful castle grounds one day on their tour………..this is the gate at the entrance to the castle complex.  It truly was one of the most beautiful views from on top of the hill overlooking the town of Heidelberg and the buildings associated with the castle were impressive.  Now I have to take my Mom’s word for it because I was NOT there…….I was home in Virginia safely boarded at my most favorite boarding place EVER – The Paws Awhile Pet Hotel.  They spoiled me even more rotten than I already am!

So who guessed it right?  As of time Mom helped me write this (4PM Eastern USA time Tuesday) here’s the hug winners list!

Easy from Easy Weimaraner (Easy found clues in this photo – he’s got great eyeballs!!)

Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats  (Mollie’s eyes were working well even after being on the computer running the auction all day Monday!)

Layla from Cat Wisdom 101  (Miss Layla has PROBABLY been here in this very spot before!!)

Animal Couriers from Animal Couriers (they’ve been EVERYWHERE!!!)

And you know what you winners get………………………… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Now, here’s something WAY WAY WAY cool that you’ve just GOT to check out!   Singer-songwriter, artist and writer extraordinaire Catherine Forsley (“Cat”) put together a really cute little cat tribute called “Inspiring Cats”  and I’m PART of it along with my buddies My Three Moggies, June Buggie, Misaki, and Alfie!   You’ve just GOTTA see it……………….CLICK HERE  !   Thank you Miss Cat!!! 😀

I’m so flattered to be a bit of a creative effort on Miss Cat’s part…………she seems like a really super and VERY talented lady and I sure have enjoyed meeting her (Mom has too).  Her music is great.

Today we’ll all find out how the Auction on Mollie’s went so don’t forget to stop by and check things out.  We hope a whole pile of money was made on Leo’s behalf.  Leo needs all the help we can give him!

Either tomorrow or Friday I’m going to do a whole blog about my Mom’s book and the cat named Eddy who is one of the “stars” of the book………….I keep saying “My Mom’s book” but really she has THREE books.  The one I’m going to talk about is the adult mystery novel but she’s also written two childrens books.   Of course I helped her wrote those……I’m NOT just a pretty face you know!  😀

Happy Wednesday and concatulations to Teaser winners………….the rest of you?  Next Tuesday you have another chance for BIG SAMMY HUGS.

Love You All – Kitty Hugs, Sammy