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Spring Fever

Sam grazing on the grass

What a great day for nibbling the grass and catching some "rays" !

What a pretty day it was yesterday!  The sun was out, there wasn’t much of a breeze, and there was no sign of the mean old cat from next door to bug me so I asked “pretty please” to go out.  It was great.  The grass isn’t really growing yet so it was tough finding a few long blades but I did so I was able to have my “greens”!  Mom sat on the front porch and kept an eye out for me while I went down the sidewalk checking for anything edible……I got to the driveway by the garage and the UPS guy’s noisy old brown truck came down the main road and stopped – then turned up MY driveway!  That’s when I high-tailed it back to my porch with Mom running behind me.  She knows how much I hate company and when I see anyone coming up my driveway – it’s time to go hide!!!    Mom and I came inside quickly and I went to my safe place in the basement while she looked out the window and sure enough he had stopped about a third of the way up – and backed back down (wrong address I suppose). 

That was about the extent of the excitement around here on Friday.  Other than of course the “MONSTER”  (Mom’s vacuum cleaner) was on the loose because it was housecleaning day…..

Anyway, being outside on such a pretty day makes me remember that it won’t be long before I’ll be asking to go outside a LOT more because spring will be here.  Mom will be planting stuff in the gardens and the grass will be growing just right for my snacking and birds will be building nests so there will be lots to watch from my various perch locations in the house. 

However – before we get to all of that, we have to finish winter and the weather guy says Sunday we could get a BIG dose of winter.  He’s not sure yet (of course) but we could get anywhere from an inch to a foot of snow.  Good grief!   I guess I’ll be thinking back to today and how nice it was to at least THINK about spring……………….sigh………………

Happy Saturday Peeps!




The “Runaround”…….

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Come on Mom! Let's play!

So, several days of rain, rain and more rain have me feeling not only water-logged but ready to play.  While Mom made coffee this morning I decided to shake things up a little bit and spent about two minutes running in a circle at top speed – from kitchen, through dining room, through foyer and a big slide on wood floors into the living room and continuing on this circuit while Mom giggled herself silly in the kitchen.   I then proceeded to run up two flights of stairs and immediately back down, finishing with a bit of a slide across the linoleum in the kitchen to my food dish wherein Mom had already deposited my morning meal!  I guess you might say I’d worked up an appetite by then so it worked out PERFECTLY.

While Mom sipped her coffee, and after I had about half my breakfast (I always save some for mid-morning snack) I ran back upstairs and went into Mom’s bedroom, hopped up on the bed and pestered Dad until he got up. 

It’s what I do…….this “household/human management” thing……After almost twelve years I pretty much have it fine-tuned but there’s always some tweaking needed.   I just happened to really luck out in the human department though – training my parents actually has been pretty easy.  Once in a while they slip up but…………THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL………… 🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled People Manager