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Too Windy For Me


Yesterday it was incredibly windy here.  I didn’t used to mind wind that much but the last couple of years, even if it’s sunny and warm out, if there’s a high wind – I’m staying in.  Mom says she thinks maybe since I’m “mature” (haha) now, I’m a little less SURE of myself when I can’t rely on my nose to tell me when things are safe and secure outside.  She may be right.  We do use our noses a lot – we cats – and I guess dogs do too.  But ANYWAY, since it was windy, I stayed inside mostly and did what I REALLY enjoy best which is NAP!

Close Up Nap Shot of Sammy

Aw Mom…do you have to show everyone my ear hair???

So of course since I’d settled on Mom’s lap – and this time she had her camera handy, she took a couple of close ups of yours truly.  She SAYS I was snoring at the time but she has no proof (!!).

Dad came home today by the way with a new toy for me.  It was actually a keychain he saw at the local hardware store by the checkout and on the end of the keychain was a rubber chicken.  HAHAHAHA  Dad took the chain off and gave me the chicken.  He thought since the Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper that Kozmo and I worked on last week, maybe I’d like to have a chicken of my very own to play with.  Well, I picked it up a few times and tossed it in the air then tried to bury it in my newspaper/tissue pile (YES I still have a pile of tissue of my very own).  Mom and Dad are trying to figure out WHY I keep burying it.  I’m not telling.  HAHAHA……….I know – I’m just a little devil aren’t I ??

Happy Thursday Peeps – your pal Sam