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More Loot Monday


Hi Friends!

Can you believe it?  I got my OTHER surprise package that I won delivered on a SUNDAY!  That’s right – if you think the mail carriers don’t earn their salary, think again…..they delivered a goodie box to me TODAY of all days.

This was because I won a drawing on CAT CHAT for their “Holiday Giveaway” and I was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!  This was a super package of fun from a way cool company called “Creme de la Cat” and boy what a bunch of great stuff.  Here I am checking it out:

Look at all this cool stuff!

Look at all this cool stuff!

Wow...a special card and EVERYTHING!

My favorite thing was the Cat Catcher Wand by Go-Cat.  It had this absolutely fabulous little mouse at the end and when Mom pulled the mouse across the carpet it would hop on the carpet pile!!!  How cool is that?  There also was a Curley Wand, a Tiger Tail, a Fluffy Crinkleball and a Squirrel toy. 

 So, I just want this to be a reminder to all of you kitties and dogs, pigs and guinea pigs, birds and every other manner of creature who is lucky enough to be in his or her FOREVER home this Christmas – IT PAYS TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thank you Cat Chat and Thank you Creme de la Cat.

Now you might remember me telling you that in my other giveaway surprise package from ASPCA there was a big jingle bell doggy collar?  Mom put it on our front door so when we open the door it goes jingle jangle?  Here’s a photo of the red collar – makes a nice addition to our door decoration don’t you think?

Who knew a red doggy dollar with bells could add so much to my door wreath????

Who knew a red doggy dollar with bells could add so much to my door wreath????

And last but by no means least………..we wanted to add our burning candle of love in honor of the families in Newtown, Connecticut who are dealing with so much loss.  All of us have aching hearts and will have for a long time……….. 

For heaven's newest angels and their families......

For heaven’s newest angels and their families……

Now, one last thing……remember tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and I’m working to find a goodie for you! 

Happy Monday!

Holiday Huggies and Smoochies, Sammy