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Ahhhh….Camp Sammy Is Great!



Well I really must say – this whole camping idea was grand.  I know you would think that as Camp Counselor I might be busy all the time and not able to enjoy all this beauty here in the park BUT everybody is behaving themselves.  Not much for the official Camp Counselor to do!   There have been no accidents that a bandaid couldn’t fix (!!) and it seems like lots of fun is being had by everyone here. 

Yep - I'm ONE HAPPY CAMPER along with everybody else!!

Yep – I’m ONE HAPPY CAMPER along with everybody else!!

Our little friend, Baby Sabre – the newest addition to Long Life Cats and Dogs was very disappointed that he hadn’t been able to find a ride to camp – he was all packed and very excited but when his ride fell through he was devastated.  SO, I called my friends at the Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and asked if they had a jet in the area, could they pick him up and bring him to camp.   They did – isn’t that pawsome?

Wheeee!  This is a big airplane for such a little guy!

Wheeee! This is a big airplane for such a little guy!

There were more nature hikers today but plenty of our peeps decided to spend the day “tent-hopping” – enjoying each other’s company in these incredible tents everyone brought.  Which reminds me – if you haven’t voted in the contest – here’s your chance!   (you can vote for more than one favorite too)

 We had a whole crew of friends who went fishing in the streams today so we’ve got all kinds of fish!


Tonight’s dinner round the camping cookout area will feature lots of fresh fish among the usual other main courses. 

I'll have one of each please!

I’ll have one of each please!

Tomorow morning, after another wonderful night of peace and quiet in our tents in the woods, we’re going to move to our beach campsite.  Oh boy!  Those of you who wanted to have a beach campout will get your wish………..we’ll have a great big bonfire celebration on Tuesday night  on the beach where we’ll read the winning scary poem and tell everyone who won the virtual scavenger hunt drawing!

If you want to vote for the Scariest Campfire Poem, just CLICK HERE and scroll down to read them, then leave the number of the poem you think is the BEST in a comment on my blog.


I do hope you will all have an enjoyable Monday at Camp Sammy. 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy – your Camp Counselor

Prepping For Camp!


Hi Gang!  

Well, I’m starting to hear from lots of you that you’re not only EXCITED about the upcoming trip, but that you’re starting to get all your gear together and packed up NOW.

I'm packing my binoculars for bird watching!

I’m packing my binoculars for bird watching!

Today I’m sharing a photo of one of my brand new friends, Brooch Czarina as she gets herself ready.  I hope you will CLICK HERE and read her blog about her preparations for the camping trip – she even has some chaperones lined up to come along!  WOWZERS!

Brooch Czarina and "staff" prepping for the trip!

Brooch Czarina and “staff” prepping for the trip!

I know some of you may have met her already but in case you haven’t, stop by and introduce youself so she will recognize you at the campground next Sunday when we all arrive.  She’s only nine months old and the reason she’s a “Czarina” is that she’s part Russian Blue kitty.  You can also read on her blog why she’s called “Brooch” . . . . it’s a pretty funny story!

You’ll also be glad to hear I’m sure that I have PACKED UP MY TENT so there will be no more decorating for me.  I was getting carried away.  WAY WAY WAY carried away. 

Please remember if you’re planning on entering one of the competitions (Virtual Scavenger Hunt, Tent Decorating, Scariest Poem) that you need to get your entries to be no later than March 16 (and hopefully WAY before that!!).   

Also, if you would like to send me a photo of you getting ready for the trip I can post it this week like I did with Brooch Czarina’s! 

Tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER………..I’ll not be having a TEASER next week though since I’ll be enjoying the final day of the BIG campout adventure and will be blogging about that on instead. 

See you tomorrow peeps! 

Kitty Hugs, Your Soon to be Camp Counselor, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

The “S” Word


Happy Monday!

Apparently all I had to do was mention the word SPRING and whammo – they stick snow in our weather forecast.   The vicious rumor is that we’ll have snow Tuesday night and Wednesday.  Do I believe it?  Well, I’ll answer that like a politician would:

“I can neither confirm nor deny it!”

It would serve me right if it DID snow.  All I’ve been bragging about is our LACK of white stuff.  The Farmer’s Almanac (which Mom gets for Dad every year as if he was a farmer….HAHAHA), says we usually have 1.3″ of snow in the month of March.   Maybe it’s arriving on Wednesday?

I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear the “S” word………..yesterday in fact, I heard the “L” word a whole lot.  The “L” word was LEAVES.  Dad decided to get outside and rake a bit for some exercise.  The bad thing about choosing yesterday to rake leaves is that it was VERY windy.  Fifteen to twenty mile an hour breezes with higher gusts is a tough day for leaf raking.  No sooner would Dad get them into a nice pile than a breeze would come along and blow the pile to kingdom come.

Yikes....that's a lot of raking needing to be done!

Impossible to rake!

Mom just looked out the window and smiled……..she knew………..she told him it wouldn’t work out………..Moms are pretty darn smart!

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser………I’m still agonizing over the photo to use.   I usually have two or three that I’ve chosen out of the bazillion we have here then at the last minute choose ONE.   So make sure and stop by tomorrow and find out which one was this week’s “CHOSEN TEASER” won’t you?

“Camp Sammy” Update

It’s amazing but true that it’s TIED between the Woods and the Beach for our Camp Sammy Adventure.  SO, I’m thinking I’ll get us a beautiful camping spot that has BOTH!   There was only one vote for “wide open spaces” but lots of you thought being in the woods with a stream for fishing would be cool, and lots of you thought being on the beach lying on a blanket and getting some sun would be cool.  

In the next couple of weeks I’ll let you know what the FINAL plans are!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Caturday Catch-Up


Hi Friends! 

Yesterday’s blog post about the camping trip seemed to interest a lot of you – and the “votes” for a location are coming in!  Right now Option #1 (Woods) is one vote ahead of Option #3 (Beach).  I thought I’d borrow the jet again and see if I can maybe find a spot that has a little bit of both……perhaps a place that has some cabins in the woods but a short distance away there is a beach where we could pitch our tents and have a beach camp! 

Anyway, I’m working on it.   I think we would have a whole lot of fun together don’t you?   There’s plenty of time to let me know what your choice of location would be too – Woods, Beach, or Hilltop.


Bring the bug spray.....Option 1

Bring the bug spray…..Option 1

Wide open spaces!  No air pollution! Option 2

Wide open spaces! No air pollution! Option 2


Beach PAR-TAY....! Option 3

Beach PAR-TAY….! Option 3


It was cold all day yesterday so after the monster was put away in the closet for another week (whew!!) we had some lap nap time.   My favorite activity. 

A quick foot cleaning before snooze time.....

A quick foot cleaning before snooze time…..

Then Mom and I tried to do a bit of blog catching up.  I love keeping up with all of my friends and seeing what all of you are up to.  One thing that’s been a lot of fun to keep an eye on is the way cool shop that Mollie, Alfie and their Mom are stocking up with lots of really cute and fun items for sale!  Have you visited?  You’ve just GOT to! 

MOLLIE’S EMPORIUM   bandanas, unique mousepads, animal coasters, treat boxes, Alfie’s FATZ CATZ and BUN BUNNIES……all kinds of great stuff!

I’m not sure what my Mom has on tap for today but I hope now that she’s back from her book fair and we have a “normal” weekend with her here, there will be NO QUESTION that bacon is for breakfast.   My Dad was great about playing with me last weekend when Mom wasn’t here, but there was definitely something LACKING in the bacon department!

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Gotcha! Dad and me playing while Mom was away…..

Have a pawsome Saturday everybody………..I’ll keep you posted on “Camp Sammy” plan progress! 

Kitty hugs, Sammy the Camp Counselor