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Sun-Filled Monday


Oh my friends – I had the most glorious, sun-filled weekend after my whine-fest over all the rain last week and I’m still feeling HIGH AS A KITE because today is going to be sunny too.  Three whole days of the nicest sunny days ever.  Coolish, sunny, breezy – just about as good as it gets.

Sunny front porch.....YAY!

Sunny front porch…..YAY!


Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

OR if I’m in the back yard I get the sun OR shade!

That’s exciting because you may know that Washington, DC and the ‘burbs get ridiculously humid in the summertime.  “Can’t catch my breath” kind of humid.  Maybe not as humid as the jungle but pretty danged close!   Those are the days that I stay inside in the AC.    Out here in the “country” away from the big city is where in the old days all the gentrified folk from Washington, DC would hop in their carriages and head to for a breath of fresh air and some relief from the humidity of town.  That’s right – they’d ride out HERE to escape.  Well the people in DC still ride out this way and further up to the mountains to escape but it’s not just from the heat – it’s from the BIG CITY PERIOD!!!   We’re on a main route up to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley so when things heat up in town, everyone heads out here.

Blue Ridge Mountains and COOL air - everyone heads there on a hot day!

Blue Ridge Mountains and COOL air – everyone heads there on a hot day!

I don’t have to escape……….nope – all I have to do is stay right where I am – living the good life with Mom and Dad………..if it’s too humid I stay inside……if it’s nice enough to be outside I just go a few steps and I’m there – no car trip to the country for me………………….I’M ALREADY THERE!!!!!

Sam in Library

I can be INSIDE in the A/C and still enjoy the sun in the library!

Have a sun-filled Monday (or if you need rain, may you get WET today).   AND – whatever you do – don’t forget tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and we have another GUEST TEASER for you!!!!  Another toughie?  Probably!   So make sure and be ready at 6AM EST to guess – who knows – you might be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!


Sunny Sammy


P.S.  Another birthday?  Yes indeed…..my pal Odin at Cat Wisdom101 is celebrating his today so stop by and wish him well!!!

Here Kitty!


Hi Everyone!!

Thanks to all of you who chimed in yesterday when I posted about the new heated outdoor kitty house we bought for the feral who LOVES us.  She REALLY loves us now that she has a heated floor in her house believe me.  Yesterday was a good day for her to really test it out because it was not only cold, but rainy and sleety ALLLL day.  Every time Mom looked out there, Stevie was snoozing it up big time in her warm little kitty condo.

I was noticing this morning while I was patiently waiting for the sound of bacon frying in the kitchen how many cats or cat “things” are around my house.  My parents really DO love cats.  Not that I had any question in my mind about that before of course – after all – they have ME!!!   But so many other things…pillows, stuffies, artwork, photos, drawings……you know – STUFF.   Do your parents have a lot of “pet stuff” around their house?  Whether you’re an only cat like me or a dog or in a house FULL of animals……would someone walking into your house KNOW the people who lived there loved animals?

I think my toy wagon and tissue paper collection would give it away here but there’s also other stuff around………..like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is just a SMALL (and I mean SMALL) sampling of what’s to be found walking around my house……….Interesting to think about………huh?!

Now – here’s something FUN you need to do today…..before you do anything else!  You need to make a visit to a beautiful ginger girl kitty friend of mine, Miss Dinnermintz.  She lives with Fozziemum “Down Under” and today is her SEVENTH BIRTHDAY!   So please, won’t you stop by?   She’s having a tootsie party – she asked people to send her photos of their tootsies (Mom couldn’t find a “suitable” one of mine to send!)……and we thought that was a cute idea.  Be prepared to see lots of pink toesies and one pretty ginger kitty turning SEVEN!


Have a pawsome Saturday…………………..I intend to – no matter if the weather is icky or not.

Bacon for EVERYONE!

Hugs, Sammy


An Easy Monday



Hi All! Today is a holiday here in the US of A – Labor Day – so there will be sales in the stores, tons of cars on the highway with peeps heading up to the mountains around here to cool off and have picnics, etc. but for ME, it’s just a QUIET day. Except for one thing that I MUST shout about! Guess whose special day it is??????



That’s right – Easy’s birthday is today and I hope he has a super special day………..he deserves it…………so you should stop by and wish him a super happy day HERE.   I’m hoping that his Mom does NOT make a cheesecake for his birthday because if you know Easy, you know that cheesecake = disaster!   I hope he gets lots of great presents and I’m sending a SPECIAL SAMMY HUG to him along with this card.

What else is going on?  Well don’t forget tomorrow is my Tuesday Teaser and guess what…………..I have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow!  That’s right – it’s not going to be photos from one of my parents vacations!  It’s a good friend of mine and that’s all I’m gonna say.  Stay tuned and visit tomorrow so you can take a peek and see if you can guess WHERE my friend was when the photos were snapped.   Remember my Teaser post doesn’t go “live” at its usual time on Tuesdays…..it goes live at 6AM MY time (Eastern Standard Time in the USA) instead of the usual 3AM.  So don’t think (like Doggy did last week) that I’m sleeping in.  OK?

I hope you have a great Monday………….I’ll be takin’ it easy – which is what I do MOST days.  Yep – NICE AND EASY (in honor of EASY….. hahahahaha).




See you tomorrow!  

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Caturday is Odin’s Day!


Hi Friends!

Can you believe it’s June already???  We’ve had a heatwave the past four days here – in the 90s which is quite weird but who’s complaining (???) after all the cold wet stuff we had a few weeks ago right?  Well, I guess I’m complaining.  HAHAHA   It was too hot for me to go out – Mom gave me PLENTY of chances to go out on the deck, the porch, wherever but I declined the invitation thank you very much!  It was way too comfy inside in the A/C.

Today is Odin’s third birthday and I hope you’ll slide on by Cat Wisdom 101 to check things out and wish him a happy birthday.   Speaking of birthdays, wasn’t Henry’s party fab yesterday?  I hope he had as good a time as we all did being there!

Here’s the card I did for Odin!  Whatcha think????



I noticed something kind of interesting yesterday when I was looking at all the photos I have in my WordPress media files…………………Look what I discovered!

My new cat pillow....

My new cat pillow….

Leo our new friend

Leo our new friend


Leo and my new pillow look like TWINS!!!!!!   I think I’ll name my pillow cat LEO !

Caturday means bacon so if you’ll excuse me………………you know what my Caturday motto is around here right?


Have a great day everybody – see you tomorrow for Silent Sunday!

Love and Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

First Sunset 2012

First Sunset 2012

I had a swell birthday and ended it with a swell sunset!

My big thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday yesterday – it was a fun day and we celebrated all day…..lots of treats and naps and until the afternoon when it started raining like crazy, it was a perfect day for a stroll with my Mom through the yard. 

We got a reward though at the end of the day – this pretty sunset!  The sky cleared at the horizon long enough to show us the setting sun.  We usually leave sunset and sunrise pictures to our good friend Dianna because she has the PRETTIEST pictures and view of them, but since yesterday was my birthday we thought she wouldn’t mind!

Several of you were celebrating yesterday as your birthday too so I hope you all had as much fun as I did with my day.  I know that when animals are adopted at shelters sometimes and nobody knows when their birthday REALLY is, they use January 1 as “the day” and that’s sort of why my birthday is January 1st.  I was a shelter baby and because I was a kitten and they could guess pretty well how many weeks old I was, everyone decided I was born some time between Christmas and New Years.   I’m just glad I was there in the shelter when my parents came!!

Happy Monday everybody…..today’s a holiday here so it will be quiet (although very windy and cold).  I’ll be resting up as much as possible after my day of playing with toys and wrestling with my tissue and newspaper collection.  A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do!