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Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning!!!   Remember I said I might make some new badges for upcoming Teasers????   Well, I haven’t done that yet…………….why?  Cat Scouts………yep – it’s consuming my life (and my Mom’s life come to think of it…..)!   There’s always something going on there……this weekend we all hopped on the virtual Cat Scouts plane and flew to Lake Tahoe.   Interesting place actually but a long day of computerizing (you know what that is….sitting at the computer like a zombie for hours on end).

Don't let this happen to you!   Too much time on computer!!!

Don’t let this happen to you! Too much time on computer!!!

So yesterday was a day of REST and a day of SUNSHINE and a day of catching up.   Yardwork was done, a couple of things put back in place from BNF (Before New Floor) and because there was a lot of sun – I searched the house all day long for sun puddles and would move from one to the next as the sun changed positions.   Lovely.


Sam in Library

Today I’m going to be looking for a good Teaser photo…………..maybe NOT a Guest Teaser this time………..maybe an old photo from my Grandpa’s albums, maybe one from Mom and Dad’s many trips – WHO KNOWS where the gingery finger of fate will land and what photo will be picked?!?!?!?!

So be ready for WHATEVER…………….and be ready for WHENEVER because it will pop into your inbox tomorrow at some random time……….early or late or in between who knows!   Just keep an eye out (or an ear).

Hope you all had a grand weekend – I sure did!!

Love, Sammy

Be ready for tomorrow!

Be ready for tomorrow!