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Monday Meow


Good Morning and Happy Monday Peeps!  So – it’s all over but the crying (whatever that means – Mom said it this morning when Dad asked her who won the Super Bowl).  Actually, Mom and I only watched HALF of the Super Bowl.  Dad watched about ten minutes of it then went upstairs to read and eventually snore fall asleep in his den while Mom and I watched until Madonna did her thing at halftime.  I found that part rather confusing – all those people flying around and flipping through the air and walking on wires and lights flashing and – well – I just wanted to watch football!  After the game started back up Mom and I watched for a little while longer.  When we stopped watching the Patriots were ahead.  There were moments when I just couldn’t watch – it was too close to call!

Sam Super Bowl TV

I just can't look....tell me what's happening Mom....!

But in the end, Mom just was too tired to stay up and watch til the bitter end.  We had to wait until this morning to find out that the NY Giants had won in the LAST MINUTES of the game.  Wow. 

Know what?  It didn’t REALLY matter to us who won – we just wanted to watch the game (secretly I was rooting for whoever had the ball at the time anyway….tee hee).

We had a nice Sunday……..a little bit of snow early in the morning, then the sun came out and stayed all aftenroon…….then Daddy made a cheese fondue (I got to sample it!)…….and eventually the game came on.  It was a FAMILY day. 

Nothing wrong with that – right?

Oh – and don’t forget – tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and I think it’s going to be a picture from “somewhere” in the world and you’ll have to guess WHERE (so get those Atlases out and start studying!!!!).

Happy Monday!