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It’s another week closer to Christmas!  I’m starting to get some cute ecards so I thought today I’d show you a little slideshow with some that I’ve received!   I also have some snail mail cards but Mom’s already put those up in the living room……THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SENT SOMETHING SO FAR!   Our ecards went out last week and a few snails (haha) go out this coming week.

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Yesterday at Scouts we had the monthly Birthday party for all Scouts who have a birthday in December.  The theme was “snowmen” – you can imagine we had a lot of fun with that BUT one thing that I thought was tons of fun was a snow globe that I posted there for everyone to “copy” and put themselves (or some other photo) in as a little “decoration” for their blog or whatever!   I thought I’d post it here so that anyone who’d like to do that can!


Mom and Dad are doing leaves today – but they’d better clean them up quick because we’re supposed to have RAIN this afternoon and maybe even a dab of snow!   EEEEK!   Well, it is almost Christmas after all………..so it’s not out of the question that we might be working up to having a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Happy Monday and don’t forget – tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER!!   Not a guest post this time – it’s one of my own………………………….clean those glasses and computer/iPhone/ipad/tablet screens everyone – you don’t want to have a BLUR instead of a clear shot at winning FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – right?

Hugs, Sammy

Me in a Santa Hat......

Baby Claws

My Secret Santa and More Cards!


Hi Peeps!!  Happy Monday…………and it is a Happy Monday for me because we did NOT get any sizeable, measureable, meaningful snow this weekend………………..YAY!

See?  No big deal right??!!

See? No big deal right??!!

It also was nice because I got a BIG SURPRISE Saturday when Mr. Mailman visited.  He bought me a GREAT BIG BOX.  It was from my good friend King Spitty out in California and we didn’t know WHY we got such a big box from him until Mom opened the box and the card said HE was my SECRET SANTA!!!!  WOOT!!!   See we pawticipated in the Cat Blogosphere’s Secret Santa exchange this year for the first time…….we sent in info about ourselves and were randomly paired with other animal bloggers and Spitty got ME……how great is that?   Anyway, since Mom had the box open (although I wasn’t allowed to see what was IN the box) I took the opportunity to nab a couple of sheets of pawsome and beautiful sparkly tissue paper Spitty and his human had put on top of the presents in the box.  I immediately put the tissue with my “regular” tissue pile – it looks QUITE festive.  I can’t WAIT to see what I got from Spitty.  Maybe I can talk my Mom into  letting me have JUST ONE before Christmas???

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I also got some more ecards to share!

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Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser – don’t forget now!  You wouldn’t want ME to win three weeks in a row and fool you again would you?  Well then be ready at 6AM EST tomorrow morning and make your best guess – you know you want to win one of my Teaser badges right?  Everybody wants one!

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See you tomorrow boys and girls, animals and aliens – and until then have a PAWSOME Monday…………….I’m going to!

Happy Monday

Sammy Paws…… 🙂

Some Cards


Hi Everyone!  Well, I posted my holiday card to all of you yesterday and I’m starting to get some from you too so thank you so much!!  You’ve all done a fab job of making cards this year – don’t you think so too??

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Today my Mom went shopping and came home with some bags and FINALLY my stocking (which I hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there) has some BULGES in it so I think Mom got the hint that I was pouting about my empty stocking.  Now I know Santa Paws will be adding more stuff to my stocking when he comes BUT for now, at least the inside of my stocking isn’t lonely.  It has company.  Pressies!

There’s also presents under the tree for Mom and Dad now too……I promised Mom I would NOT pull ribbons off – after all, I’m almost 14 years old now and totally capable of behaving (tee hee) if I have to.  Mom asked me to LOOK and not RIP APART so I’m gonna be good.  Yep – I sure am.

Sam on Christmas Morning

I’m being GOOD Mom!

I was happy to learn that several of our pals who have been very sick are now feeling tons better……………and there are even a couple of friends who are going to be having some surgery or have just had surgery and we all of course wish them well……this is not a good time of the year for anything sad or bad so let’s hope and purrray that EVERYONE is happy and healthy for the holiday.  That’s a great wish don’t you think????

Mr. Weather dude says more snow Saturday………..know what I say????