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What’s Today?????





Well, indeed – we made it through another grueling week and here we are on Saturday – Mom and Dad are frying up a load of bacon and making pancakes and I’m here, patiently tapping my ginger toes on the floor and staring up quietly at Mom……while I drool out the side of my mouth at the yummy smell of my fave thing in the universe (next to my Mom of course)!!

You know yesterday when I was reminiscing about all the blog posts I’ve written (good thing I have thumbs otherwise writing that many posts would have been hard!) I was thinking that I need to plan some kind of fun activity for all of us to do.  Remember the camping trip?   We had a blast……three days of fun……in an exotic location with woods AND a beach……I know I’ve shown these photos before but ONCE MORE wouldn’t hurt……because I’m thinking we might want to do this AGAIN!   This isn’t even all the photos we had – just a sampling to remind you……

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OR, maybe something entirely different…….how about a poll and we’ll figure out what YOU would like to do then we’ll do it by golly!!!

Most of us in colder climates are suffering from the Winter Ickies – and some of you who are in warmer climates are tired of all the heat – so why not plan something FUN for all of us to take our minds off things – whatcha say?

I’ll leave the poll up for a while……then we’ll see what’s what.  You can add your OWN ideas in there too!

So if you’ll excuse me, Mom has finished making bacon (haha) and now I’m gonna put a napkin round my neck, sit at the table like a BIG BOY with my parents in my chair and chomp up some of that delicious BACON.  I hope YOU get a special treat today too – why?  Just BECAUSE!!!

Happy Caturday With Bacon

Sammy 🙂

Caturday Catnaps


Oh yes……….it’s been a super busy week and this morning, after we’ve had breakfast, I do believe I’m going to spend the day being a bum.

That’s right – you heard it here first – I am going to spend as much of today catnapping as possible.  I’ve got my tent for the camping trip designed and decorated, I’ve got the polls started so they’ll be ready to load up for voting when the time comes, MY WORK IS DONE.

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Ahhh….Caturday is for naps!


At least done for the moment.  Of course there’s a lot yet to do.  I need to keep reminding you that the deadline to enter the competitions is MARCH 16th .   If you’re scratching your head (or some other part of your body) wondering what I’m talking about – then you’re one of the few who doesn’t know about the BIG CAMPING TRIP I’m leading!   Want to know the details or read about the competitions again?????? 


Don’t wait until the last minute now!   

YAWN………………MMMMMMMMMM………..I smell that bacon so if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading to the kitchen for breakfast.  Then I think you’ll know where I’ll be after that……………!

Happy Caturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Peee Esssss     I want to thank my good friends at MY THREE MOGGIES for nominating me for the Liebster Award…….I already have it BUT I want to thank them for thinking of me and I intend to tell 11 exciting things about me – I’m working on it – I promise!!!