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Tossing the Caber for Kyla!


WELCOME To The Caber Toss

at Kyla’s Highland Games!


Good Morning Highland Games Fans and All Friends of Kyla to whom we dedicate today’s FUN…………………I’m hosting the Caber Toss and for those of you who haven’t ever SEEN the Caber Toss event – it’s amazing – here’s a short video clip!


Highland Games are as iconically Scottish as bagpipes, kilts and whisky – all of which feature heavily at any gathering. The games are also noted for their unique sporting and athletic events many of which involve throwing and lifting. These include the shot put, tug-o-war, caber toss and hammer throw – collectively known as heavy events.

Tossing the caber

The caber toss has come to almost symbolise the Highland games and no gathering anywhere in the world would be complete without it.

In the caber toss, a full length log, usually made of Scots pine, is stood upright and lifted by the competitor using both hands under the bottom of the caber to rest against their body. The competitor then runs forward, building momentum, before tossing the caber into the air so that it turns end over end with the upper end landing before the end originally held by the competitor follows through and hits the ground.

The aim is for the caber to land in line with the original run. If it is straight the toss is said to be in the 12 o’clock position. Competitors are judged on how closely their toss lands to 12 o’clock.

Aye Lads and Lassies, 'tis I - Samuel McKimmell!

Aye Lads and Lassies, ’tis I – Samuel McKimmell!

So, without further ado, may I present an incredible display of strength and determination as all of you who were brave enough to enter the Caber Toss “do your thing” for the world to see!!!!!!   Ready?  Kyla – this is for you girlfriend!


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My most sincere thanks to those of you who pawticipated by sending me your caber toss head shots OR photos of you actually doing the caber toss…………….you’re all PAWSOME…………….I just know everyone who sees these will laugh until they cry love seeing you tossing the caber like pros!!

Now remember to visit all the other activities which are a part of today’s Highland Games……………..because it’s all about having fun together today and especially about having fun for Kyla………….If you stop by Mollie and Alfie’s you’ll see the WHOLE list of fun stuff for today – CLICK HERE!

We Love You Kyla, 

Your Friend Sammy McKimmell

Sammy McKimmell


In preparation for Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th, I had to get “Scotland-ized” in tartans……………well, I think I look pretty darn fabulous and Mom is now calling me “Sammy McKimmell”…………..pretty cool huh???

Aye Lads and Lassies, 'tis I - Samuel McKimmell!

Aye Lads and Lassies, ’tis I – Samuel McKimmell!

I now have had ELEVEN friends send me their head shot photos so I can photoshop them into the Caber Toss action I’m hosting…………..I’ll be honest – they are mostly pretty darn hilarious.  I’m not gonna share any of them now – you’ll have to visit me on the 27th when my blog is part of the Games but trust me – it will be worth a peek!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about with Kyla and the Highland Games, you can go HERE and get the scoop……….it’s a sad thing but we’re making lemonade out of lemons and giving Kyla – at her request – a wonderful party!   So if you wanna play along – email me your head shot and I’ll add yours to the bunch.


Mom and I have been decorating our Haunted House too………….it will be SPOOKY and I’m going to have SPOOKY snacks and SPOOKY drinks so you don’t have to bring a thing but yourself!    You don’t even have to be in costume…..but if you decide to enter my FUNIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME contest, of course you need to be in something funny (photoshopped or real) and get it to be by October 27th……….the clock is ticking…….we’re gonna have voting and everything!

The only other report I have is that after about eleven million days of rain (ok – slight exaggeration – more like five) it’s finally stopped.   It’s cloudy but there’s no rain.  Something WEIRD has happened though because all of a sudden the leaves on the trees are changing to Fall colors QUICKLY – – – – like almost overnight – – – maybe the rain sped things up.   It’s looking spectacular out there.   That’s also a bit strange because Mom and Dad drove up to Skyline Drive two weeks ago and the leaves had hardly changed up there yet….usually they’re WAY ahead of us…..wonder if maybe they decided to change FAST too?!    This is what they looked like then……….


Some of you have seen this shot before but Mom took this out the plane window when Dad was flying around the countryside a couple of years ago…….Mom thought the Fall colors were pretty cool from UP THERE!!!

Fall Trees

Leaves from up in the air……

Fall in Virginia is BEAUTIFUL……………………I hope wherever you are it’s also beautiful!


Wee Laddy,  Sammy McKimmell