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Pre-Tease Monday



It’s that time again!  (already?!)

Yep – tomorrow we unveil another photo for you to guess.   It’s a GUEST TEASER too………………..and you know that means it could be from anywhere on the planet (yes, it definitely is a photo taken somewhere on THIS planet!).

Hopefully you will be back to normal after an Easter (if you celebrate it) full of FOOD and family and fun…………some of us will have eaten so much stuff that we will waddle like a duck……or not be able to move at all due to “food coma”.    I was VERY good – Mom made a roast and Yorkshire pudding and I only got a TEENSY WEENSY piece of the roast because I don’t eat a lot of meat.   So I’m feeling fine today.  (**burp**)

I thought you MIGHT like to see some photos of me with my Easter Basket from this year but Mom’s camera battery died so one day this week I promise!   Mr. Bunny was good to me as always.   I think the Easter Bunny works kinda like Santa does…..if you’re good as gold all year long, Mr. Bunny will visit you and bring you goodies – just like Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice and acts accordingly.    Maybe I’m wrong – but that’s what I think anyway.    I also found out something yesterday that I’m not sure I’m happy about – my “EASTER BUNNY NAME” is “Smartie Carrot Cake”.     Scary huh?


Anyway, back to the Teaser – I hope that I can count on you being here BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow morning to guess away???    Remember that if you are the FIRST to COMMENT on the blog you get a badge then of course the other badges will come along like FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER and the badge for the epic failures among you, THE GREENIE OF DOOM.

SO, enjoy your Monday – get lots of rest – you’ll need it for tomorrow!   Tee Hee

Love, Smartie Carrot Cake


Sammy is a big fat bunny That wabbit suit makes him look so funny I hate carrots I'd rather have money Come see me tomorrow I'll call you "HONEY" !!!!

Sammy is a big fat bunny
That wabbit suit makes him look so funny
I hate carrots I’d rather have money
Come see me tomorrow I’ll call you “HONEY” !!!!

Gosh Suzie – who invited you here today anyway???!!!