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Sam The Bug Collector

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

Waiting for a grasshopper or dragonfly to come my way!

It’s not a “new” thing for me really, but lately it’s my FAVORITE thng to do…..chasing bugs!  There are a lot of grasshoppers this year for one thing.  Not sure why but it’s keeping me on my toes that’s for sure.  They are EVERYWHERE.  If I just sit still and stay alert, I’ll see one or two or three take off from where they last landed and fly to another spot – I’m there in a flash!  All I really do is just go close to them and lie down then wait for them to hop again and I’ll make a mad dash to where they landed……I’ve also discovered dragonflies too……..they are way cool – they look like little biplanes (I know about those because my Daddy flies a plane).   They are FAST though – sometimes I just like to watch them flying around because they don’t seem to land as often as the grasshoppers do.

I’ve talked on my blog before about how much I love moths – if I’m outside in the early morning before the sun comes up there’s always lots of those around our porch light or the light outside our basement door.  They’re fun to chase – and if I catch one – I’ll eat it!  Yep – who’d have thought they’d taste as yummy as they do but they DO…..won’t catch me eating any other bug though – moths are the only BUG SUSHI I eat!!

So I guess you could say I’m a real bug-fancier.  On the very rare occasion I find a bug in the house (sometimes a cricket will hop in the basement door when we go outside) I’ll catch it for Mom and bring it to her – she takes care of it from there. 

How about you guys?  Do you like bugs like I do?  One thing I will NOT mess with though is a spider….can’t trust ’em !

Happy Saturday to all my buddies – human and otherwise…..

Sammy, One Spoiled Bug Boy