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Teaser Tell All


Let’s TELL It Like It Is!


Welcome back Geography students!    I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Teaser – I know I did (maybe because I didn’t have to try and figure out where it was taken….hahaha).   I’ll give you all the details after we THANK the person who sent in the photo………………..our Guest Teaser was the lovely Madi from DownHomeInNC !    We’ll spill the beans after we give Madi a surprise THANK YOU:


A new Thank You for our Guest Teasers!!

The photo was taken by Madi’s Mom of the Parliament Building in BUDAPEST, HUNGARY!    Here’s the photo again:


Wanna know who won what??????   OK – if you insist!

Our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday was Raz of FriendsFurever – this is for you Raz:


Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Ms. Caren and Cody at CATCHAT – this is for you two:


DID YOU ALSO GUESS CORRECTLY????????????   Did you know it was Budapest, Hungary?   Then those of you who did get this:


Did you have NO IDEA or did you guess and were WRONG?????   You get a GREENIE!




We had a fabulous poem posted in comments yesterday which I want to share with you – Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head gave me permission to reprint it here – I knew you’d love it!!!!


Teaser Lament

As the correct answer is above,
We are just going to shove,
Off and do some chores,
As we can’t be tortured any more!
We know Sam’s not a meanie;
Though, Kitties Blue get another Greenie.
But we only come for Suzie’s cheers
To see whose name she smears!
Today she was mostly a good kitty,
While still being funny and rather witty.
So we’ll return again next week
To give the new Teaser a peek.
We have won a couple of times,
But if we don’t, we can still rhyme.
We’re getting ready for our Thursday verse.
Where it doesn’t matter who is FIRST!
With a U for a prompt it won’t be easy,
So we better go now and get busy.
See you tomorrow for the big reveal
We know the winner is going to squeal!

© KITTIES BLUE 11/01/16

Thanks you all – I just love the poem!!

Next week we’ll have another fabulous Teaser photo to examine and try and figure out where it was taken……………………if you have a photo that might stump everyone and you want me to use it some time – just email it to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com and we’ll let you know when it will be in the rotation.    It’s FUN to be the Guest Teaser and see the answers coming in.


See you in class next Monday and Tuesday everyone……….Suzie will be cheering you on next Tuesday!


P.S.  Tomorrow is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and the letter is “U” !!! 



Teaser Tell-All


Oh my, oh my but you guys are too smart for me!  Tee Hee………….I was pleased to have some of you know WHERE my Mom took that photo of my Dad (while he took a photo of her….).  I wasn’t sure if anyone would know it BUT it is a famous landmark so if anyone had been to this city, they would have definitely seen it.

Where was the photo taken you ask?  Well, it was taken in Hero’s Square, at the end of Andrassy Street in Budapest, Hungary…..that’s where!

A great big congratulations to all of the “right-guessers” – if you don’t know these folks, stop by and say hello!  At the end of the list of winners, is their grand prize……the coveted BIG SAMMY HUG……….

Doggy’s Style   (Doggy you DO get around dude!)

My Three Moggies

Mollie’s Dog Treats

Snoopy’s Dog Blog (one of my newest followers!)

The Misadventures of Misaki

Big Sammy Hug !!

                                                       Yay for you all 😀

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to my snack AND my nap!

Now wasn’t that just FUN, FUN, FUN?  Well if you think so, why not tune in again next Tuesday and see what kind of photo I dig up for you to figure out then.  Is it a deal?  Good! 😀 😀

Happy Wednesday

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Teaser

Independence Day Teaser Tell All!


Hi Peeps!  And to all my USA fans, from my family to yours:


Here’s how Mom decorated our house for Independence Day……

Past the flag colored windsock in the oak tree towards the front porch!

On the front porch is that shiny, flappy, noisy flag banner thing she gets out for all “patriotic occasions” around here!  After she took this shot she added a big red/white/blue bow to the porch post…..

Sam And The July Fourth Banner

I’m already wondering if it will be noisy with fireworks around here tonight or quiet because everyone has gone to the BIG fireworks in Washington, DC.  I promise I won’t complain either way though because I’m a PATRIOTIC KITTY!

Now onward to the OTHER part of this blog post which is the Tuesday Teaser Tell All!

Here’s the photo again:

I’m happy to say some of you recognized this to be BUDAPEST, HUNGARY!  YAY!

My parents were at the last stop on their cruise of the Danube River which started in Prague and ended in Budapest.  This shot was taken from the top deck of the ship as they arrived in Budapest EARLY one morning.  Once the ship docked they had breakfast on board then they went ashore and walked through the shopping district BUT it was too early for the shops to be open!  Soon there were shopkeepers putting displays out, setting up tables and chairs in the cafes, and the place got crowded with people.  My parents bought some Christmas decorations, Mom got a beautiful scarf for herself, and they got two small framed paintings of Budapest (which are on the vacation photo wall which I’ll show you one day in another blog!).   The next morning the tour company took everybody to the airport in Budapest where EVENTUALLY they departed for Prague, then London, then home to ME!  But not before they had some excitement in the airport in Budapest – – – there was a bomb scare!  EEEK!  Needless to say, someone had just left a suitcase behind accidentally in the security area but talk about confusion (plus nobody spoke English!)……

But enough of that story – wanna know who guessed right?

Isobel and Cat

Texas, A New York Cat

Doggy’s Style

You guys get:


Concatulations to everyone who guessed right……it was NOT an easy guess either as there weren’t a lot of hints.  BRAVO – I bet you’re already looking forward to next Tuesday – right??

Happy Independence Day USA’ers and Happy Wednesday to ALL!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy